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[✓] [Creature Lore] Sensory Wisps

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Sensory Wisps



Art from Avatar




Originating from the early creation of the voidal plane, Sensory Wisps have long lived within a hidden and complex web, one that all means of consciousness and thoughts lay atop. These wisps are merely a figment of this web, having no physical properties to be left with just the mental wasteland of the void.


For eons Sensory Wisps have been subjected to the endless voidal plane, only recently having made sight in the physical realm. With the ripping of voidal tears, connecting the mental plane to the physical world emerged these wisps, releasing into the realm as we know it. What brought these wisps to attention is their seeming ability to predict ones future, acting as an omen of sorts. Many seek Sensory Wisps in means of fortune telling, hoping to discover anything about their near future.



Physical Description


Sensory Wisps are similar in physical appearance to that of a sea jellyfish, with streaming tentacles trailing their movements. They’re observed floating in the wind, similar to a feather in a calm breeze. Their arms join in a webbed affixion, meeting just above their main bodily structure. As Sensory Wisps hold no physical properties, they’re left texture less, leaving only the visual representation of interwoven fibers wrapping their center mass. 


The total length of these creatures vary by wisp, some being a mere few inches long and others many feet. It’s noticed that each wisp has a unique pattern on both their tentacles and their body. With no purpose to evolve, Sensory Wisps have kept their appearance near identical since the beginning of their time. Sensory Wisps variate their pigmentation, ranging from a deep red to a vivid white depending on the future they’re portraying.


Sensory Wisps have no mental aspects or conscience




Sensory Wisps hold the feat of Sensory Illusion and are best known for their ability to portend one's future, acting as an omen. It’s typically unexpected when Sensory Wisp(s) crosses your path, but when one does, you’ll begin to feel lightheaded, with dim flashing lights appearing before you. You may also see quick and vague glimpses of hallucinations, ones that depict your future. Though it should be known, these omens aren’t, and never will be completely accurate, and may even give completely wrong tellings. If you near a wisp they’ll float away, traveling in a swift and random pattern. Although, if you do happen to touch one, you’ll get a sudden bright flash followed by a few seconds of an upcoming major event in your life, whether it be true or not depends on one's fate. You’ll then get knocked for likely a few hours. 


Mages with a strong connection to the void will experience harsher side effects in the presence of Sensory Wisps, experiencing a deafening ringing, loss of energy, and extreme dizziness, though will also experience greater, longer, and precise predictions. 


Different flashes of lights and colors of wisps will mean different predictions. They go as follows, 


White - A tragic event will happen sometime in your near future


Purple - Something good is in set for you 


Red - A large change will occur to you or a loved one soon


Blue - You’ll soon be met with a great realization



Varying amounts of wisps in a single group have different meanings as well. The more wisps in a group, the more urgent they try to deliver a message.



General Red lines/Restrictions

  • These predictions are nothing more than an omen, and will not predict with great accuracy 

  • Sensory Wisps follow the same redlines as Sensory Illusion

  • Sensory Wisps will never give a completely accurate prediction

  • Wisps cannot cause any sustaining injuries to a person

  • One cannot ‘capture’ a wisp

  • Sensory Wisps do not die, but once they’ve tired they vanish to the voidal plane

  • One cannot see Sensory Wisps unless they make themselves known

  • Can only be used in Player/Story events.


Inspiration taken from Avatar's WoodSprites 


Lore Referenced: 





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