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Into the Wilderness!

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[!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard!



~The lovely ol' woods of Knoxville!~

While the Smokey Mountain Park may have been planted by our own wee hands, a long while has passed since we had total control over happenings within it. These days, nature takes its own course within the woods. I say we crack open the foliage and take a better look at what's been going on in there! I'm sure there's something cool we've missed!

-Filibert Applefoot, halfling and resident of Knoxville


((Event to take place at 8 PM EST, tomorrow the 6th of July, 2021. If you can't find Knoxville, you can locate it using the below map:



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Hob stares up at the notice board the unhinged orphan gently draws his dagger from its sheathe ready to do some very unhalfling like stuff

"YEAH! LES' FOK EM UP!" not quite sure of what he is referring to by 'them' though he is sure he will attempt to indeed fok em up 

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