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A Lady's Hauchmetvas


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A painting of the young Lady Marie Ludovar holding one of her many pets - a dove.


Hauchmetvas of Lady Marie Lorraine Ludovar


Gronna and Droba, 395 E.S.


 A Lady Hauchmetvas, or debutante, shall be held in the Keep of Otistadt to celebrate Lady Marie Ludovar’s fourteenth name day. All are cordially invited to join her in this special celebration of adulthood!



A Feast of Grandeur

A feast in the Keep of Otistadt will be held in Marie’s honour, and guests will be served a hearty three course meal of specialized Ludovar cuisine. While the feast ensues, His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, will make a speech and a toast to the young Lady.


Bestowment of the Wreath

The young Lady will then receive a wreath of flowers to wear through the duration of the evening, consisting of flowers with varying meanings that are special to her! Chamomile blossoms to represent patience, bluebells to represent humility, and daisies to represent innocence will be presented to Marie to wear, so that she may uphold these virtues in the future.


Drinking and Dancing

After the bestowment of the wreath, ballroom dancing will take place in the halls of the Otistadt Keep. Guests will be served beverages throughout the evening to enjoy whilst dancing the night away!


Expected Attire

Guests are expected to don vibrant colours, especially hues of green or blue (Marie’s favourite colours), although it is not required! The Lady also requests that no one else adorns red, as this is the colour young debutantes are required to wear on their special day.




 HER LADYSHIP, Marie Lorraine Ludovar



Friday, October 22, 3:30 PM EST


Coordinates: X: 430, Z: -2530

Otistadt Keep

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Rhys var Ruthern grumbles at his father's persistent nagging that he attend and dance with his betrothed. Begrudgingly, he RSVPs that he will be coming.

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Robert Ludovar wipes a single tear from his eye as his political pawn daughter has finally come of age, and is now almost ready to marry. He can't wait to one day see his grandchildren @sarahbarah

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Erwin Bishop Smiles happily for his friend Robert's (@erictafoya) eldest daughter. "Congratulations, mein freund."

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