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Klaus Barclay for Royal Alderman - An Unorthodox Man for an Unorthodox Duma

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Klaus Barclay for Royal Alderman

An Unorthodox Man for an Unorthodox Duma


[!] Klaus Barclay on one of Reinmar’s best horses, ready to rush into the defence of the people’s beliefs!





Klaus Barclay is a man widely known across the Kingdom, for one reason or another. However, while he may be a controversial person at times, he truly does have the interests of Haense and it’s people in his heart, and holds the traits needed to properly and efficiently represent the people!


A Man with A Voice

Klaus Barclay has shown on many occasions and to many people that he is a man of strong opinion. Whether in an Orenian palace or the Duma hall, Klaus Barclay is never afraid to speak his mind on any topic. A man with a voice, ready to use it for the good of the people!



I regret to inform the Haeseni population that His Lordship Klaus Barlcay has been too preoccupied with horse breeding to finish this campaign leaflet. Nevertheless, it shall be published.

-Hans Landa, head butler of Reinmar

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