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Elysium Scavenger Jubilee


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Scavenger Jubilee 




Citizens and friends alike of Elysium are invited to partake in the Elysium Scavenger Jubilee.


☼ Bring your spyglasses, dirt sifters, and treasure-hunting caps!


☼ The Jubilee will consist of a scavenger hunt throughout all areas within the bounds of Elysium. Hunters will gather at the Elysium park to be sorted into teams and sent off into the wild blue yonder in search of nine items. Each item will be accompanied by a riddle, which hunters must solve in order to discover the item and its location. Upon finding each of these items, hunters may return to Elysium Park where they may return their list for an award. In addition to smaller individual awards for each hunter, there will be one grand prize awarded to each member of the first team to complete their list. 




[!] A map detailing the location of the Elysium Park is attached.


[OOC: Event will begin in the Elysium Park on Monday, July 12, at 7:00 p.m. EST]

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Eugeo grinned as he helped Matilda with preparations for the community fiesta, optimistic of its success!

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