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The Union of Jazloviecki and Barclay


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The wedding of Borys Jazloviecki & Sophia Barclay

Written on 2nd of Malin's Welcome 1840




In the sight of GOD, the pair of Borys Jazloviecki and Sophia Barclay are to be wed within the coming days. It is with great joy that we invite all Savoy residents, families, and friends of the newlyweds' families to the wedding ceremony, which will take place in the Basilica of Blessed George of Leuvaarden in San Luciano. After the ceremony, all guests are invited to The Stallion's Stall Inn where the bride and groom will pay for all drinks and food.

(OOC: Saturday, October 2nd, 6:00pm EST)



Strength in God, and we with God



Special Invitations are sent out to the following:


The families of The Bride and Groom:

House Jazloviecki

Holy Sir August Jazloviecki @Mykei

Romilda Buckfort-Jazloviecki @Gopnik Is Poggers

Jan Mieszko Jazloviecki @___South___

Oktawian Jazloviecki @scretch

Fiodor Jazloviecki @Remaclus

Jindrich Jazloviecki @PecenyRohlik

Feliks Jazloviecki @Nn_Xavier_nN

Zofia Jazloviecki @Sawona


House of Barclay von Freimark

TRH Catherine Barclay, Countess of Sarissa @Axelu

Ernst Barclay @GoodGuyMatt

Jurgen Barclay @argonian

Volmar Barclay @rep2k

Christoff Barclay @MCVDK

Emmeline Barclay @tayladoh

And their Issue.


House of Barclay von Rienmar

TRH Johann Barclay, Dual Count of Reinmar-Kretzen @Frymark

Margot Barclay @MildStatic

Erhard Barclay @rep2k

Amadeus Barclay @Wolfey34

Ser Reinhardt Barclay KC @Capt_Chief26

Cedric Barclay @Tetho

Clarisse Barclay @MildStatic

Emil Barclay @Liokv

Klaus Barclay @Fionn__TWG

Adrianna Darkwood née Barclay @CopOwl

Antonius Barclay @Javert

Lorenz Barclay @Diaolos

Edmund Barclay @Coolcod77

Natalya Barclay @MotherLay

Adele Ludovar née Barclay @Weebmaster36

Mariya Barclay-Vyronov @EnderMaiashiro

And their Issue.




House of Ashford de Savoie
HSH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy @Lionbileti
HSH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie, Princess of Savoy @Spicii
HH, Louis Maximilien Ashford de Savoie @Proddy
HH, Leufroy Renault Ashford de Savoie @Vukarism
HH, Athenais Olivienne Marie Ashford de Savoie @Dasdi
Laurene Henriette Ashford de Savoie @Alexi_
Claude Elisabeth Ashford de Savoie @amyselia
Eugenie Cecile Ashford de Savoie @sunflowerist
And their Issue.


House of Barbanov

HM, Sigismund III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska @Xarkly

And their Issue.


House de Joannes
HSH, Leopold de Joannes, Prince of Sedan @Dogged
HSH, Margaret Mariya, Princess-consort of Sedan @latte
And their Issue.
House of Alstreim

TRH, Ulrich Lothar von Alstreim, Landgrave of Alstreim @LithiumSedai
And their Issue.


House of Ashford de Rouen
HGE, Edmond Leonard, Baron of Blackwald @Emery
Robert Guy Ashford de Rouen
Adrian Tobias Ashford de Rouen
And their Issue.


House of Rivera
TRH, Cesar II de Rivera, Baron of Rivera @Timer
And their Issue.


House of Alstion
HE, William Corwin Alstion @Caranthir_
And their Issue.


House of d’Anpalais
Conzstanzo d’Anpalais @Cobbler
And their Issue.


House of Basrid
HE, Darius Basrid @Monomakhos
And their Issue.


House of Rochefot
Holy Dame Helena Rochefort @TheIchorDruid

And their Issue.


House of Rothesay
HE, Peter Margaret Rothesay @DelaneyG
And their Issue.


House of Bishop
Erwin Bishop @Lomiei
Franz Bishop @ZebedeeDougalSKM
August Bishop @Keegan7om

Adelina Bishop @ohbother1

Helena Bishop @discojazz
And their Issue.


House de Brellad
HE, Mattis Tomas de Brellad @Malaise
And their Issue.


House de Orsella
HL, Selvia de Orsella @Kiiwi
And their Issue.


House of Mareno
Cyrus Mareno @Mickaelhz
Jace Mareno @D A N N Y
Stavros Mareno 
And their Issue.
House of Helane
Aspasia Magdalena Helane @saintmary
Caterina Louisa Helane @Autty
And their Issue.


House of Ashford de Bar
Giuseppe Luigi Fabio Eugino Ashford de Bar 
Raymond Adhemar Ashford de Bar @Endovelicus
And their Issue.


Esheveurd Brigade

Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt @Caelria

Armsman Franz Wilheim @Borin

And other soldiers of the Brigade



W imię Boże,

Baron of Lvinsk, Hauptmann of Freimark, Patriarch of House Jazloviecki


Fair Lady of House Barclay






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Holy Sir August nodded his head as he heard the news "Finally he found someone...." he puffed his cigar before speaking up once again "Im feeling sorry for the poor lass..."



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Caterina Louisa was pleased that she had received an invitation. "Oh goody, another Wedding!" She then showed the invitation to Athenais. "And look, you are invited too!"

Edited by Autty
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