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ST Announcement - Nobody was Kung Fu Fighting


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27 minutes ago, Werew0lf said:


if u thinks guns are ever being added uve lost the plot entirely

and the reason it was removed is on the post



I never implied guns would be added, I just said it wouldn't surprise me. I'm using it as an exaggeration to refer to the fact that there's already so much bloat in the game that this one instance doesn't matter. 


I also know the reason why it is being removed, I just don't agree with it. The only valid reason I see to remove magic that has already been approved is to prevent lore bloat, but I think that's a non-issue seeing as Young Ping exists. The chi magic lore could easily be woven into that lore.


My opinion on the matter is that, unless there's going to be a culling of all the fringe magic and races, just let it be. 



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this is so unepic 


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