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A New Era of Family


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image_2021-08-26_224658.jpg.d7f3e81c1307a60b31175023fc46c71f.jpgDrawn portraits of the Bride and Groom.1833485571_Erwin1(1).jpg.edc330d60e2fb017c995923a0cdc18e6.jpg


Mister Erwin Bishop of Haense, and Adelina Verloren of Sutica, have saw fit to announce to the world the celebration of their eternal love.


With this hopeful union, the future patriarch of the House of Bishop, marries his true love and takes a young, pious lady with many talents as his wife.



The festivities are to be held on 8/28/21 at 5:30pm Est at the Karosgrad Basilica. The special invite list is as follows:



Bride Invitees:

  • The Verloren Family

  • The Decaden Family (@kls)

  • Clan La Waevra & Associates (@ohbother1)



Groom Invitees:

  • Henry Bishop, Haruptmann of Reinmar (@RagnarAkaJavvy)

  • Ulrich Lothar (Best man) (@LithiumSedai)

  • Ser Karl Amador, Knight Paramount of Haense, Grand Maer of Karosgrad (@giambro)

  • Dracomir Roikov (@__DeusVult__)

  • The House of Barclay (@frymark)

  • The House of Ludovar (@erictafoya)

  • The House of Bishop (@RagnarAkaJavvy)

  • The Brotherhood of Saint Karl (@biggestdon)



The afterparty is to be held on the ships surrounding the docks of Karosgrad. Invitations are open, but individuals are subject to denial of entry or forceful removal at the discretion of the Bride or Groom. 


The list of specific afterparty dis-invitees is as follows:

  • Peralien Maeseval 

  • Any citizen of the Silver State of Haelun’or

  • All members of the southern bandit group known as “The Rustlers”

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Henry Bishop has a flashback to when Erwin was born and how excited he was to be a Father, and now eighteen years later he sat at home reading the missive for his own Son's wedding. He couldn't help but be proud and yet, tears began to slowly drip down his face. "Erwin...mein firstborn boy...Ich am so proud."

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Brawly would debate with himself as to weather to attend. It was clear that the La Waevras were invited, however he doesn't want to run into any one from Sutica. It would be particularly awkward, especially if Johana was in attendance. He ultimately decides to attend to support The La Waevra clan and represent them in this union. He will attend with his wife, Ezra.


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Carlos Mendez rocks his newborn daughter, Garcia in his arms, shaking his head at the news of Erwin's wedding. "And so he moves on this quickly, what kind of man is he?" Carlos queries to her rhetorically, continuing to sway her quietly in his arms.

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Petyr Bishop receives news of this after finishing a long hike. He raises a brow, never hearing of this Erwin Bishop in his entire long 60 year life. He scratches his bearded chin, his tired old eyes peering down at the document he received from the courier. "Perhaps it is time to return.." the elder grumbles.

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