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Karl Grassley; Representative of Valwyck 392 E.S.

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[!] a portrait of Karl Grassley after a hard day's work collecting the Lallybroch harvest, circa 392 E.S.




Grassley Works for Valwyck:

Karl Grassley is one of the tenants of the Fiefdom of Lallybroch, a third generation fisherman and farmer who fishes Lake Voron in his early mornings and works the fields of Valwyck in the day. Karl knows a hard day's work, his whole life has been a hard day's work, and he hopes to work for you in the Royal Duma and represent the core values of the Ayrian people; grit, determination, and honesty.


The Grassley Platform:

I. To remove the tenant tax that kills the lowly subjects of Fiefdoms like Valwyck.

II. To establish an rural subsidy for those who work the fields and provide for the kingdom


III. To push for fisherman and agricultural reforms and protections and advocate against free

 trade agreements that kill our farmers and fishermen at home.

IV. To fight against senseless legislation that will harm the Ayrian people.

V. To advocate for stronger feudal rights of nobility and Fiefdoms.

VI. to represent the interests of the hardworking people of Lallybroch and the esteemed House 



Elect Grassley as your representative; Because Grassley Works for Valwyck.



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“These damn socialists wanting everything for free! Tax is good for the poor. It makes them work harder!” Says a disgruntled passerby 


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