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The Hirano Initiative comes to an end


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From the Desk of Hirano Nanako




Friends and fellow citizens:


There comes a time in which we who choose to aid in the betterment of our country must commit to a prolonged introspection; to assess the value of our ability to do so and must engage in this assessment with surety. It is vital to the longevity and prosperity of our people that the officers of their proverbial ship act with surety and competency befitting their stations. It is required of us to judge ourselves and our skills against the ever shifting landscape of causality and politics. It is up to us to engage in this assessment as should it come to pass that we grow lax in this duty and our competency should waver, our people should suffer malady and tragedy at our hands, be it unwittingly or otherwise.

This consistent introspection I wrote of has as of recently led me to understand that my skill set is no longer of benefit to my people. The landscape of global politics has changed while my abilities linger in the past. While not unconscious of error both perceived and unperceived on my own part I am proud to have accomplished the goals I laid out for my term as chancellor. The Ministry of Education has taken a prominent role in the development of the arts and trade by extending free lectures and courses to the people of Yong Ping, the Ministry of Justice has begun a complete and comprehensive reformation of Yong Ping’s judicial system and codex of law.

While infrastructure and social services have been the goal of my tenure as Chancellor of the Jade State, the immediate future of Almaris seems to be that of strife and turmoil; that of war. War is a theatre in which I profess no understanding of, and I cannot rest upon my laurels and dishonestly assure my countrymen I am the most capable for the future challenged to be faced by our nation. There is a saying in Oyashima which I would like to call upon for my thoughts: “If you make a mistake, don’t hesitate to correct it.”, to continue to hold my position in the face of challenges that I am not qualified nor experienced with when both quality and experience are paramount to the prosperity of our people would be a mistake, and so I must make the decision to correct it before I can make it.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank you all for your dedication to the Jade State and make no illusions as to my pride in our people. I, Hirano Nanako of Yong Ping do hereby resign from the office of chancellor of the Jade State and hope that the next chancellor elected can execute the duties of this office with greater skill and effectiveness than myself.

Nanako Hirano, former Chancellor of Yong Ping.





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Lilia would hear of the resignation of the Lady Hirano. "I wonder what it is she will do next.." the 'ker commented idly around her husband and child.

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Kiriha sighs quietly, thin fingers coming through his hair before propping up his chin. Expression inscrutable save for the tiniest quirk to his lips, he nods once, and crumples up the page. 


“One less theeng to worry about, I suppose. Never have been fond of that fameelee, bat one mast be grateful for what they have done… when et helped.” 

With that he turns and gathers his notes. There was snooping to be done. 

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Tianrui Ren reads through the missive, setting the parchment aside as he considers the past over steepled fingers resting over his desk. From her rise in Tsutenkaku to work with the community after the great tsunami, Hirano Nanako has always had the best interests of Yong Ping and her people at the heart of her actions. From aiding economic an population growth to helping cement security within the Jade State, Nanako's tenure as Chancellor has seen her meet and exceed the long-term goals she had set herself in her first initiative. Ren lifts his hands, bringing a scroll of rice paper before him to scribe with a fine horsetail brush.


In the auburn cool,

harvest reaps bounty and leaves

fields empty to sow






Ren finishes the scroll, taking a small red square of origami paper. Folding a lotus to accompany, he rises to bring the gift to Tsutenkaku.

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