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The Neighbourhood Watch Alliance


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[!] A flier would hang on the noticeboard in the Halfling village.


The year 637, Halfling Reckoning



With the recent attacks on some residents of the village, I Alfie Greenholm have stepped up and decided to form a Halfling Militia to defend our people against the rascals that seek to disrupt our peaceful way of life. 


Therefore; I ask you, to join the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance today, and aid in protecting our fair village.


Current Roster:


Head Bounder Mr Alfie Greenholm

Bounder Mr Ham Tilldbroom


Bounder Mr Filibert Applefoot


Bounder Mr Bungo Barrelberry


Bounder Mr Acron Flint


Bounder Mr Archie Greenholm


Bounder Mr Wilburt Woodstock


Bounder Mrs Eve Veterfoot


Bounder Mr August Greenholm

Bounder Mr Grigory Grubb


Information on the NWA


Head Bounder


The Head Bounder is the leader of the NWA, and has duties of organising, raising and leading the militia. 




A bounder is an ordinary member of the NWA, and has duties of patrolling the borders of the village and ensuring outsiders behave themselves. In times of hostile invasion they will be called upon by the Head-Bounder to protect the village.

Requirements to join

You must be a wee-folk

You must be of sound body and mind

You must be at least thirty three years of age


Signed, Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm


[!] Alfie Greenholms signature would be at the bottom of the page, signed in green ink. Additionally, there was space below on the paper for those who wished to join, to write their names and sign up. The seal of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance was also below.


((OOC Note: Feel free to post below that your character has written down their name on the paper))

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[!] Something is written on the paper!
“Sign me up!

-Filibert Applefoot”


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1 minute ago, MonkeNotic said:
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Love the Hot Fuzz Reference




It's all about the Greater Good


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An angry halfling lass shakes her head. "Fookin 'ell... when s'reets are police', t'ough's'll soon follow, er somefin'... maybe ef more folks 'ad real weapons we'd nae need to be "protec'ed" by a senile madman an' his friens." 

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Bungo ponders whether to put his name down before writing at the bottom of the paper - "Bungo Barrelberry."

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Grigory Grubb, the brewer of some of Bramblebury's finest beverages, takes a gander at the Honeyhill noticeboard. Taking a bite of a shiny red apple in one hand and signing the NWA's paper with his name with the other, he offers a warm smile before speaking to himself, "It's high time tha' I do somethin' ter serve mah village..." After signing the paper, he goes on the with his day.

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