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The Age of Ruin - IC


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Yashida Bakufu





Peace, thought in the mind of the Hidden, perhaps the Daimyo received omens from the spirits that guided him to seek it. He was somewhat confused given the mood he felt in the Jizuru City, either way the Daimyo’s life was not to be taken for the time being and Tanuki could now be recalled. But it would not be long before he would be sent out on new missions to protect the interests of the nation and to acquire knowledge of the outside world, Tanuki knew in his heart the Shogun would send him and maybe other of the Hidden outside of the world of the Yashida and Jizuru, into something more unknown and especially dangerous for someone like him. But his people owed their loyalty and lives to the Yashida Clan, so long as the Shogun protected them from the outside world he and those chosen with abilities would serve. 


Expenses and Actions

Nine Shipyards are constructed (9,000, 9M)

Three thousand Shogunate Guard Infantry are raised (7,500, 9AP, 9S)

A Hidden is summoned (2,000, 2AP)

Two Transports are constructed (3,500, 2SP)

Research is undertaken into railways, the Shogun feeling his country may be behind its neighbours soon. Aid in this endeavor is requested from their Westervald seeing as they were the pioneers. It is requested as a measure of goodwill between the two countries. (Mod)

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Königreich Zunderland




Spring 3251


Shameless statpost.






A foundry and a gunpowder Mill are being established in the new region of Südwestufer (C1). (-8500 C, -3 M)


Following the Toleyran-Grünwendt agreement with the Vrena Principality, Zunderland deploys the Zweite Königliche Armee under General Matthias von Neuburg in full force to ascertain control over the neighbouring province of C2. (Discord)


Ten new Zundrian Standards leave the foundries of the Kingdom (-9,000 C, -8 AP, -4 S)


The army is bolstered by 5,000 new line infantry, 1,000 light infantry and 500 Dragoons. (-8,000 C, -13 S, -15 AP)


The "Wissenschaftliche Allgemeine" continues to receive funding for the avenue of instant communication technology. (-8,000 C this season). Due by Spring 3252. (5,000 C invested so far).


The remainder is retained. (-1100 C)




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The Kawahara Shogunate


Spring 3251



War! With the conflict of Kempennen being realised across the border, the country speaks of the great honour to be found in battle.



Trade with the Westmark Republic, exporting 10 tonnes of steel for four hundred Kawahara Yen each. 


Building of one town in the Province of Saiki.


Building of one foundry in the Province of Saiki.


Building of one gunpowder mill in the Province of Saiki.


Building of one factory in the Province of Saiki.


Building of one fortress in the Province of Soeda.


Recruitment of the following regiments: one carabiners, four light cannon, four medium cannon, and two horse drawn rifled medium cannon.


Both the 1st and 2nd Exploratory Divisions are sent to the Province of Soeda to take part in Military Action.


The First Corps is in military action in E24.


Condemned criminals are sent to see if the vault in the mountains can be accessed peacefully. 

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“Kempennenische Cuirassiers begin their charge at the Battle of Windsor Locks.”
Summer, 3251 After the Departure

As news of the Coalition War begins to spread far and wide, the Sultanate of Kaph makes it known that all who oppose Einzner and the Kempennenische menace will be supported materially by the Sultanate. The Tyrant’s reign, they assert, must come to an end once and for all. This news is accompanied by the arrival of a small fleet from beyond the Great Sea, apparently making port in the Commonwealth.

Not to be undone by their rivals, The Concordat makes a similar pledge, promising both men and material to any who support Kempennen in the war.

Apologies for the short MP lads, been a busy week and Sky is not here!!



Konigreich Arktis-Munzenberg 


The turning back of several Church missions originating from Westmark causes a great deal of trouble for Munzenberg when they are inquired as to the reasoning for such hostile behavior by Iuridc diplomats. They demand the country be opened to the Church, and it is the citizenry’s decision to accept the teachings of the Outsiders, not the Monarchy!

It is still spring and the Munzenbergian engineers do not complete their work until the very end of summer.

Tsardom of Ligmagrad

Lands to the south fall to the Tsar, peacefully, or otherwise…

As the Tsardom grows, so too does the presence of Westerveld on the border, watching…


Union of the Vistula

Defeat at Arnau! A lost battle, but the war rages on. Talks with Westerveld open, despite the previous animosity between the two nations.

Many refugees carry Vogelist thought abroad, but many more stay within Mittleland, for if the Revolution cannot succeed here, how would it spring up anywhere else?

Any opposition to Vogelist rule in Sudveld soon fades as the Union begins to assert full control over the province. Along with this new control comes mass recruitment drives which do rally large amount of supporters and fresh bodies for the Vogelist army. It is clear, however, that Mittelland is becoming strained by the conflict… (-10% all production for 2 turns, +20,000 Conscripts)

Westmark Republik

The Republik has won a great victory, but there is little time to rest on their laurels, the war in Mittleland rages!

Vrena Principality

Over the course of the spring, the vast wastes of A7 are gradually integrated into the Principality. It is clear that this is a lawless and alien land. The rains burn, horses often refuse to travel further west, and soldiers stationed in the region for more than a few weeks are overcome with terrible illnesses and afflictions, no matter where you are - the men claim, it feels as if you are being watched..

Yashida Bakufu

Westerveld is hesitant to trade the edge their Iron Roads provide, however, seeing as the Broken Coast was fast approaching technological parity in the field, they offer to modernize the Shogunate’s infrastructure for a sum of 20,000 Vozin.

Konigreich Zunderland

Another season passes..

Kawahkwara Shogunate

The criminals find that the vault cannot be accessed peacefully, as the Thinking Metal Soldiers viciously exterminate the intruders.

War grips the Shogunate.

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Königreich Arktis-Münzenberg


For love of King, and country.

          Reinhardt trotted up and down the lines of his magnificent Munzenbergian Korps that once sat camped near the capital. The soldiers stood tall and proud in their sleek black and gold dotted uniforms. Most were young men, but still there were thousands of grizzled elite troops amongst the fresh faces. His stomach churned and did flips yet he persevered. King Reinhardt still spoke with great zeal and authority as he had practiced to his wife in their chambers.  “Your nation calls!” Reinhardt shouted to them. His eyes met with multiple officers who did the same in turn. Reinhardt could see their fear. The potential for death was not something that should be taken lighty. He could not blame them. “Kempennen’s brutalized hordes have lost thousands of men, and dozens of cannons. They are stretched thin and with fights on many fronts, we can turn the tide and restore honor to Artkis whilst stomping down a great menace." His soldiers looked nervous. He knew what he was doing. They knew it too. Thousands of them would die if a wrong move was made, yet he reigned in his horse at the center of the formations, and drew his sword. Raising it to the sky he shouted once more. “Forward into the fray! Do not count days! Do not count miles! Count only the amount of dogs you've slain in the name of your King, and in the name of your country!" The massive amount of men no doubt did not hear the entire speech for that is ridiculous and impossible, yet when a Krieg chant began on one part of the lines, it spread like wildfire. The officers set the men in motion and the thudding of the ground from thousands of footsteps could be heard from across the river no doubt. So it begins.




Locomotives finishing up. [Research]

Work on a faster communications system begins. [Research]


Iurds ambassadors get no response. Clearly something is afoot. 


The Korps are mobilized. Kempennen is denounced, and Reinhardt declares war aligning himself with the coalition. The time for action has come. (Discord)


10,000 Munzenbergian “Regulars” are called to serve their King. (3,500 C, 10 AP)


15 Medium howitzers (12,750 C, 12 AP, 6 S) 

500 dragoons (2250 C, 3 AP, 2 S) 

With the war declaration comes the decision to raise a Freikorp. The name being donned is the Metternich Freikorp. Reinhardt after much contemplation has decided that command of this free corp will go to Leopold von Kottman, a promising military officer who had caught the attention of his superiors. In order to prove his worth, he will lead this Friekorp in the coming battles with Kempennen.  

Edited by NunuTheGreat
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With more warm weather comes yet another outflow of settlers from Soglasigrad. The city is by far the largest in the broken coast, and recent military activity by the government has made homesteading a viable and encouraged alternative. Thousands rush to claim their land grants before the days shorten.


Hydevsky returns to Soglasigrad amid celebrations, though a medal and an estate is the only reward waiting for him - the most notable promotion from the spring campaigning is the hussar commander Nikolai Koznev, who is raised to Lt. General and placed in command of the new III CORPS. His new command is relatively small and underequipped, but he revels in now outranking the hated Lipovsky. Bloody horse grenadiers, that’s what they get for chasing prestige instead of results.




Discretionary Spending:


1,000 regular conscripts are recruited with 350 gold, 1 AP, 1 MP.


2 coal floats down the river from the dirty bush bogans, in exchange for 2,000 gold.




In a bid to expand the tsar’s buffer and secure valuable coal reserves to Soglasigrad’s west, the nascent III CORPS is dispatched from the capital. Under the newly promoted general Nikolai Koznev, the force sorts out the new order in these nearby lands, accompanied by an ongoing tide of settlers from the overcrowded capital. (Securing B7/B9 with 21,500 infantry, 500 cossacks, and 5 guns)



Work continues on the iron road. (Fall 3251)

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‘The Nachzehrers’






The lushious expanse of the Broken Coast Badlands.



“Good day for a walk, eh, Marshal?”

A muffled voice spoke, as if obstructed by cloth over mouth.


“Silence Will - you’re well aware of the limits to my patience.”

An equally stifled voice replied, exasperatedly. 


The duo had seemingly been marching for the length of the day, beading sweat through their uniforms as the high summer sun above shone down upon them mercilessly. Behind them were an odd thousand or so similarly clad figures, stretched out in a long line across the land. In this barren and inhospitable wasteland, horses, or even cattle, could not survive, so the 24th Expeditionary Legion of the Concordat were forced to march, gentlemen and enlisted alike.


Already the mobile infirmaries had patients; foolish soldiers who heeded not the warnings of their superior and took off their protective equipment in hopes of getting a breath of fresh air - only to fall ill soon after, confirming such dangers to the rest of the troops. Manual labor made everything worse, as the soldiers depended not on the strength of beasts, but rather themselves to push the armies along - with the summer heat bearing down upon all. Nothing to do but endure it, the Triumvirs sent them eastward, and east they shall go. The immense support of the Concordat’s logistical empire surely helped the process along, anyway.


Without prompt, the two looked up to the skies almost in sync, their eyes squinted to pierce through the films of their goggles.


“You reckon that airship will return again?”

The former kept on, as if seeking out entertainment in the form of talk - his eyes remaining set on the skies before him, where an airborne vessel had flown by.


“Major Jonathan from the 6th told me the only nation in this cursed part of the world capable of such sophisticated flight is a so -called ‘Vrenian Principalities’. Triumvirs only know what they’re up to - probably just spooked by us. Reckon they didn’t think anyone would be coming from the west. Guessing they may or may not come back to double check.”

The Marshal stopped to jab a tube-like apparatus through his mask, finding it with his lips as water was sucked through from his canteen of water. A platoon of infantry march by, kicking up dust along the way.


“Wonder if we’re even able to shoot it down, the thing flies pretty high… not to say that I’m advocating that we fire the first shot or anything.”

William kept on incessantly as the Marshal increasingly began to ignore his subordinate’s aimless inquiries. 


“Heard the further we go east, the safer the air gets…. Hey, you listening?”


He missed home - the Marshal thought. Where the rain didn’t kill anything it touched, where he could dress lightly and comfortably, eat food that didn’t come in a can - most of all, drinking iced water. He cursed the day the Triumvir forced him into this undesirable deployment, but damn anyone who thought he would not commit to his objectives effectively, he was the perfect representation of a model officer, afterall. The Concordat had quite literally burst onto the scene thanks to some apt logistical planning, now having swarmed the majority of the Badlands in a matter of mere months before they had to inevitably slow down. 


Outposts propped up throughout the region as the armies established and solidified the Concordat’s presence within the Broken Coast as the Expedition continued siphoning more and more resources from the heartland. From these forward observation bases, a peculiar sort of individuals had begun installing themselves - groups of civilians constantly darted to and fro throughout the area, scooping up anything they could. Scientists mostly, bemused as to why the land here withers away like so. Some stumble on ancient artifacts, while others discover unremarkable locations, most of which being the ruins of a ‘Felsen Reich’, whatever that was.


Even the Marshal was instructed to stay clear of these little science gremlins, a directive coming straight from the Triumvirs. Outsider relics, he assumed, were their goals. The Concordat couldn’t get enough of them - even rumours spread that their rise to power was built on the foundation of such countless magical artifacts. 


Thoughts to be saved for later, however, as he spots the first of many foreign soldiers over yonder, the Marshal having finally crossed the barren desert. 




Marshal Durham and his detachment of Legionnaires finally cross the desert from their staging grounds in Anflym Pass, coming into sight with the first patrol of Vrenian Cavalry as the clouds of dust behind them announce their presence. A white flag is raised to indicate no harm to those of the Principality. Elsewhere throughout the Badlands, the race to the mountains were well underway - as the Legion began finishing the rest of their land grabs. [Initiating contact with Vrenian Principality]


Following along a rough map detailing the northern Badlands, procured during the Assembly of the 24th, General Alten has found quick respite as his own detachment of Legionnaires finally reach the Great Sea. A further march along the coastline leads the General into another unknown sector of the Badlands, to which his Legionnaires continue the same work that was done in the claiming of the previous provinces - though its mountainous regions are well avoided, less they overextend themselves. The Konigreich of Zunderland would eventually be reached as the General continued along the coast, and if he was uninterrupted, Alten would hail himself as an officer of the Concordat tho whichever authority maintained the borders in Zunderland, seeking to establish communications with whoever was in charge. [Initiating contact with the Zunderland Konigreich | Moving troops into A4 to claim its lowlands]


The remainder of the Expedition is tasked with the securing of the last vast sector of open land in the region, coming down upon its barren wastes from all directions as outstations begin to dot the land. The northern and western approaches arrive into the area near immediately, while the eastern route awaits General Alten’s troops to finish with their designated sector of land. In the meantime, surveyors begin to  determine the lay of the land, while eager scientists bounce along to discover what the hostile earth has to offer. Though the Legionnaires themselves remain on alert, unable to shake their paranoia and disturbance they feel when marching under the open skies. [Claiming province A5 entirely]



A bold endeavour is underway as Concordat surveyors begin to assess whether or not the Badlands could be suitable for the eventual establishment of railways. Detailed maps begin to be formulated, noting down special elevations and obstructions, along with various evaluations of the soil itself. Despite the land nominally under Concordat control, Legionnaires still find themselves tasked with the protection of these surveyors, following them along the Badlands. Foremost, roadways would have to be dug out, then train terminals would be established along the Citadels of Anflyn and Narhem, eventually routing their way through their respective mountain passages, and eventually connecting to the Konigreich of Zunderland, and the Vrenian Principalities. [Assessing the possibility of establishing railways to Zunderland and Vrenia across the Badlands]


In conjunction with these previous efforts, separate groups of surveyors also continue to investigate the viability of connecting the Badlands with infrastructure. As it stands right now, the only Concordat presence in the region are contractors or Legionnaires, eventually civilians would have to pass through the area as trade is connected to the Broken Coast proper. Such an ordeal would require roadways, waystations, and foremost, a formal investigation into the source of the anomalous activities in the Badlands that renders the land so lifeless. [Nation-building is underway]


Not even a year passes and the exploitation of the land is already well underway. Resources are to be extracted from the Broken Coast and sent back to the Concordat proper to eventually be circulated into its economy. Hopefully, with the more shipments sent, the more the officials back home will dispense further funds. [Shipments of Coal and Raw Materials are sent back to the Concordat]


To further facilitate this development in the industrial sector, several rudimentary factory complexes begin to be established throughout the controlled territories where nodes of resources are most concentrated - organizing and consolidating the manufacturing of various resources into manageable portions prior to being shipped back to the Concordat. [Building factories]


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The Kawahara Shogunate


Summer 3251




Blood has been spilt, first on the land of the Shogunate and then across the river. Great spits of flame erupt as balls of iron are hurtled to one side or another. Men, toiling under the hell fire. Away from the Yodo river, the tributary to the Sugon, there is angst amongst the people as news and rumours of the magicians of Iurd spread. Perhaps, this is something to be capitalized on?



The wind swept the dew covered grass as the Kazi Kihei patrolled the banks of the Yodo. Lightly armoured in the distinctive Kawaharan style and his trusted rifle slung in a mount, Takao scans his eyes across the horizon. The rumours in the camp are on all out war, with the Maritime Commonwealth being invaded and the joint Pith and Procterland bombardment of the Kempennese capital signalling it is the start of the attack from the Shogunate.


There has, however, been no indication that this will be the case. Takao’s troop continues on up the river, an hour passing before they sight the Outsider bridge. The colossal structure defies common sense, the very stone of the bridge seems to warp reality around it and make it seem more real, almost, than the world around it. As they continue on their way, they notice another troop of horse riders. Riders without Sashimono adorning them.


Takao let loose a shout as the Kempennese Lancers come into view, the war cries of his compatriots sounding out as they raise their rifles and start to load them. Trotting ever closer, Takao watches as the Kemp horse spots them and turns, retreating back to the bridge.


Cowards, he thought as his mind drifted away from a possible reward from presenting the first head of the war.




Shiro’s spade split the clay-like earth beneath him, the thwap of the metal sounding out amongst the choir of digging. They began the work four days ago, ordered to start construction under the very nose of the Kempenese. “Do you think they know about this fort being built?” Kou naively asked the older men. “If they don’t they are mōmoku!” came back the response from the burlier Norio.


The men were all professionals, construction workers contracted by the Shogunate government to build on the border. Some men turned down the offer, citing too great a danger, but Shiro figured that since war wasn’t declared they were safe. “If they didn’t know about the fort, Kou’s questions would make them realise quick!” Shiro said in jest, laughing with the rest of the men as the teenager blushed.


Shiro stood, arching his back to relieve the pain of the days digging. He looked around to see the beginnings of the fort take shape to the parties north, work having started there previously. His eyes glanced northwards to see the glint of sunlight from the mouth of a cannon, pointing across the river Yodo. Hopefully they won’t be needed.


As the day dragged on, a bassy boom could be heard, followed by a whistling noise and a much more immediate explosion. Shiro’s head rose suddenly as he saw men being scattered nearby from a cannon shot. More explosions were sounded as more Kempennese cannon open fired upon the builders constructing the fort, Shiro diving to the ground in cover. The sound of men screaming was cut through by a sharp shout from a shogunate Gishi, the military engineers overseeing the fort construction, “RUN YOU NOROMA, TAKE COVER!”.


At this insistence, Shiro started to scramble to his feet, the Kawahara cannons firing back over head. Glancing left he saw Kou on the ground screaming, taking a moment to process that his legs were gone. Adrenaline pumping, Shiro ran to relative safety behind earthworks the Gishi had constructed.




Smoke obscured Hataka’s view as the strong smell and taste of saltpetre permeated the air. Ears ringing, he stands with his ramrod , surging forwards to ram the wadding down the barrel. His arms are burning as he continues with the bombardment. According to the Rikugun, they’re holding their own against a larger force. Pride swells in his chest as a cheer comes up from the observation post nearby, another Kemp cannon gone! 


A cannon ball smacks into the earthworks in front of the cannon, snapping Hataka back to reality. The whistling as the cannon ball deflects over head as the cannonball is loaded into the muzzle by Shin. A toothy smile comes from the wizened man, his back stooped from carrying the heavy cannon balls. Stepping forwards Hataka forces the ball down the muzzle, looking up to Katashi who was standing with a burning lint. Behind him, the barrels of earth and gravel are rolled out of the path of the cannon as Hataka and Shin go to drag the cannon into place.


“Hi!” came the order as Katashi lights the fuse and the cannon fires again, rocketing backwards against the blocks in the floor. The sound reverberates in space again as the barrels of earth are rolled back. The artillery men look to one another as the officer returns, “That's enough for now men, you get a rest.”. Cheering and laughing to one another, the group step back and sit on the grassy bank, removing the wads of cloth stuffed into their ears.


“How much longer sir?” Katashi asked the officer, “We’ve been pounding away for days, they can’t have the stomach for it much longer.”

“Not long, some of their batteries have been spotted moving away. An hour at most before the last of their cannons fire.” Came the reply, as Katashi nods. He looks up as a neighbouring cannon crew steps up to the plate, ready to fire. They go through the motions and as they roll back the earthworks, a distant boom sounds.


Light flashed as the cannon is enveloped in an explosion, the Kempenese cannoneers firing true. As the smoke died down, the men run over seeing the destroyed cannon. Mangled bodies and tortured metal surround the pit. Hours later, Katashi hears the order to stand down. The Kemp artillery retreated. Down below a shout can be heard as men begin building the fort once more. The Kemp aggression to prevent the fort was for nought.



色は匂えど    –    Even the blossoming flowers

散りぬるを    –    Will eventually scatter

我が世誰ぞ    –    Who in our world

常ならん        –    Is unchanging?

有為の奥山    –    The deep mountains of karma—

今日越えて    –    We cross them today 

浅き夢見じ    –    And we shall not have superficial dreams

酔いもせず    –    Nor be deluded.



The creaking of the door sounds out through the shop, the apothecary raising a brow from the stockroom. Taking a moment to compose himself, he hears multiple heavy footfalls, a cold flush going through him. He glances at the window nearby, considering the route he’d need to escape before a voice sounds out, “We know you’re there, and before you run, there are men in the alley.”. Shaking his head, the apothecary walks out to the main shop, ruefully looking at the rows of vials in the small space. He knew that someone would come for him, but his eyes widen at the men displayed in front of him, none of them seeming from the circles he makes money from.


“We have heard rumours about you, that you know of people that are normally shunned.” Came the reply from the first man. “I… I don’t kno-.”

“Not the criminals you associate with, the magicians.The shogunate has summoned them, to combat Iurd.”

Confusion passes the apothecaries face, as the men sit him down to speak about these matters...



Trade with the Westmark Republic, exporting 8 tonnes of weapons for seven hundred and fifty Kawahara Yen each.


Recruitment of the following regiments: two Gishi, four line infantry, two Kazi Kihei, one light cannon, and three medium cannon.


Upgrading the fortress in Soeda to a polygonal starfort.


War Actions.


Men are sent to find Magicians and Magic users throughout the Shogunate… And to entice those in neighbouring nations to the Shogunate also. [4000 Yen]


Diplomats are sent to Westerveld and the Yashida Shogunate.

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The ancient oak of the door in the entrance to Joseph's office, when knocked produces a beautiful melodic chord which reverts throughout his office. It was meticulously chosen for this very characteristic, as promised, three consecutive chords emanated from the doorway. Joseph puts down his monocle, reclining back in his char. “Come in,” he states plainly. The gears the in lock grind, and the door opens, revealing an aged man, with short, silver hair, a stately demeanor on his face, and dressed in a fine suit. “Henry,” Joseph chimes, an enlightened look on his face. “Do come in, take a seat, and shut the door behind you,” he commands, and he rises, and strolls over to a small table with a finely carved cinnabar bottle, foreign in origin. He produces two separate glasses from a cupboard before him, and pops the bottle, filling the cups with a bronze stained solution. As he returns to his seat, he leans over the table, distributing one of the glasses to his guest, before leaning back and playfully swirling the liquid in his cup.


“The finest from the west, Henry,” Joseph retorted, allowing a small sample of the refreshment in between his lips. “Tell me Henry, what news do you bring,” A grin manifests on Henry's slim, cracked lips. “From the capitol, ser,” he pronounces, handing over a manila envelope with a green wax seal, bearing the insignia of the Office of the Prime Minister. Joseph sets down his glass, prying away the wax from the seal, and producing a folded letter from within. “A promotion to Secretary of the Treasury,” he beamed, a clear smile forming under the shade of his lips. “Good, Henry,” he says, flipping the page over momentarily, before setting it on the table. “What else, Henry tell me,” He commands. “Ser, newly appointed Foreign Minister has expressed he will be amicable towards our interests, following the generous donation you made to his mistress’ charity. The Defense Secretary, the House Speaker, the Interior Minister, and 3 of the Justices in the Supreme Court, have expressed like minded thoughts. There are countless others in lower positions in the bureaucracy, who fall in the same school of thought.” Joseph nods, in approval. “Excellent work, Henry, beyond acceptable. What of the Infantry?” Henry, chuckles, leaning forward. “I’ve saved the best for last, ser. Goodrich, in his own words, expressed sincere gratitude for the scholarship from the Winthrop Fund to the Officer Academy,” He informs. Joseph nods, eagerly leaning forward in his seat. “And?” he inquires. “Trumbull…. Has this to say, after your generous contributions to his estate.” He produces a letter from his suit, handing it over. He tears the manila letter open, pulling the letter out from within. He grabs his monocle, holding it up to his right eye, as his gaze over the words. He sets the paper down, reclining back in his chair. “You have quite outdone yourself, Henry,” he says rising, and walking over a window which gazes out towards the quaint street of New Prospect. “Alexander will be ecstatic to hear of his promotion to General, you have done this family well.” He says, folding his arms behind his back, facing Henry once more.   “Go into the cellar, and grab any bottle you’d like, Henry, be careful, some of those that are in there are worth more than entire houses.” He says, smiling. “But, you know I dont drink,” he says, a jolly smile forming on his face. “Ill leave you, if theres nothing else you need,” he concludes, rising up from his chair, bowing. “You should, Henry, you very much should.” He says, as the door to his office closes shut. 


-50,000 conscripts are raised. (5K C)

-1 Iron clad, 1 Ship of the line are laid down. (17,500)

-6 New Shipyards are laid down.(12 M, 12k)

-30k stockpiled.


-10,000 Federal Foot Guard are raised. (25,000, 30 AP, 30S)

-2,000 Heavy Cavalry is raised.(16,000, 20 AP, 12S)

-1 Armored Frigate, 1 Ironclad, and 1 Ship of the Line is laid down. (35,000, 15SP, 11 S)

-1 Foundry(5,500k, 2M)

-5 Gunsmiths are produced. (10,000, 5M)

-2 Manufactories are built. (4,000, 2 M)


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Westmark Republic

(Too sick for much more, stat post)


Purchasing Arms Production from Shogunate (-6,000v, +8 AP)

Unit of Medium Rifled Cannons (-4AP, -2S, -1MP, -4,000v)

14,000 Regular Trained Conscripts are put through training and brought into service. (-14AP, -14MP, -1,400v)

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“Freeholder Infantry, the Battle of Arnau…”


Autumn comes to the Broken Coast, as the leaves begin to fall from the trees. It is a cold, wet Fall this year, and heavy rains wash over the war torn region.


Bloody conflict persists across the Broken Coast, as the armies of Einzner descend upon New Prospect and lay it under siege. So far, the conflict has been nothing but defeat following defeat for the Coalition, and a Munznenberger Corps is utterly defeated and scattered at the Battle of the Crossing, and a second battle in the region is imminent, as a second Munzenberg Corps moves to engage Iurd. In the north, fierce fighting erupts in Waltberg, as Pithish and Proctish troops engage General Kruger’s Army of the North in and around the city. The Shogunate, meanwhile, continues to do little of note.


Einzner continues to fight hard for victory, and fresh Kempennenische corps are raised this year, in and around Volksburg.


In Arnau, the last remnants of the Revolutionary Republic is crushed by Bob Kellum and his roving vagabonds. Westmark pushes into the last remnants of Middenland, and lays siege to the remaining stronghold of General Klein, the leader of the Military Authority.


In the west, new developments arise, as an expeditionary force from the Concordat marches across the mountains, and claims much of the badlands for themselves.


Konigreich Arktis-Munzenberg 


The Metternichische Freikorps is raised, some 15 thousand green regular infantry, 6 thousand green light cavalry and 5 thousand regular heavy infantry.


Telegraph research begins. (Discord)

Tsardom of Ligmagrad

B7 falls to the Tsar, but B9 resists, as the Church once again rears up its ugly head

The 24th Expeditionary Legion


A5 is claimed.


The lowlands of A4 are claimed, but the mountains are filled with savage, curse ridden madmen, who raid the outposts established every night. Before long, Legionaries are forced to withdraw from the area.


There is no problem building railways to neighbouring countries.


The Concordat is pleased. (Discord)

Westmark Republik

Westmark’s war against the last remains of Mittelland continues.

Yashida Bakufu


The Shogun shall have a basic network of iron roads constructed by Spring 3252.

Kawahkwara Shogunate


Westerveld receives the ambassador. (Discord)


The hunt for magicians begins. (Discord)


The Commonwealth


The war continues, as Einzner fights hard to crush his foes, one by one.

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Königreich Arktis-Münzenberg


For love of King, and country.

The crossing was a loss, although a minor battle, it was still humiliating. Heinrich von Kimmler and his junior officers fled and raced to inform the king of the defeat, expecting another command post, yet they are shocked when they are imprisoned. The trial is fair and swift, leading to the group of men being taken to the gallows for all to see. They are marched through the streets of the capital and berated for their failures and cowardice. Mothers slap and spit on the men. Father's break through the lines of guards to deliver heavy handed blows. These officers had failed their subordinates and now would pay with their lives. Once on the gallows, they are given a chance to speak any last words. Some begged and pleaded, others stared at the collapsible boards beneath their feet, but Kimmler, Kimmler wept louder than them all. He wept and wept, hollering for forgiveness and mercy. Reinhardt blankly stared at the man as he cried like an infant, drew his sword, and then cut the rope which in turn allowed the boards under their feet to retract. A sense of relief was granted to the King as their faces turned blue and life escaped their bodies. The crowds cheered. Although this would not bring back the men lost, it placated the masses.      

  With the loss at the crossing, the remnants of 1st Arktisian Korp are absorbed into the 1st Munzenberg Korp along with incoming reinforcements intended for the Arktisians. The disgrace done to the Kingdom will be reversed by Dieter Hartmann, beloved Marshall of the Empire. The recently raised Freikorp rendezvous with Marshall Dieter. The Marshall is told to rip and tear until all is done. With more men flocking to his command he seems prepared to deliver a decisive blow to the enemy. An eye for an eye. The rules of honor are out of the window, and every last man captured shall be executed out of retaliation.




Work on a faster communications system continues. The King’s engineers continue to tinker away on devices that they conjure up, the occasional explosion is heard but usually nobody winds up harmed. [Research]

10,000 Medium infantry are recruited and trained. (20 AP, 20 S, and 12,500 C)

5 heavy howitzers are crafted in the foundries. (5 AP, 3 S, 8250) 

The 1st Korp gathers strength and reorganizes the remnants of the Arktisian Korp, linking up with the Metternichische Freikorp just raised. Marshall Dieter prepares the men to meet Iurd in the field near Knittelfurt. The nation calls. (Discord)

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-With the arrival of the Concordant on their border, the Vrena Principality constructs a Fortress in the mountain pass seperating them from the badlands. A wise idea even without this new looming shadow before them. They try to position in a dominating position overlooking the pass, upon a good hill with a source of uncorrupted water and an overlook of the main paths leading between the two. Men are sent to garrison it. (4M, 5000C)




-With the mass implementation of waterproof clothing and cartridge boxes for the army, researchers begin to look into the industrialization of hydrogen isolation. A well known process for many decades or more, the idea is to find a way to do it as a mass scale, so that it may be used to create bigger, more effective blimps. (Slot 1)

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