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[Sheet] Auriel


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You've come across this scurrying elven child & wondered more. Children are terrible at keeping secrets, and so a quick glance at her tells a great deal. She carries several items in a silken backpack, & is never without a pickaxe and spade. She chews at her lip to hide an unfamiliar sense in this bright world, and watches her back. Her gleaming eyes squint at the shimmering sun & prefer darkness or shade.




How close would you watch? A child deserves her space... though, if you paid closer attention, some traits would be obvious about her, no doubt about it.


Common Traits

● Nervous & Distrustful

● Coal-covered

● Perceptive

● Social

● Otherworldly

● Keen memory


A sharper eye may even piece together a few obvious aspirations. What child could hide their innocent dreams, even one so distant as this? Her clothes were... passable, though it was obviously the handiwork of some inexperienced youth. Her own creations boldly worn despite their lack of fit were baggy, under-dyed, and washed out. 


Auriel kept a fresh book near her at all times & in it was frequently drawing, documenting, or scribbling. If only her inexperienced hands didn't crack so many quill pens, she might be an acceptable scribe. Most avidly though, she would take sketches of buildings - the child was fascinated with architecture. 


Most obvious was the sigil around her neck, some family crest for an obscure family. She would clutch it often to ward off the fear all children face in their lives. The sight of it reminds you of a priest clutching for a holy amulet, and in this way Auriel had a child-like affinity for the religious. She stops to watch performances of holy orders, wondering about their own odd zealotry. 



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you have some of my favorite characters of all time. Tek, miss Esther Lester specifically… i’m so excited to meet this one!!!


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