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Bread for brains (A departure)

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Sat beneath an aging tree, shrouded in shade, a beardling emitted a long-winded sigh. It dispersed into the pollenated air with little response. A few crickets chirped at the presence of the dwed however little more was produced. The perfect setting for his words to be put to parchment. So with his intentions clear, piece of charcoal in hand, and parchment set out in his lap, the dwed began to write.


Dear not smelly friends,


I, Porkpie Grandaxe, god of crums, grand king of bread, Sylvain of the Harmony, ajent of super secret group, belly bard and slayer of trols, am taking a breac from sity lyfe. I want to go on my own jurney like ma, and the singur lady is teaching me how to help protect the forests! So I’m going on an adventure! 


When I get back I’ll be ready to elp my favourite peeps of Hefrumn be safe and sound! I also want to learn how to cooc because I’m fed up with slop. Ma's stew was much nicer. So I’ll be learnin about that when I’m gone too. Then I’ll feed all my frends! Like: singa lady, blu i's, king man, chief peep, auntie yaz, banjo man, snake elf, fat peep and all the rest!

But for now I’ll say goodbye!


Sincerely, Porkpie Grandaxe, god of crums, grand king of bread, Sylvain of the Harmony, ajent of super secret group, belly bard and slayer of trols. (Soon to be chief of Hefrumn and Grand king of all of Urguan!)


PS: I’ve begun leaving a crumb trail but I also think the trail tastes nice so it might be gone. :)


And with a small smiley face to end the piece, the beardling sat down his quill. Sitting up and proudly dancing at his writing achievement. Finally handing the duped letters over to a falcon once his dance session had winded him. Though instead of the common sleek and elegant posture, this falcon was round and tubby, perhaps a reminder of a certain someone. Despite the resemblance however, the falcon would in fact not be mistaken to be Porkpie as it delivered the letter to be pinned at the notice board of Hefrumn, and a copy to Urguan. One clearly more swiftly copied over.  Perhaps a tell tale of the dweds priorities and preferences




OOC: I’ll be shelving Porkpie for an unknown period of time. (But don't worry, it wont be for crazy long hopefully!) 


Also: have this cookie 🍪 you deserve it


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"t'eh grow up so fast.." An elderly dwarf mumble with a toothless lisp, saddened yet proud at the beardling. 

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Durin hammerforge sniffles a bit upon reading the letter "oi hope he returns soon and becomes grand king!"

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Yazmorra Blackroot wanders up to the notice board in the Hefrumm tavern, a long sigh emitting from the dwarfess “Ah Porkpie, aye knew heh wus blessed boi Anbella, ehbout teh same age as meh w’en aye set oot entu teh woods fur wisdum.” She offers a solemn but proud smile, picking up a few bread crumbs from the ground. “May teh ‘earth Mot’er guide yeh ‘ome safe meh nephew, aye’ll miss yeh.

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