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Aleksandr var Ruthern "The People's Alderman"


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10th of Joma and Umund, 386 E.S.

The People’s Alderman
Aleksandr var Ruthern has the experience to get things done. He knows what to do because he’s been an Alderman. He’s smart, he’s a master legislature, and he has a strong following in the kingdom. He’s worked for your interests before, and he hopes to do it again. Elect Aleksandr var Ruthern, the People’s Alderman.

In his whole time fighting for you, the people, he failed to get into office once. The two elected instead lead to a stagnant and ineffective Duma, presenting no bills and not even turning up for more than half of the session. No more says Aleksandr var Ruthern Vote Aleksandr, the Alderman who will do the work, the People’s Alderman.



Campaign Platform
I. Launch reforms to change the workings of the clinic and a better work environment for the tirelessly working medics of our nation.
II. Establish a Commission to investigate Sanoist corruption and activities that may work to undermine the Kingdom and the Aulic Government.
III. Increase the Kingdom budget for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl.
IV. Legislate harsher punishments for breaking the law to keep the Kingdom safe.
V. Legislate in support of the current war against the Silver State of Haelunor.
VI. Work alongside the Chief Jovenaar to make reforms to aid the streamlining of court and its effectiveness. 





~Endorsed by Barbanov & Baruch Consulting~


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