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Musings on the Alchemical


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[!] The following missive would be able to be freely located across the realm, though most prominently within the Lordship of Du Loc.


“The Lord is the Lord GOD without peer, but you seek power alike to his, and even power equal. This is a selfish and impossible sin, for there is no power alike to GOD. For He is the Lord GOD incomparable, and who can truly understand Him?

    So I find that you seek impossible knowledge not for the good of your fellows, or precious wisdom, but in the desire of power. Indeed, this is an insatiable desire, for none can overcome the Lord. This is the sin of envying GOD, a desire which cannot be attained, and the deepest blasphemy.” - Scroll of Spirit: An Epistle to the Magi, verses eight through thirteen.




With the recent publication of a missive by the august Lectorate of Owyn, I have found myself further drawn into my own musings on the alchemical- and so, I suppose, this could be seen as a "response" letter, of a sort. Indeed, long have I pondered and ruminated on the craft which I enact within secluded laboratories and cluttered libraries, but ne'er have I thought to put my thoughts to paper, to transcribe that which plagues my mind so; until now. For this, I must preface that this missive is not intended as a rebuke of the Almighty, nor is it an attack on the views of the holy Lectorate- merely the thoughts of an aging Wisewoman who has seen things that, perhaps, she should not. With that said, shall we begin? 


While the layman or ignorant plebeian may define the material sciences as the mere combination of plants and a bowl, its implications and it's intricacies reach far beyond such conjecture; for an alchemist, as the Lector stated, toys with and proclaims dominion over the fundamental building blocks of the material world - and in this, we find an encroachment upon the sin outlined in Exalted Owyn's epistle to the Magi of the realm. For as one works and moulds creation to their will, in often miraculous and profane actions, do they not aspire to the heights of GOD's power? Indeed, I would argue, that to tamper with the alchemical is to indeed trespass on the mandate held by GOD, in all of it's righteous splendour; and yet, in this same vein of thought, I would argue that such is not necessarily a sinful act. It is the nature of mortal men to aspire to reach the heights of the Divine, to indeed be better than their father. So would it not stand to reason, then, that seeking to emulate the Almighty through the tools It has given us is but an enactment of It's will upon the world, in the ineffability of GOD's grand design? For to practice the material philosophies is not to taint one's soul or to form covenant with the Aengudaemonica or Draconic serpents of yore, but to take upon oneself some briefest glimpse of that which had been ordained by the Creator, in some faint hope to emulate It's glory and capacity for creation and elucidation - a purely mortal practice, in the pattern of the great plan, in hopes to capture the power held by the Divine. For indeed, it is well within the power of the Alchemist to perform many a great feat; from the creation of life itself through artifice hallowed and profane, to surpass the laws of nature set in place upon the dawn of creation, and to indeed overcome the bonds of the mortal shell to become something more. Any who have truly delved into the sciences knows this well when I say it; that our dreams are both the greatest blessing of our craft, and yet, the most damnable curse that could be inflicted upon a living man, for they drive our ambitions and give us our capacity for creation. And perhaps this deserves further elaboration, for those who don't know that which I speak of; 


Native to all of my colleagues in the field has been a sort of… I struggle to call it madness, truly, for such a word is misleading, but eccentricity would perhaps be more apt. When you close your eyes and the veil of twilight is drawn over the horizon, you will see things- that which has not yet been, and that which could be. That which has been, and will be again. The head bites the tail, the serpent feeds upon itself, and so the cycle continues - the Wheel, the Cycle, the Ouroboros… whatever you would choose to call it, you will see it, be it this night or the next, or you have already seen it. A city scourged upon a will o' pyre, or the beginnings of a new Philosopher's Stone, and yet perhaps one would see the path to solve the great problems of the world- to offer energy made infinite, to be on the cusp of immortality, to see beyond one's mortal lens and gaze in truest sight; all of these and more you will see, have seen, and will see again. It is our dreams that give us agency, give us motivation, and perhaps?


Perhaps they give us our very purpose. 


With the power at our disposal, we can remedy a great deal of problems in our world, but it is the tale of the Giving Man that stays our hand; for while one may posit that if an individual possesses the means, they should solve all of the worlds problems and share their gifts with the greater populace, it is equally true that those same people we would seek to aid freely would tarnish generosity and human decency, and turn upon each other and ourselves like rabid dogs. And so, we establish fragile systems of barter and commerce to ward away the unworthy, the sinful, and the unrepentant - for the sciences are a truly sacred craft, and if abused, will often possess fatal consequences for it's victims. Our purpose then becomes to guide the willing and the Virtuous to apotheosis, to enlightenment, as they explore the depths and intricacies of the mortal planes and discover for themselves what this life, and the philosophy of the mundane, means to them. Indeed, we all ascribe differing meanings and thoughts to that which, ultimately, possesses none - not as we understand them. While I would share my own views in this publication, I shall refrain, in hopes of preventing the reader from taking on a biased perspective; for my own views have been warped and twisted by the world we have come to know- and what a world it is! 


Once one has decided to cast aside ignorance and seek the wisdom of the ages, exploration in all forms is sure to follow, and indeed, I would even encourage such! I implore the great peoples of the world to investigate every avenue, to leave no stone unturned; whether it be in the sciences or in their own personal virtue. Exploration is how we have uncovered such great things as healing poultices and clockworks, and how we have survived every calamity to date; through expanding our horizons in all quarters to find a better way. To delve deep into the alchemical craft will often drive one to the far corners of the world in search of something, be it a rare reagent or perhaps a tattered manuscript of yore to glean forgotten knowledge from; it will show one the world as it truly is, and not merely the facsimile of it that you would find within the fortress walls of vaunted Orenia or Hanseti-Ruska. In the farthest reaches of the known world, you will find an experience beyond reproach to be had, treasures to be found in the darkest caverns and gloomiest woods to sate all desires; both subtle and extreme; But it is not a journey for the meek and timid, for there is danger to be found - risk, even - upon every path faintly worth treading. You will see things terrible and wondrous alike, things that will shake you to the core and test every moral fibre of your being. But if you manage to brave the storm and emerge from the trials laid before you? 


You will have found your nirvana, and perhaps achieved the ultimate goal of any mortal soul. 


In conclusion, dear reader, the sciences and material philosophies are far beyond merely burning clumps of dried Drake's Tail or pawning elixirs and philters on the free market for meager amounts of coin, doubtless to be spent on clothing or the latest craze in magickal wares peddled by the wytches who craft them; No! To be an alchemist is to be a Wiseman, to seek out the true wisdom and accrue knowledge for the betterment of oneself and their fellows, and to push the boundaries of our mortal condition. It is, indeed, an encroachment upon Exalted Owyn's Epistle, but is it a sin? I would posit otherwise, and indeed, I would claim that the pursuit of the alchemical is indeed a virtue, for it is the one aspect of creation unsullied by dark nor light. It is truly grey, it's worth and morality decided solely by its bearers, requiring nothing in the way of human sacrifice or covenants with the ones beyond and above. It is a practice of purity, of creation, and it begets the pursuit of enlightenment as defined by oneself or their religion of choice, whichever that may be. It is the exploration of the world, and our place in it as it changes and shifts with each cataclysm we endure. 


With wishes of good health,

Angelika Anastasya, Proprietor of the Sacral Serpent.

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Lector Mathurin looks upon the paper, reading it, and re-reading it a few times over. "Its longer then mine, thats for sure" he says, going off to show his brothers the paper, as to garner a collective opinion.

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Oijin reads over the essay while laid out in a bed at the Kaer'Lassar clinic as best he could while recovering from injury and makes a note to himself to have this transcribed from the library - and perhaps put his own thoughts to paper when he has recovered.

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