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Halfling Gaming Festival!

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[!] A flier is found floating about the winds near the north of Almaris

Tha Gaming Festival!


~Settling into the new territory after ol' Bramblebury withered away~

New lands and new harvests have come to us wee folks. Let us celebrate these new beginnings with a good ol' feast! Now that our village is set up with the right facilities, we ought to have a grand ol' party and invite all of the neighbors! I have decided that I shall plan just that!




Knock your opponent off of their log before ye fall off of yar own!


A game as old as time 'tself! Knock away the ground underneath others and don't fall into the water yourself!

~Push-Off Pumpkin!~

A game of my invention dating back to Arcas. A free-for all battle to control a giant floating pumpkin! Last one still standing wins!


Throw darts at a dartboard to score points!

~Drinks and Snacks~

Free bread and booze will be provided to all who attend the festival!


Come right over to the new village 'n Haense (just next to the farms outside o' Karosgrad) and play games with us! May the best fella win!

~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling of the new shire.


((Event will take place at 3 PM EST tomorrow, 9/11/2021. Here are directions to the village:



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Callum Fiddleberry smiles down at the flier before tucking it into the pocket of his coat; "Filiber' always hosts a goo' parteh, an' et's abou' toime we 'ave a break from all t'a doom n' gloom of t'a recen' days... Oi look forwa'd tew t'a fes'ival!"

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