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Election Results for the City of Providence, 1842

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The City of Providence

8th of Horen's Calling, 1842


The election for the City Assembly of Providence and the office of Lord Mayor has come to a close. It is with great pleasure that I announce our new Lord Mayor and those elected and appointed Aldermen for the years, 1842-1846.


The Lord Mayor by majority vote is: 


Philippa Antoinette d'Azor



The elected Aldermen are: 


Edith Hope 



Maria de Rosius


In accordance with the Imperial Charter for the City of Providence, 1841. Two positions are left to the Archbishop of Providence and the Governess of the Augustine for appointment


The Archbishop of Providence, Casper Cardinal Providentia selects.. 


Father August


The Governess of the Augustine Palace, Mary Casimira Othaman selects.. 


Claude Pruvia


The Magistrate of Providence, Philip Aurelian, The Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld

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