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Union of a Goat and an Amador


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Union of a Goat and an Amador

Artists depiction of the festivities in Louisville following the wedding





You are warmly invited to attend the wedding of a Goat and an Amador on the 13th of the Tov and Yermy. The union of the two shall be held in the Chapel of Saint Otto in Louisville. The offering of gifts to the newly wedded couple is appreciated, though not compulsory. His Serene Highness, Leopold of Sedan, reveals to the public the holy union of himself and Margaret Amador. All persons depicted on the invite are also invited to attend a feast following the wedding. Food of all types will be presented in a dazzling array of color, texture, and most importantly: taste. Indulge yourself in the utterly delectable dishes, for the cornucopia of delight shall not cease in its splendor. After the feast has taken place, we invite all to watch the newlyweds as they take their first dance as a married couple. There will be time after that for everyone to dance, accompanied with music played by some of the finest musicians in the land. 


The Lord of Sedan has sought to invite:

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and all noble peerage

The Viscounty of Sesweck and all peerage

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and all landed peerage

The Grand Duchy of Vasiyeva and all noble peerage

The Kingdom of Sutica and all noble peerage

The Duchy of Corazon and all noble peerage

The Archduchy of Hyspia and all peerage

The Company of the Rustlers and all peerage

The Barony of Blackwald and all peerage


Special Invitations:

John Hartcold and his pedigree

Lukas Castile and his pedigree

Cardinal Vladrick Ludovar

Father Jeremy of Sedan 

Henry Bishop








The wedding is going to be next Sunday, September 5th at 8pm EST (spicii helped)


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