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White Sun Company


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Flyers lay hung, pinned to bulletin boards all throughout the realm






The White Sun


The White Sun Company is divided into two branches, those being the General Goods side and the Custom Forgings and Weaponry side, each branch specializing in their area of expertise. The General Goods side produces armor, weapons and other means of combat with intent for fighting purposes, and the Custom Forgings and Weaponry section as the name implies, creates custom weaponry or anything else at the customer's request.




General Good


Ranging from spears to pickaxes,  the General Goods branch of the WSC offers the lowest prices on iron goods all throughout the lands. Also offering buyage of wares off sellers, we will give you an offer on anything brought to us, whether it be a mere sack of iron or an alchemical potion.


Our prices go as follow,


1 Stack of Unsmelted Iron - 12 Mina


1 Stack of Smelted Iron - 18 Mina


Iron Helmet - 6 mina


Iron Chestplate - 7 mina


Iron Leggings - 7 mina


Iron Boots - 4 mina


Iron Sword (All sorts) - 4 mina


All prices are subject to change



Custom Forgings and Weaponry


Any request ranging from the most basic ferrum weaponry, all the way to sought-after weapons forged of mystical materials are available at the LUC. As such from above, the Custom Forgings and Weaponry branch offers customers to sell their goods to the branch - any and all offers to be negotiated. As well as Alchemical Potions, enchantments, and various other wares are sold at the White Sun.


Prices not listed, contact Elsiimah’Ceru or Durin Hammerforge via bird. Commission prices are subject to change at any time.




Contact Us


7 Treegarden, Ando-Alur


Head of Union, and director of General Goods branch

Iscesi Velualei'onn, (cappor, kio#2222)


Director of Custom Forgings and Weaponry branch

Elsiimah’Ceru (ACXHAWN, __Clocky#6667)



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