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T'a Wedding of Delphi and Filibert!

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[!] You find a letter in your mailbox! The paper is crinkly and thick, no doubt pressed by hand from reed fibers. There's a few specks of lavender spread about the paper.



~A good omen from the heavens!~

T'is time for the first ever wedding of Knoxville (and hopefully not the last!). I, FIlibert Applefoot, will wed Delphi Wanderfoot, a lovely halfling lass who I love very much! There will be cake! There will be games and all sorts of fun! You best be there, or else you'll be missing out on a whole lot!


Wedding Activities:

~Reciting Vows~

~Shogging & Snowball Fight~

~The ol' game of Spleef (A classic from way back 'n Brandybrook)~

~A Final Farewell Feast, Full o' Fantastical Foods!~


Special Invitations:

~The Amador bigguns who live nearby~

~The members of the Attenlund Development Society~

~All Knoxville halflings~
~All Bramlebury halflings who wish to travel up to Knoxville~

~Other friendly bigguns, such as those related to Bella~

~Any else who wish to attend and nay cause trouble~


Be t'ere or be a rotten pumpkin!

-Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff of Knoxville.


((Event will take place TOMORROW, the 12th of July, 2021, at 8 PM EST. For directions to Knoxville, use the below map:



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A certain red-haired halfling lass lets out an incredulous chuckle upon reading the flyer. "Can't help but wonder how long this one will last."

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Sorrel R. Peregrin does a double take upon reading the invite, then shrugs. "Well tha' explains a lot, least." She then goes to organise a wedding gift at short notice.

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