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The Jayamen Emporium - Offering Unique Merchandise and Services - Come Have Some Fun - In Providence


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The Jayamen


Located at Helvets Avenue 4 in Providence


Welcome to The Jayamen Emporium. Here you can have fun, play games, learn music, have a painting made, and much more! Come on by and have a good time!


((Note, For anything other then the wool and bookshop, I need to be present for a service or to sell something.))




Zarion Jayamen

((Username: Sofetios ))

(( Discord: Sofetios#0001 ))



Table of Contents

Section 1: Intro

Section 2: Piano Shop and Lessons

Section 3: Band Making and Performances

Section 4: Games

Section 5: Paintings

Section 6: The Friend Shop

Section 7: Wool and Bookshop

Section 8: Apartments

Section 9: Ending




Section 2

Piano Shop and Lessons - 1st Floor


(( We use noteblocks, so you can actually play songs on these ))


We Sell Pianos, Songbooks, and Lessons! Come by and practice for free! (Ask Zarion for Permanent access to the piano) We also sell a piano guidebook for self installation of a piano!


The first thing to buy is The Piano Guide. It covers how to make a piano, tune it, types of sounds it can make, and also how to read songbooks. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS AND READ IT BEFORE BUYING SONGBOOKS! It costs 50 minas and comes with a piano installation or materials to do it yourself if you choose that. Me coming to tune the piano is free. Comes with buying the book and/or the piano.



Piano Sounds


The Pianos I sell can come in 6 different sounds. Piano, Double Bass, Wind (( Flute )), Pluck (( Guitar )), Xylophone, and Twang (( Banjo )). All of these cost the same.


Song List


( Song name ) - ( Difficulty in stars  * = Easy ***** = Hard ) - ( Price )

((These arent the full complete songs, but the best parts of them. Meaning for example I didn't put the whole Jurassic park song in a songbook. just the best and most famous part. They are like that. Though the more the price is, the more complex and long the songbook is. ))



Jurassic Park - * - 10 Minas


Peer Gynt - * - 10 Minas


Your Best Friend - * - 10 Minas

In The Little Town of Bethlehem - ** - 15 Minas


When The Saints Go Marching In - ** - 10 Minas


Song of Healing - ** - 20 Minas


Concerning Hobbits - ** - 15 Minas


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - ** - 20 Minas


Intro to Green Greens (Kirby) - ** ( Lesson only ) - 20 minas


Hey Jude - ** ( Lesson only ) - 20 minas


Jingle Bells - *** - 20 Minas


Oh Susanna - *** - 30 Minas


Joy To The World - ***  ( Lesson only ) - 30 minas


Pokemon Red/Blue Route 1 - **** - 30 Minas


Wonka’s Welcome - **** - 40 Minas


Can Can - ***** - 30 Minas


Jaya’s Song - ****** - 60 Minas


Zarion's Banjo Bash - ******  ( Lesson only ) - 60 Minas





Section 3

Band Making and Performances - 4th Floor


Want to make a ((noteblock)) piano band (Pianos, drums, etc.)? Just talk to Zarion! He can provide lessons, a place to play and perform, instruments, and a song to play all for free. You can even charge entry for your performances!






Section 4

Games - 1st Floor


((All games are played in a double chest. I had the idea a few maps ago to play games that have a grid in the grid in double chests.))


Feel free to come in and play free games! If you enjoy them, feel free to ask to buy a copy. Comes with the rulebook for the game and all needed pieces. We currently have 3 strategy games, Tic Tac Toe , 4 in a row ((connect 4)), and Jumper ((mini-checkers)). 


Tic Tac Toe Set - 15 Minas

4 In a Row Set - 35 Minas

Jumper Set - 25 Minas





Section 5

Paintings - 1st Floor


(( Paintings are done in minecraft books. Here are some examples ))






I can paint a painting of anything on the spot! it costs 30 Minas for a custom painting. You are free to give copies out of it. Or you can buy a premade painting for 15 Minas! ((Look in the bookcases with signs to see premade ones or examples.))






Section 6

The Friend Shop - 2nd Floor


((This is done through Housemagery. The spell Living Doll. ))


Have a child that wants a personal friend? We have Living plushies of either a Dragon, A Tiger, or a Wolf that can be their companion! This is also available for adults if wanted. The Plushies are a meter in length (( One block long basically )). They are also very Friendly, Caring, and Protective (( Note, this is just their personality. They cannot do anything in combat. )). If you would like one, just contact me. There are some rules though. You may not mistreat them. They are conscious and have emotions. Be bad to them and they will be sad. If you would like one, it will cost 50 minas. ((Note if they are hit by an attack where their mana lock is, they basically die.))


((By buying one of these You promise to go by the rules in the Housemagery guide on the forums for living dolls. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT AND THE RED FLAGS SO YOU DONT GET IN TROUBLE FOR DOING SOMETHING WITH THEM THAT ISNT ALLOWED! ))


Note, All plushies are loved and cared for prior to purchase




Section 7

Wool and Bookshop - 3rd Floor


We sell every color of wool here. If you need a bulk order of a certain color, we will gladly do it. Each wool costs 0.2 Minas or 12.8 Minas a stack.


The bookshop sells some fiction adventure, philosophy, and poetry books by The Jayamen Family. It also sells Book and Quill sets and Bookcases. Fiction books range from 5-25 Minas. Book and quill sets are 4 minas each. Bookcases are 1 mina each.





Section 8


Located at Little Ves Lane 2


We offer Apartments in a seperate building. The apartments are cheap, but good sized. A medium room costs 4 minas a elven week. A large room costs 8 minas an elven week. Food and drink are provided. To see a room or rent one, talk to Zarion Jayamen.





Section 9



Thank you for reading! Feel free to contact me for anything you need! We Hope you come visit soon!


The Jayamen Emporium

Helvets Avenue 4

Zarion Jayamen

(( Username: Sofetios ))

(( Discord: Sofetios#0001 ))

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