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San Luciano City Government Election & Lottery


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Issued the year of our GOD 1842

15th of Horen’s Calling


Hear ye, hear ye, let it be known that the first election of the City Assembly shall hereby open. For the plebians must be hearkened, and representation must be strengthened sustainably, as it stands as a link of the chain that holds our holy Principality. A role of bureaucracy, and that of responsibility. The following will elucidate our parameters of this selection, administered by His Excellency, First Magistrate Valentino Gradic, as GOD wills it. 




The Lottery:


This election shall launch in 3 Saint’s Days, open to all Savoyard citizenry of San Luciano. Six seats are available, and the City Assembly shall be determined by our Vessian Lottery. Anyone may buy an unfettered quantity of tickets, granted that they are eligible; each ticket is twenty minas each. This will occur within the square of our city, results being announced there as well. 


Following this indeterminate period, the Magistrate shall draw six fortunate names from a bag; those present, favored individuals shall make up the Assembly whereby. 




The Election:


As a single man mustn't muster the strength to carry the conduct of the current elections and those to come, an additional role shall be elected thus: the Magistrate. Additionally, that of an administrator orchestrating the Assembly: the Lord Provost, also formerly titled the Lord Mayor. 


These two positions both open their candidacies as of now, but requirements over the Magistrate office are more strict. 


To those who seek to run as the Second Magistrate, they must join an interview with His Excellency Valentino Gradic to determine they are adequate for this esteemed office. Those with interest should contact him as soon as possible to be prioritized. 


An election at the same time as lottery shall be opened for these approved candidates of both offices, voted on by the denizens of San Luciano. Results will also be announced by the First Magistrate. 




Lottery and election will be held in the town square on Saturday, 4 PM EST. 


Contact Zed#4474 on discord to set up an interview, and more info about the Magistrate position.


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Joseph Brandt looked to the assembly post, sighing through his nose.


"Well, at least they called the Lord Mayor something else so I can tell the difference between the elections.

This whole 'city assembly' rabble still reminds me of Oren, though.

I tire of the traditions of these Northerners, who worship the rituals of their governments before GOD.

What ever happened to having just a Lord so you can focus on important things?"


He asked this question to nobody in particular, as he was sitting alone in his office given the early hours of the morning...

and... with a yawn, he placed the missive off to the side, possibly never to be seen again.

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Bruce's eyes glance over the post, dismissive in their glare upon sighting the words.


"Are the lands not already governed properly? Taxes paid and people happy? Why bring politics into

unblemished eyes, when such notion is uncalled for and leads to tasteless ambitions. 


The man would send word to his men to tighten their patrols, as snakes shall be soon

basking in the Asheford sun.

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