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An Unexpected Union - 1828

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An Unexpected Union


Draskovic-Kovachev and Halcourt


Traditional Wedding | Traditional Wedding Ceremony | Wedding ceremony  traditions, Vintage art, Romantic art




On the 20th of the Sun's Smile, 1828, all citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire are invited to witness the matrimonial joining of the Henry Joseph Draskovic-Kovachev and Louise Antoinette Halcourt in the Providence Cathedral. Following the ceremony, there will be a celebratory reception at Draskovic Hall outside of Providence.


[!] A courier hand delivered formal invitations to the following:


HIM Emperor John VIII - And his esteemed household.

HIH Princess Elizabeth Anne - And her esteemed household.

THR Baron Olivier Halcourt - And his esteemed household. (Immediate Family of the Bride).

THR Baron Varon Draskovic - And his esteemed household. (Immediate Family of the Groom).

HG Duke Peter d'Arkent - And his esteemed household.

THR Baron Wilhelm d'Arkent - And his esteemed household.

THR Count Erik Othaman - And his esteemed household.

THR Count Iskander Basrid - And his esteemed household.






Sunday, 11th of July










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Adalene scolds at the missive from out of town, unable to attend.


Wilhelm drinks what would one day be called a mimosa on an island somewhere.

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Natalie Julia grumbles to herself upon hearing the news, plopping herself into her oversized chair with a loud groan. "It's sad to hear Henry is marrying someone like a Halcourt! A horrible family!" At that Natalie took hold of a bottle of gin which rest on the table next to her chair, taking a large swig. "Hopefully she abandons her Family, and if not, let us hope she dies an early death."

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