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The pact of Ash and Scorpions


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Issued 2nd of the Amber Cold, year 35 of the second age



As troubling times strike both Norland and Krugmar with war raiders and conflict, the Honorable nations, henceforth known as the signatories, once more find it befitting to make a pact. Not one simply of peace, but one of military aid, trade, non-aggression, and political contact. This alliance and its written agreements will last for 20 years, which both signatories may agree to renew and re-sign thereafter. 





Artikle Azh

 Both signatories agree to a full non-aggression pact of aggression directed from the orders of the leadership. Violation of such a pact will result in the alliance being nullified. These signs of aggression include: raiding, enslaving, unprovoked attacking, killing of and stealing from signatories’ citizens and property.


Artikle Dub

 Both signatories agree to respect each other’s borders and territories, abiding by its respective laws and codes of the culture commonly used within. 

Artikle Gahk

 Both signatories agree to aid each other if conflict presents itself, provided this conflict is begun by a non-signatory party or that the one the war is declared against is the one who aggressed first. The aid must be for a conflict that’s in a honourable and justified act of response.

Artikle Futh

 If indeed either nation aids in conflict against foreign nations, both have the right to issue their own list of demands against the offender, provided the list is reasonable and is first discussed with both signatories

Artikle H'

 Both signatories and their respective citizens are allowed free trade and travel in both Krugmar’s and Norland’s respective territories. Thus, Norland and its citizens avoid the need to hand tribute to the kin of Krug.







Kor'garr the Clanless, Rex of Krugmar




Al-Uk'Lur Wargoth of Clan Lur, Dominus of Krugmar





Vane Freysson, King of Norland, Protector of the Highlanders





Aylin de Astrea, Chief Diplomat to Norland, Heir Regent to Elysium



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Obrecht Barclay laughed and pointed at the document issued out of Krugmar. "Look here! The orcs have become proper Orenians now. We should send them a shipment of wigs to celebrate the occasion along with some Sutican cheese to enjoy with their whine."


Obrecht Barclay raised a glass. "It is good to see that Norland and Oren have finally put their differences aside!"

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Lizzy giggles slightly while reading the pact. She would grab her pick-axe, that given to her by a good man, as she prepares to man the Armies with many gear sets. "Yub ek wub supply Ferrymen, Krug en Norlen wit ores."

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Bakir drops another Orcish head at the Bone Throne, adding another to his collection. Looking over the pact he'd smirk "So two nations I have a grudge with allies with each other. Two Grudges taken out with one stroke of my axe!" 





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