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Lost Skies - IC


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The Great Miraab. Known to its people as the Jewel of the Wastes, this massive plateau jutting kilometres above the Great Expanse has ever been a light in the darkness of the central continent. It is the only source of abundant fresh water for near a thousand kilometres, and is home to vast lakes of it - spilling off the cliff face into a great basin below. In their generosity the Miraabi clans permit all to drink from the lower lake, for it represents their cup running over from the gifts of heaven, sky and earth. The Miraabi are thus encapsulated: welcoming, generous, but possessive of what they see as theirs. And the Miraab is most certainly theirs.


For generations uncounted, the Miraab has represented a perfect union of two great peoples. Those of the Earth, descended from the Tannic Rovers who abandoned raiding and cannibalism for a sedentary life on the unforgiving, desolate wastes; and those of the Sky, the Sky Nomads, Drakers and international traders who visit to trade and on occasion settle among the Miraabi. It was these children of the Sky who brought to the children of the Earth the philosophy and religion of the Ways. It was the Miraab itself that demonstrated their truth. The Miraab has resources, land and wealth for all, but no patience for those who would take more than their share. Thus have the peoples of the Miraab and their allies ever been opposed to invaders from near or far. Often this Adversary has come in the form of distant kin - the Tannic Khans. Now the Khanate rears its envious head once again, with the prospect of a new war on the horizon with the death of its previous leader. The Khanate respects strength, a strength the Miraabi have shown time and time again as a rock against their wind. But, given time, wind can erode rock to scattered sand. This the Miraabi know. Simply standing, immovable, is death. Thus the peoples of the Miraab must steel themselves for a great Storm of War, as their shamans and seers call it, and prepare for conflict on a scale unseen in generations. The Miraab is open to all, but belongs to no man, no king, and certainly no Khan.




  • 5 Materials (M) bought from Market.
  • 1 Naval Industry built.
  • 1 Material Industry built.
  • Research begun into the ancient gun emplacement known as the Wardens of Miraab (POI), to see how much effort would be needed to unlock their secrets.
  • Diplomat dispatched to the Kurultai, carrying a gift to assure good will. (5000 C)
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The New World

1890, Acadian Colonial Freighter, Lucerne-Rhodes Line



Turn 2

1890 - Autumn - Fall














Turn 2 Map



The Daichi Clans of the East


POI Investigation: The Sacred Tree of Life

As the roots part to allow the Samurais into the under-depths of the Sacred Tree, it quickly becomes apparent that they have entered the ruins of a First Era facility. Seemingly a sort of laboratory, nothing much left remains of it except the skeletal remains of First Men here and there. Though the languages predate the establishment of the Lingua Herin, the common language of the world, it is shockingly reminiscent of the Daichian native tongue. Quick investigation by available linguists concludes that the languages present within these halls are indeed the precursor of the Daichi’s own, which has long since warped with the evolution of cultures in the thousands of years since this facility was operational. More time will have to pass to allow researchers to fully decipher the meaning of this sacred site, as well as the excavating of ruined segments. 


POI Investigation: The Sacred Lake of Ishida

The mythical pool of life of the Daichi -  it is here where the wife of the Dragon Emperor cried out her soul, grieving over the loss of her husband and sons during the civil war. In her passing, she imbued the land with her life, her tears creating the Ishida Lake, which has overflowed into the creation of the Asahi River that has divided by the Daichi Realms. The Lake now remains as a spectacle, a site of pilgrimage for the Daichi, its surface shimmering with splendid lights at all times of the day, its beauty multiplied during the night as it reflects the light of the moon, stars, and the great barrier that engulfs the planet. As this was already a popular site, held together in mutual agreement by the peoples of the Daichi, the hiking teams of both Empires went off without a hitch, the two parties enjoying their luncheons by the Lake. 


Event: The Archduchy of Tyrel

The Arch Duke, Terah of the House Kassadan, is an amiable old fellow - considered by many to be the fatherly figure of his realm as a bastion of sensibilities and stability. The young Iwamoto is most welcomed within his lands, granted a most magnificent tour of all its sights and public knowledge. Having had no ill-relations in the past, and certainly none now, the Tyrelian House of Commons, formally approves the signature of a non-aggression-pact between the two nations. A great welcome awaits Emperor Iwamoto Katsumore.


Event: Sky Drakers and Sky Beasts

Though most Drakers have left the Sacred Forests in hopes of better hunting grounds, some remain to be officially contracted through official means, acquiring their permits at the Northern Citadel. Perhaps upon another day, the Sky Beasts may have been soothed into calmness by psychic interferences, these current generations are much too hostile and erratic - force must be used, or else allow your nation to be ruined by ravaging hordes of flying creatures. The defensive measures taken earlier in the year have sent the majority of the sky beasts fleeing back into the mountains, where they lurk once more, far from over.

[5000c for this turn in Draker contracts and other sky beast related gains]


Event: The Way South

Almost immediately the 1st Colonial Fleet of the Daichi is met with resistance, the islands to the south have been occupied by a motley amalgamation of pirates, brigands, and other ruffians. Should the Emperor wish to continue, he would have to force his way through with fire and steel.


Research Slot 1: ‘KOMODO’

The state of the art researching facilities of the Mitskukiki is hard at work developing their own independent model of Vitriol body armor. Though the acquisition of resources, and the actual manufacturing of it will take time, it is estimated, thanks to the pre-established knowledge of the Varnyan armorers and the general capabilities of the Daichian Intelligentsia, it won't take much time. [2 Turns till mass production of Komodo Armor is able, 1891, Q3-Q4]


Research Slot 2: REDACTED



The Holy Sechsian Empire
A new calendar, a new age - always obedient, either by implication of fear or blindness, the Bophanov Calendar has replaced that of the Hieoromar, in a bid to reveal the true truths of the world. Quick to torment, petty magistrates throughout the Empire force their peasantry into this adoption on the penalty of severe punishment. Life is good in Sechsia, though verily, there is much to be done still.


Event: Operation Candle

The campaign in the east goes off without any problem, as the organized forces of the Empire swarm over that of Aralov’s subjugated peasantry. The Warlord offers no resistance as he further retreats from the region, solidifying his positions in the mountains further east, where it has become increasingly apparent that he has taken up the halls of an Ancient Citadel at the base of the mountains. However, the more the Sechsian investigate, the more they come to the realization that greater forces are at play than just a simple Warlord...


Koninkrijk Aadrensveld-Rhynsland


Event: The New World

The Waakhaamzeid along with her contingent make a quick patrol of the shores of the new world, wherein they find the first recorded instances of civilized life, or what seems to be such anyway. Fellow humans, on a new land, their skin dark like the Bantu peoples of the baseZulwini. However, unlike the Bantu peoples of the Continent, these groups of peoples seem more akin to the peasants of Sechsia in their ways of life. They seem non-hostile, more curious of the RARN airships than anything, but the nature of the Royal Fleet’s mission does not allow them to remain long before they depart once more for home, bringing by their newfound revelations.


Event: The Tyrellian Embassy

The offer for the normalization of diplomacy between the two nations is wholeheartedly accepted, commemorated with the first establishment of an embassy within Coenstaad. The Minister of Tyrellian Foreign Affairs personally attends the opening ceremony, thanking the citizens of the Isle for their continued interests in the relations of the two realms. Ambassador Kezan has taken up his role as the Ducal liaison to the Koninkrijk.


Event: The Caves of Coenstaad

The exploration and mapping begins without any apparent issue, as these pioneers go further into the depths of the cave. Despite being at least two kilometres into the earth, the air remains breathable, perhaps thanks to the composition of the cave itself, along with various bodies of accessible aquifer chambers trapping oxygen. The canary birds brought down so far have detected no harmful airborne toxins so far, so the expedition continues. They have reached a new waypoint thus far, a vast abyss with no signs of an end to its depths. No anomalies or creatures have been spotted yet.


Research: REDACTED



The Duchy of Charolais 

Though the joint Charolese-Naresian punitive campaign in the east could be considered a success, as they routed the pirates from the area, the sudden activation of ancient weapons had struck the allied fleet fiercely. What commenced with a proper ambush upon the pirate stronghold, ultimately ended in a catastrophe. The Naresian Heavy Cruiser, the Zwehollah, found itself annihilated by a beam of light emitted from deep within the mountains, along with other vessels in the immediate vicinity. Unable to deal with the shock, the weapons facility which had just taken out the Zwehollah, promptly exploded following its activation, taking a chunk of its mountain with it in an enormous eruption. With their electrical components fried due to the beam of energy, the fleet is forced to allow the remaining enemy airships to flee north, as they retreat to their naval bases. A Naresian Banker of the City of Al-Alad finally arrives in Charolles, granting them the spoils of the captured pirate stronghold, as well as remuneration for the loss of Charolais airships due to their intelligence mistakes.

[15,000c in both combined loot and Naresian reparations]


Event: The Bridge to the New World

The Ducal Government, satisfied with their pickings, finally issues the reconstruction of the great bridge that crosses the gap between the Old World and the New World. It will take some time, but estimates have it in a year where mass migrations of peoples from the Old World will be funneled through this reconstructed bridge. The Duchy no doubt reaping such benefits. [2 turns until land bridge connection to the New World is made]



The Daichi Clans of the West


POI Investigation: The Sacred Lake of Ishida [Repeat]

The mythical pool of life of the Daichi -  it is here where the wife of the Dragon Emperor cried out her soul, grieving over the loss of her husband and sons during the civil war. In her passing, she imbued the land with her life, her tears creating the Ishida Lake, which has overflowed into the creation of the Asahi River that has divided by the Daichi Realms. The Lake now remains as a spectacle, a site of pilgrimage for the Daichi, its surface shimmering with splendid lights at all times of the day, its beauty multiplied during the night as it reflects the light of the moon, stars, and the great barrier that engulfs the planet. As this was already a popular site, held together in mutual agreement by the peoples of the Daichi, the hiking teams of both Empires went off without a hitch, the two parties enjoying their luncheons by the Lake. 


POI Investigation: Sky Beast Hive in the Mountains

In an unfortunate turn of fate, the military expedition to the western mountains stumbles upon a great site, a huge singular mountain which has seemingly been hollowed out. Thousands of sky beasts litter the area, pouring out from every orifice - detailing a scene far from the truth that sky beasts are an endangered class of ‘animals’. Thankfully, the Commander in charge was able to spot the increased sightings of Sky Beasts long before they were caught, and make a hasty retreat back to the homeland to report their findings.


POI Investigation: The Barrier

The other expedition further west goes without any problem, as they discover another Lake just like that of Ishida, with its own river cascading down the mountains to form another natural border keeping the Sacred Forest from overflowing onto unsanctified grounds. Other than being a sight to behold, there was nothing else of note to report.


Event: Sky Drakers and Sky Beasts

What occurs in the east, also continues in the west. Many Drakers simply leave the area upon the issuing of the new edict of hunting regulations, though some remain, sensing the potential in profits should the sky beasts return en-mass. 

[5000c for this turn in Draker contracts and other sky beast related gains]


Research Slot 1: REDACTED



The Crusader State of Jena

The Behemothaur continues its rage, revealing tremendous powers. Hurricanes form over the mountains of Jena, in freak opposition to the inherent laws of nature.


Event: Regulation of Sky Drakers

The sudden and harsh crack-down of Draker activities in Jena has simply made the majority of these hunters sail off to find new prospects, leaving only a few foolhardy to take on the Behemothaur with Admiral Klausewitz. The Sky Beasts continue their travels to their final resting grounds unhindered.


Event: Scouting the New World

The Retia Illia makes good progress in its endeavours, mapping out much of the islands - which are mostly hospitable and temperate in nature, each with their own unique ecosystems of semi-aquatic life and docile sky beast herds. However, at its furthest point east, the Jenesian Cruiser soon discovered that what it was flying over was not another island, but potentially an entirely new continent, as the land stretched far into the horizon. The nature of its mission had made it so it needed to quickly return to the homeland


Research Slot: Vitriol Judge Armor

Just like the armorers of the Daichi, and of Vernyn, so too does Jena commence its own infantry based personal body armor systems, with a tad more intricacies to it, however. The fine control of vitriol on such a micro level will require much expertise and experiments. Depending on the capabilities of the Jenesian development, the Judge Armor may very well have to include a sort of power generating system to maintain the control of Vitriol, rather than the relatively simple defensive armor of the Daichi and Vernyn. [4 Turns at current rate until any viable development is made, 1892, Q3-Q4]


Ancient Tech Slot: Ancient Weather Station

Deciphering such ancient technology is no easy feat, even with the inherent capabilities of the Jenesian historians and researchers. Much of the interfaces of the weather station have simply eroded and rotten away, leaving not much to work with simply. The replacement and installment of new power generators may provide some new insight on returning the facilities to operational levels, but the knowledge on such remains arcane in nature. Luckily enough, the vast existing assortment of ancient texts within Jena can provide some assistance, as well as the already pre-established linguistic understanding of many of the First Era’s regional languages. A manual has been discovered, in which it details the blueprint of a potential generator, according to the Jenesian current level of understanding - perhaps the construction of such may render the Weather Station back to life.



The Sky Clans


Event: The Raids on Al-Nare

It takes only one unlucky convoy to be ambushed before the majority of the Naresian League mobilizes increased protection details for their merchant fleets. Any further attacks on these well protected fleets will no doubt result in pitched battles. Luckily enough, the first raided convoy has provided much wealth, enticing many to become increasingly bold. 

[10,000c from raiding one Naresian convoy]


Research Slot: The Radio

Radios are not an entirely unknown concept of the Old World, as it was presumed that such a piece of technology was commonly used far back in the past. However, such technological knowledge has long since been lost. Most airships have simply defaulted to the utilization of morse codes, flags, or even telegrams, as granships can deploy such connections between airships should it be necessary. To talk clearly to one another independent of any form of physical connection seems like a daunting task best reserved for the ruins of the ancients, but work begins nonetheless as researchers attempt to figure out how to harness electromagnetic waves. [5 turns at current rate until any potential discovery is made]



The Protectorate of Contamrol


Event: The Kurultai

The Kurultai has concluded and the New Khanate has begun its expansion - all will bow to the Great Qara Khan. The Contamrolite emissary is returned to the Craters, their severed head in a box. War is no doubt on the horizon.


Event: Excavating the Domed City

A new endeavour into the depths of the Crater City begins, revealing a huge chamber, with what seems to be an immense warehouse of military equipment, tucked away into rows of crates and the like. Though most have since withered away, rapidly deteriorating due to the sudden advent of oxygen, some equipment may very well be repurposed to fit modern needs. Much of these ruins remain undiscovered. [+2 one time AP]


Research Slot: Rockets

The knowledge of rockets isn’t entirely unknown, but is immensely misunderstood - especially when the Contamrolites' only desire is to go fast. Maybe something will be discovered eventually, but at the moment, sticking rockets to airships isn’t doing much of anything. The current understanding of chemicals for rocket propulsion is unknown, while some are already used as weapons, with varying degrees of failures, as accuracy is non-existent. 



The Acadian Consulate


Event: New World, New Me

Normal activities in the Lucerne Aeroport resumed as quickly as they were disrupted, as dozens of freighters a day took off to the New World. In a grand project, three new colonial outposts were established in the stop-over islands, Rhodes, Chambery, Pontcharraud. All of which are established without much issue, though the surfaces of their islands have long since been swept and eroded away by the harsh winds that divides Acadia from the New World. Without any further issues, the 1st Colonial Marine Division is deployed to the New World, dropped into a new land nearly identical in nature to that of their homeland. They begin their expedition, scouring the region for potential hazards and new life, but so far find nothing much different than what they already have back home. Most platoons of marines can’t help spreading rumours that they feel as if they’re being watched, propagating the superstition that the mountains have eyes.


Event: Monster Hunting Time

The deployment of the division of infantry to quell the situation in the rural countryside has escalated tenfold. It seems the sudden presence of soldiers has increased the number, tenacity, and voraciousness of these mutated abominations. During the first night, many camps of the Federal Infantry were outright swarmed over, with many being ripped apart alive - faults owed mostly thanks to the unpreparedness of the Army’s punitive expedition in the area. The Airforce has been immediately requested. A hive of sorts seems to have emerged from Installation 0004, unwilling to be put down so easily - only Hieoromar knows what lurks within.


Research Slot: Submachine Guns

The concept of a portable, easy to use, automatic weapon, isn’t entirely unknown to the various R&D departments of the Continent, but the actual application of it seems to be having major design issues. Prototypes explode and malfunction left and right by the dozens, forcing many back to the drawing boards every year. Should be simple enough to miniaturize the current array of machine guns, but alas, it has eluded many. Perhaps some new thinking, more funds, more anything, may yield better results. [6 turns at current rate until any meaningful developments made]



The Bantu baseZulwini

Life is good for the Bantu people, left to their own devices in one of the most peaceful regions of the Old World - at least when the tripartite nations to the north aren’t waging total war on each other that is.


Event: The Embassies of Varnyn and Reismark

The Kingdom of Varnyn and Reismark warily accepts the Ambassadors of the Bantu people, noticeably concerned by their presence - most likely assuming they’re spying on them to give information to their adversaries. It seems likely as the years progress that war may break out between these three nations, each vying for the total dominance of their rival.


Event: Expansion Expansion Expansion

Though they must bring their own light, the Underway remains entirely operational, easily allowing the Bantu to cross over onto the other side of the Bay to establish their land claims in the area. Starting immediately, should it be desired, the Bantu may simply push its logistics through the Underway. Expansions which have brought the Holy See to bear, as they solidify the petty states around them.


POI Investigation: Orbital Defense Installation - 0204

As the Cruiser and Destroyers fly over, it quickly becomes apparent that they have discovered another relic of the First Era. No part of the Old World is completed without its own designated orbital artillery emplacements, forever pointed towards the skies in anticipation. Perhaps it was constructed to defend the Domed City nearby, if so, it did well, as the Kingdom now lives within its hallowed halls. As it stands, the Bantu simply have no clue how to make any of it work, with the technology so arcane, so outlandish, that Installation might as well just be used for other military purposes such as storage and what not.


Research Slot 1: The Voice of Heavens (Radio)

Radios are not an entirely unknown concept of the Old World, as it was presumed that such a piece of technology was commonly used far back in history, by those of the First and Second Era. However, such technological knowledge has long since been lost. Most airships have simply defaulted to the utilization of morse codes, flags - or even telegrams, as granships can quickly deploy such connections between vessels should it be necessary. But, compared to their counterparts, the Bantu simply have more national infrastructure dedicated to the art of technological advancement, and a greater understanding of electromagnetic waves. Headways are already being made in the harnessing of this new field of technology [4 turns at current rate until any potential discovery is made]


Research Slot 2: CONFIDENTIAL



The Bound Constellation

Ash falls like snow, Eleutheria remains hidden - a world oblivious to the occurrences of Achlys.





The Republic of Lannion


Event: The Spire

The group of soldiers begin their expedition, though already a few months in, they have yet reached the last known highest point. They are currently stopped in Station V, an ad-hoc settlement of adventurers seeking the top.


Event: To the East, and Beyond

The fleet proceeds with its flight to the new world, exorbitantly outfitted with the best there is to offer. However, it is within this wealth that Jacque Cartier was found dead, having been choked to death on a piece of rare meat lodged in his throat, a sad end to a man! Anyway, the exploration proceeds regardless, too much money has been spent to go back empty handed. Prime land is indeed found in the east, with these new lands seemingly plentiful in wildlife and other fauna, but trouble is immediately afoot. The large deployment of destroyers has seemingly attracted a fleet of airships. In the distance, bizarre airships close the distance, some of them the size of dreadnoughts, it is quickly noticed that this array of vessels are not friendly, making the Lannions retreat back to their homeland. Most of the money and resources is recyled back into service for the nation's use. [8000c in return]


Research Slot: Redacted 



The Miraabi Confederation



The Great Qaya Khan has made his intention clear, petty tributes will no longer satisfy the Khanate. All will bow to the force that will conquer the Universe. Unfortunately for the Miraabi, the diplomat’s head is returned upon the thinly veiled gift of goodwill.


Research Slot: The Wardens of Miraab

The Great Wardens, forever dormant, remain dormant. No amount of investigation into the Wardens have revealed anything of note, simple effort will not suffice. Perhaps the Crusader State of Jena to the east may be of assistance, should the Miraabi be able to convince them.


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Holy Sechsian Empire

“The Regent’s guidance lights our path.”

- - -


Beyond the Empire’s eastern border. 02:35, 11.ABP.2895PE. Winter.
The fire roared, reaching high into the night sky. Airship engines thundered above, whining as the BVT/90 class assault transport wheeled to face the scene, its engines humming as the craft slowly lowered to the ground, landing gear sinking into the wet dirt. Machinery groaned as one of the numerous bay doors slid open, revealing a party of half a dozen men.

The smell of smoke and the blazing light of the fire were the first to assail Nikolai Sidorov’s senses. The man’s nostrils flared for half a second as he adjusted to the unexpected stench. He looked to the left, then to the right, then he exited the craft. Some twenty Shturmovik stood waiting, illuminated by the burning village all around them; four times as many prisoners were huddled in the muck beside them, hands on their heads.

“The village has been swept and secured, Komandarm. This is all of them.” The lead soldier reported, gesturing to the mass of prisoners with his rifle.

Sidorov raised a single, gray, bushy eyebrow, examining the huddled mass before looking back to the man, “And Aralov’s men?”

“Killed or captured. We brought who we could in for questioning. As directed.”

“Excellent work, Captain, our work here is done.” He looked to the rest of the village, “Torch it. Dispose of these collaborators. Then load up.”

The Captain nodded and raised his hand to the BVT/90’s cockpit. A mere moment of stillness was suddenly shattered by the chattering of machine guns as the transport’s armament erupted onto the mob. Sidorov watched as they crumpled and fell as if an invisible wave were washing over them. After some ten seconds the guns fell silent.

“See to it that there aren’t any survivors.”
“A report, Your Excellency.”

The Blessed Regent of All-Sechsia’s hands clenched into fists. His eyes shot open. He could not believe them. Standing before him was an open door to his office, and within that door frame was a man, some insolent fool of a man. Khrebtov struggled to compose himself; his lips curled into a tight, forced, smile. Interrupted - Interrupted in the most pivotal of hours. He was on the precipice of uncovering another of the Prince’s mysteries… so close.. so close. But in the presence of another, Hieoromar’s visions dissipate as swiftly as they appear. The man should’ve knocked. They must knock. He had made this very clear.

“Bring it to me.” The Regent sharply commanded, shattering the room’s tension.

The man, clearly just a messenger, hurriedly rushed towards his superior’s desk, and deposited the manila folder into the Regent’s hand. Khrebtov continued to glare at the now red-faced man, a conspirator, no doubt. Look how he cracked in the mere presence of a man of such status, how he avoided the Regent’s all-seeing gaze, how the sweat gathered on his face. Khrebtov delighted in the fear of Sechsia’s enemies. Then, suddenly, the Regent’s smile faded, “Leave me.”

“Of course, Y-Your Excellency.” The man nearly sprinted out of the room. The Blessed Regent would allow him to live perhaps a day more - that was mercy enough. Perhaps...

News from the East. The collaborators in disarray. The Regent placed the folder onto his desk, pondering.

There is much to be done.

-The glorious capital of Levogorod is expanded thricefold. Similarly, the industrial hub of Bophanovopol receives sizable investment from the Blessed Regent. [3 Cities, 90,000 C + 30 M]
-Three luxury districts are constructed in Levogorod. [30,000 C + 3 M]
-The war-infrastructure of the Empire is greatly bolstered. [30,000 C + 3 M]
-5 Naval Production is sourced from abroad. [2 TP]
-- A single Light Cruiser is commissioned. [15,000 C]
-- Four destroyers are commissioned. [15,000 C]

-2,568 Shekels are saved.

-A team of researchers, escorted by Shturmoviki, are dispatched to explore the ruins of the Orbital Defense facility. [MOD]
-A team of researchers, escorted by Shturmoviki, are dispatched to explore the ruins of the old spaceport. [MOD]

24 TP

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Turn 2


(RP and diplomatic actions later)




  • The Khan's demand for fealty is rejected.
  • Aid from the Sky Nomads and Bounty Hunters requested in defending Miraabi airspace.
  • 5 x Naval Production (NP) bought from Market.
  • 1 x Military Industry (AP) built. (7500 C + 1 M)
  • 1 x Trade Depot built. (12,500 C + 2 M)
  • 1 x Material Industry (M) built. (10,000 C)
  • 12 x Destroyers built. (30,000 C + 4 NP)
  • Research continues into activating the Wardens of the Miraab, this time with the aid of adepts from the Jenites' Spiritus Sanctus Machina.


TP 10

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Duché de Charolais



(Credits to u/NoOneReallySpecial from Reddit)


1890 - Autumn



"My Duc, we have received the promised reparation funds from the Naresian League." - "Good." Duc Levin dismissed the official with a wave of his hand, as he stares out into the smogridden sky of Charolles from his office. At the color scheme present beyond the window, his olive colored uniform appears almost vibrant in hue. It has been a day since they returned from that battle against these thieving sky rats. Close call, nobody had expected an ancient weaponry to be still usable in the very region, a remnant of Hieromar's legacy. Not that it should be considered divine or anything, it was simply a marvel of technology. Too bad it blew up.


The summer heat was fading, bringing the temperatures of the cities to a bearable heat that wouldn't reminisce the foundry ovens of Charolles that have been burning day and night, spewing forth steel for the hungry and growing industrial realm of Charolais. Every summer for the past decades has been a journey through hell for the common worker. Still, Levin's gaze wandered on, piercing through the dark clouds of soot and ash, to find a distant speck, bustling with activity. The bridge to the West had begun its groundwork for repairs, once concluded it should be a major artery of potential traffic to new shores that may hold untold riches to exploit. Resources for the Carelin industrial complex. But one can not gain, without investing.


Elsewhere in the East, patrols maintain vigilance, as reports have been coming in of Sky pirates boldly assaulting Naresian traderoutes. This has incurred a demand for increasing the Carelin fleet numbers and military production. They shall not be defenseless when these parasites come to draw blood.






Two Emissaries are sent to the immediate neighbours in the South, the supposedly feuding Diachi Clans. One emissary is sent to the Archduchy of Tyrel, another few head North to visit the Acadian Consulate, the Empire of Sarradon and the Seschian Empire.


The Armed forces are rallied to the Naresian cause. The Duc himself takes charge of the operation to oust the Warlord and bring the sky thieves to justice. (event)


The bridge is target for future repairs. The Ducal government begins official interviews to see what companies are offering their workmanship for such a task. Naturally the state will provide funds and resources, but the bridge will be state property after a successful repair. However with the boon of preferential treatment to the awarded company in terms of enclosing new lands and resources on the other side of said bridge. (maybe mod)



Trade, Finances, Economy


In order to accelerate the bridge repairs and fortifying it against earthquakes, airstrikes and other bombardment, the realm invests notable amounts of material. (-10,000 Francs, -4 M into the bridge project)


One of the towns in the Duchy is elevated to city status, massive funding guided that way to rapidly industrialize the former town center, expand housing and draw in more people (forcibly). (-24,000 Francs, -8 M for a new city)


Guédelon expands on its luxury goods production to satisfy the needs of aristocracy and bureaucracy. Not like the common man sees much entertainment these days with so much work to do. (-8,000 Francs, -1 M)


Verdun receives three new military factories to start the groundwork of a modernized army supply. (-10,500 Francs, -3 M)


A heavy cruiser and six destroyers are ordered for construction to bolster the fleet of Charolais. (-35,000 Francs, -5 NP)


The remaining Naval Industrial Capacity of the state is distributed on the global market, fulfilling jobs for the private sectors. (5 NP to the global market)



The remainder is retained. (-5,267 Francs)



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Summer, 1890




Two bodies were discovered in the Reksville slums, in the city of Coenstaad, Friday last, at three pm. While the Coestaad Staadspolitie (CSP) initially declined to comment, the case has since been taken over by the Nationaal Politiebureau (NPB), who have confirmed that both victims died as a result of strangulation by garrote. Believing the deaths to be the work of a serial killer, the NPB have opened a full investigation, under the command of senior police officer, Major Martijn de Coninck.



The discovery of a new continent by ZMS Waakzaamheid earlier this year caused great jubilation and celebration within the nation - while the pride of the fleet, Waakzaamheid, and her commanding officer (Mikhail De Vries) are to remain on home station until further notice, ZMS Osterhoudt has been dispatched to further explore the new territories. This new discovery promises to usher in a new era of wealth and prosperity to Aadrensveld-Rhynsland and De Vries, Captain of Waakzaamheid, is to be commended with a knighthood. Furthermore, this new continent was officially designated as “Vriesia”, by Parliament in the last sitting.



Talks with the Eastern Katsumore Clan collapsed early this week, as the delegates of Katsumore Iwamoto to the Rjikstaad talks opted to reject generous treaty terms out of hand. Tensions heighten as territorial concerns increase, and the First Skylord calls for further naval rearmament.



Admiral Frederick Pijlmann, the First Skylord of the Admiralty, calls for renewed funding for a major naval rearmament programme, in light of recent Tannic aggression on the Continent. In an exclusive statement to the Varsthaven Gazette, Admiral Pijlmann said;

“While I acknowledge there is little desire within the nation for interference in strictly Continental matters - excepting, of course, the needs of our allies in the Jena Pact - recent diplomatic and political developments make it vital for the swift rearmament of De Kroninkrijke Marine, which has been woefully understrength since the Reform of ‘84 decommissioned the Navy’s older, pre-dreadnought battle fleet.”




Summer rain tinkled down rooftops and rattled through old, rotted drain pipes as a pair of tall figures strode through the muck and filth of the Reksville slums. Both wore the black jackets and white breeches of Nationaal Politiebureau Officers, and both hunkered under their heavy rain cloaks, desperately trying to ignore the rancid smell of the foulest, poorest slum in the capital. “Where were they found?” says the older of the two men, carefully inspecting each crime ridden alley way as he moved along. 

“In alleys down the Old Street, Dhr Major,” replies his aide, a police lieutenant known as Olaf van Hee “both were prostitutes, relatively young, undiseased.” He struggles through the muck, slipping slightly as he tries to push his rain cloak out of the way, so he can reach the notepad in his pocket. “Marguerite and Katrin - both called Voorgeld, but unrelated to each other. They both worked for Big Bjork Bjorkson down on the Diddlers’ Way.”


The Major chuckles a little. “Of course they were both called Voorgeld. I suppose it’s a pragmatic name for women in their line of work.” 

The pair of men finally turn a corner, and the grim, ugly and smutish Diddlers’ Way comes into view. About halfway down the street, the two NPB officers find the sign they’re looking for - faded black writing on a cracked white background, reading simply “BIG BJORK’S BJORKERY”. Without wasting any more time, the Major, and Lieutenant van Hee, step inside, taking off their hats as they do so.


As they step through the ancient, half rotten door, a rotund little man comes hurrying down the steps to greet them. “Officers, officers, it is unusual that we have custom so refined as yours down here, but worry not I shall send you the cleane-”

“We are here on police business.” snaps Lieutenant van Hee, looking thoroughly offended “Are you Big Bjork Bjorkson?”

The old man gives an uneasy kind of a laugh “No, no, I am Little Bjork, his father. Please, come through, my son will make time to see you now!!” He sidles towards a door, opposite a rickety staircase, with a plaque reading “OFFICE” in cracked lettering. Shifty, weasley eyes examining them as he opens the door and hurries in. “Come in! Come in!”


The Major and the Lieutenant step through the door. Sitting directly opposite them is an enormous, muscle bound mountain, crammed in behind a cheap desk, sitting on a rickety chair, with reading glasses perched on his nose, and a typewriter carefully sat in front of him. “Big Bjork Bjorkson, I presume” calls the Major as he steps forwards “I am Major Martijn de Coninck, I have a few questions for you….”





-A second expedition is sent to do a more thorough exploration of these new territories. While ZMS Osterhoudt and her screens are instructed to remain within relatively easy distance of home, the warship and her escorts begin the exploration and categorisation of the surrounding areas, seeking areas abundant in resources, points of interest or native life. (Mod)


-A delegation is sent to the Archduchy of Tyrel. The envoy seeks a suitable bride for Prince Franz-Heinrich van Aadrensveld, the eldest son of King Bartholomeus III. While this envoy would rather a bride from amongst the ruling Archducal Family, he is instructed to consider brides from the lesser aristocracy, provided they are accompanied by a suitable dowry of either coin or some kind of equivalent assets.  (Mod)


-New security concerns prompt the Chancellor, Johann Frederick van Alfrenz, to establish the Kantoor van de Nationaal Veiligheid (KNV), or the Office of National Security. The newly founded KNV begins to fill its ranks with talented officers from the army, navy and police forces. (4700 Kreuens)


-The National Treasury takes a loan of 20'000 Kreuens from the Bantu baseZulwini.





-6 Civilian Districts (60'000 Kreuens, 6 M)

--1 Coal CD

--4 Vitriol CDs

--1 Luxuries CD


-2 Material Industry (20'0000 Kreuens)


-20 NP sold


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Fall-Winter, 1890


Stupide! Do not drop the bulb!” cries a ragged old man, his voice dulled as the wind unleashes icy shards against their bodies. A smaller, lankier man trudges onwards ahead of him, his body carving a trench in the waist-high snow for the old man behind him to follow. He lugs a large glass vat, enclosing some sort of electrical circuitry. “Go!” the old man barks, as the man in front fights back the blizzard at every step. The leading man turns back, revealing a boy no older than 17, with a soft face, and ginger freckles speckling his cheeks. The old man, however, bears a ghastly face. His face is seemingly sucked inwards, creating indentations on the side of his face already bearing resemblance to a skull. His beard, silver, and covering his entire lower half of his face, has been frozen, and upon his bushy eyebrows, small chunks of ice have hooked themselves around individual strands of hair. The man shouts at the boy, gesturing incomprehensibly. Frustrated, he pushes the boy over, the boy falling on the thick blanket of snow. He grabs the glass vat, and plows his way through the snow, small chunks flying outwards with every step he takes. He reaches the lighthouse, placing the bulb on the cushion of snow, as he brushes snow clear of the pathway of the door. He lurches the wooden door open, a dim yellow light erupting from within. He disappears behind the door, the door is thrusted shut by the violent winds. He reappears once more, snow fleeing his foot with every step. He grabs the boy immobilized on the snow by the collar of his coat, and drags him into the house. 


“Me’s served 3 different Kings of the House Rufus, I’ve ‘ad 3 different assistants within the past 4 years. Tha first, died to gangrene and frostbite, teh second, went off to die in the Kings Army, and the 3rd, ran ‘way like a wee hare. Yet by the behemoths above, none as incompetent as ye!” He shouts, tossing the boy into the safety of the building. The boy, breathing heavy, retreats to a corner, blowing white smoke out of his nostrils as he wraps his jacket around his body, attempting to conserve every joule of heat his body emits. The man grumbles a curse under his breath, as he grabs the bulb once more. “Write teh log for the daye, if you fiend the strength, fille” The old man opens the door once more, the wind roaring into the lighthouse, small chunks of ice splattering against the ancient stone ground. The door shuts, and the roar from the blizzard is exchanged with the sound of the doors hinges jittering, battling to keep the door shut. 


As the boy is writing the log, the sound of machinery whirring above him fills the room. Shortly after, the door opens once more, and the old man's thick brown leather coat flops and dangles in the blizzard’s wind. The door is shut once more, and the old man performs his nightly ritual, as he does every time the door is shut every night. The old man applies three separate locks to the door, and stands there for a moment, whispering something very quietly, in a strange language. The boy has always been curious about the drastic measures, no one would dare come this far north and less in this weather, and the boy would recognize the language if it was endemic to these lands. Yet, the old man always shrugs off any questions, or yells at the boy for not performing his chores. “Is teh log done?” The old man asks, groaning loudly as he removes his old leather coat from his shoulders, perching it on an ancient wood peg on the wall. The boy nods, grabbing a ripped and beaten notebook, and presents it to the old man. The old man slaps the notebook down, “Ye know vereh well I dont read!” He says, angrily, his face stern, and frightening. The boy recoils, flinching. The old man begins laughing, a heartily, baritone chuckle. “Pick it up, fille, I will make pigeon tonight!” The man exclaims, brushing the ice off his beard, and eyebrows. Small icicles and ice chunks fall to the ground, shattering on the ground like glass. The man hobbles over to the kitchen, to fumble with the iron pots and pans. “Pigeon, again?” grumbles the boy. Immediately, the mood of the man turns sour. “Is tere something wrong with me pigeon, fille?” the old man says, turning to face the boy, clutching a large butcher knife. The flash of lightning stings the room, illuminating part of the old man's face. “N-no,” the boy says, staring blankly at the old man. The old man laughs once more, turning around, and slicing a small avian in two with the knife. 


The groans and hums of a large airship above slowly fills the room, and soon the retched smell of methane from the exhausts reaches the nostrils of the keepers. Two consecutive bellows erupt from the airship, signifying that the airship has identified the lighthouse, and the pair have done their job. 



-8 Civilian Districts are built(-80k)

-2 Colonial Cities are established, (-60k)

-1 Material Industry is built. (-10k)

-The explorers are urged to go onwards, past Station V, to the summit. New supplies, and materials are sent up to help them. (-1.3k)

-An emissary is s, dressed very regally in the official uniform of the Republic, is sent to meet with the new nation discovered east, on the newly discovered beaches.

-6 steel, 9 grain, 3 vitriol, 6 coal is sold to the market. 

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The Sky Clans
It was late into the night since the fleet had returned home with their success, welcomed home as heroes and warriors of the ways. Tian sat upon a cushion in his warband’s hall, small tables and cushions were used as seating. An ancient tradition of their people that followed nomadic lifestyle though much was different now with their founded and settled cities the Clans still practice many of the old customs. The men played dice and gambled..or drank..away their earnings, while others watched and encouraged wrestling matches between the warriors.. Though tonight was different, while many Captains and their men celebrated or returned to their families with their spoils, the group sitting around the table with Tian were sober, quiet and sharing a small meal.

Tian opened a chest filled with coins at his side running them through his hand.
“So we are all in agreement, we cannot risk another open attack against the ‘League’ or whatever it is they call themselves.” The Captain looked to Tian as the group was in unanimous agreement with the statement. “We know you wish to hunt their territory again, but our raiding fleet is no match for an open war against the League.”

Tian was quite before closing the chest and looking up. “Which is why we aren’t going north.” The group looked at him confused. “You did not bring us here...to convince us to repeat our raid despite the grand success?..”

“No, I invited every one of you here because you are all the captain’s of our star-ships. An eagle does not so recklessly chase it’s prey..it watches first, learns it’s weakness….and then..” With a swift hand he raises and bares down a hatchet as it slams into the chest before him burying the axe head into the chest top.

“It strikes..that is why I am sending you all...to the West.”


Hunting Grounds (Details in PM)

The newly constructed shipyards of Matar are put to work in creating the first proper home-made vessels. A pair of new Destroyers are constructed for the Fleet. -7,500c -1NP

The Sky Clan’s Industry grows to further support its expansion but ultimately it all exists to serve and supply the Sky-Warriors and their mighty navy.
3 Naval Industry -30,000c -9M

==Tech Research==
Slot 1 (The only one)
Traveling amongst the skies in search of prey and worthy warriors has been a long and hard kept tradition for the Sky Clans. While tribalistic in some ways the Clans are not an entirely backwards people as some other civilizations would put it. Coordination between vessels can and is difficult in harsh weather or in the heat of a battle, communication and coordination is key to success for the Sky Warriors. The use of the Radio has not gone unseen or unnoticed and such a device could in theory greatly aid ships in their endeavours. As such it is put at the head of efforts to better incorporate it into naval use for the Clans, it could also have usage outside naval or military hands.
[Researching Radio]
(Completion Upon Turn 6)

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Kingdom of the Heavens

Bantu baseZulwini

Fall 1890



The mild winter air whistles through the stalls of the Bazaar. Despite the cool atmosphere and the lack of the usual sounds of the cold, the Bantu people show a riot of colour and patterns as some subdued haggling occurs. Spotted around the bazaar however, are some faces that are becoming more common by the day. Katsumore clansmen and Aadrensveld merchants browse the wares, buying in bulk to take items home, as the trade agreements come into effect



The low-lying clouds slowly part as a knife-like prow pierces its suffocating veil. Burnished steel glints as the morning sun batters down upon it. Located to the fore, with numerous portholes, the Bridge lays bare the men and women of the UWW Langa. Some operate telephone wires through the ship, taking reports from engineering, the flight decks, observation ports on the other sides of the ship, including above and below. Some men grapple the large wheel at the helm, connected hydraulically to the exhausts of the Vitriol engines as the cumbersome whale of a ship sheds off its silken cloak.


Captain Muzikayise observes his men as he walks slowly around the map table at the back of the bridge, before a man enters the room. Commodore Thatha nods to his inferior and glances to the table, “All is well captain?”

“Yes Commodore, we travel with great speed across the accursed oceans. The corrosion from the spray below is of little concern.”.

“Good, we don’t want to lose our nation’s pride and joy now do we! And our Pilots?”

“Also good sir, the sorties we send out to find new land spoken of are revelling in their freedom. They are taking bets on which shall be the first warrior to spot the land below.”

A chuckle escapes the Commodore, “As I am sure men are taking bets for the biggest prize on the first hunt, little changes with our people in that regard.”.


Down upon the flight deck, Chipo walks from his Flight Commanders briefing. He shall be taking the South Western Quadrant, alongside his wingman Zenzele. He runs his fingers through his tight curls, his form-fit flight suit is adorned with the traditional bead frontage that displays the Pilot’s family. Proud of his heritage, he smiles as he remembers the bet he made earlier. “You ready?” Zenzele asks, his eyes darting towards his Granship.
“Always Zenzele, and we’ll be the ones to bring glory to our families.”, came Chipo’s reply, as he likewise looks to his own Granship. Sleek and poised, it sat like a leopard upon the upper flight deck of the Langa. The serial number of the fighter is surrounded in a dark pattern unique to Chipo, the rest of the plane painted in bright paint underneath and neutral tones from above. He mounts the frame as he goes to sit down in the cockpit, signalling to the ground crew that he is ready to take off once his checks are made.

Gracefully, the ship is moved in it’s cradle to the main deck, and once signalled, Chipo and Zenzele’s fighters lift from their cradles before screaming off to the South-West.



The first days, the fires rained from the heavens.
Were the spirits displeased with us?
We do not still know why, the knowledge of the past is lost.

The great caverns of Izintaba Ezidala took us in.

Alas, for the sky fire collapsed some, and tribes were lost.

But we endured, until one day the M’dali came to us.

They showed us the light upon the dead world we came to.

They taught us how to find clean water.

The way of the Hunt that we had lost once before.

The Bantu were saved.





Battlegroups are sent forth to secure both the land to the south of the Bantu peoples, and the land on the other side of the Underway in order to construct new cities for the people. The locals are subjugated peacefully if possible. Two are sent north and three south. [Mod]


An exploration fleet is sent westward, composed of UWW Langa, it’s carrier fleet, and two escort destroyers. The ship will not travel far and retreat back to the Bantu if the westward lands are threatening the carrier, the destroyers ordered to hold a picket to ensure the Langa’s escape. [Mod]


Trade deals are signed with the Eastern Katsumore Clan and Koninkrijk Aadrensveld-Rhynsland.







Project ‘Voice of Heavens’ commences. The project is centred around improving long-range communication for telegraphs to be something simply better. The new world requires long-range planning. [Radio] - Continuation, 3 turns remaining


Project ████████ - ████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███

██ ████████████████████ ██████ [██████] - Continuation, █ turns remaining




Construction of two new cities, Dayeni and Zungu. [60,000 C, 20 M]


Construction of a Trade Depot and two Materials Industry in Sihlalo. [32,500 C, 2 M]


Construction of two Luxury Civilian Districts in Mfabeni and one in Chinso. [30,000 C, 3 M]


Production of 5 Trade Vessels. [5000 C, 5 NP, 5 TP]


A loan of 20,000 is given to Koninkrijk Aadrensveld-Rhynsland.





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A Statpost for Contamrol

-Another city springs up in the wasteland. 30,000C + 10M + 1AP

-Manufactory: 7500 + 1M

-So it seems the theories of chemical-fuelled rockets are sound! Chemical reactions formulated into sheer thrust are not only viable, but a possible avenue for further research. The issue with a cannon shell, one might say, is that while it’s very direct and reliable, it is restricted in the size of its payload by the size of the gun itself. The rocket takes out the middle-man of the gun, propelling itself to the target. While it travels slower than a shell, were it to instead fire dozens, hundreds of smaller rockets, then surely they’d hit... something! Right...?
(Research continues into small-scale rocketry, for war and fun!)

-The attack on Parlamann was a devastating blow to the city’s morale, and the prolats were only kept from outright rioting through force of arms by the remaining warships. The Ministry was particularly concerned, as the attacking ships appeared as if from thin air, vanishing so high in the sky that even their own vessels could not follow them. The fleet confirmed two enemy vessels were shot down before retreating. Investigations begin in earnest to find the wreckage of these vessels for examination. (Mod Action)

-Due to fears of further attacks the Ministry informs the Khan, requesting the protection of the Khan’s warships. As the destroyers seemed the most able to fend off the attackers, those are requested in particular. (Mod Action

-Further investigations into the Domed City are underway. While the ancient city is considered the ruling seat of Contamrol and its Ministry, it runs deep beneath the earth. Much is still to be discovered in this place... (Mod Action, continued excavation of the Southern Domed City)


Trade Power: Zero, lmao


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Daichi Clans 

Imperial Court Musicians


Trouble stirs within the Sacred Forest, unsettling all it's denizens. The Emperor in his infinite mercy had tried to ensure sanctuary for all. Unfortunately the Sky Beast were not all so willing, and the bloodshed has continued. With the races over, the Administration has had a moment to finally relax. With Iwamoto no longer blocking the way, full action will be taken. The Daichi banners are raised as the fleets take to the skies to fight!


Mod Actions


The wonderful discovery within the Sacred Tree of Life has led to furious activity. Around the clock crews will begin to excavate the more buried segments. In areas already uncovered, scientist, engineers, and other great minds will join together to survey the lab from top to bottom. No stone will go unturned as they bisect the lab and record their findings. Linguist will focus on the ancient scripts, as their combined efforts lead to more discovery.


The Emperor's tour of the Archduchy of Tyrel was one of memorable occasion. The Emperor's tour culminated in him meeting as many Tyrellan Lords and Ministers as he could find. He spends the time well, trying to gain friends. The House of Commons in particular captures his heart, he is known to spend many days there studying. So completely satisfied, Emperor Iwamoto Katsumore proposes to the Tyrel House of Commons and their Arch-Duke Kassadan for a personal Imperial marriage to the Duchy's heir. He warmly invites the House of Commons to send a delegation to his own land to begin forming a government modeled after their own moderate one, should they accept the marriage. It's clear Iwamoto Katusmore wishes to join the houses in marriage, and the lands in alliance, by taking a Tyrel bride as Empress.


The entire Navy takes to the skies to confront the Sky Beast threat! Every Draker within reach is given the opportunity for another round of contracts. It's clear this time they can have far more leniency hunting, provided they pay up. The combined efforts will focus on culling the aggressive Sky Beast populations to levels manageable by local communities. The fleet sticks close together, protecting the carrier, and using their superior tactics to herd and eliminate Sky beast. The Emperor still reserves some hope that passive ones will come to enjoy living here. [1 Carrier, 2 CL, 9 DD, 200 Unique Akiko Air Superiority Planes + Nat Idea Augmentation]


A new monastery is soon to be built dedicated to The Ways. It shall be nestled amidst the roots of the Sacred Tree, and dedicated to students pursuing Nirvana. In truth this will be the first Imperial sponsored school, for potential Psionic disciples. Agents will search the land to bring potentials back here, to be taught and trained by priests. [7k Cash invested to help]


The 'Kempeitai'  is formed by a direct response of the Mitsukiki labs and Oilgarchs. Powerful lobbyist, they offered to fund a Imperial Secret Police. Officers and men will be selected from the best of the Specialist Infantry, to be trained in covert counter intelligence. This 1st class begins recruitment and training! [7k Cash invested to help]


A Freighter carrying a team of explorers departs for the POI on the western isles near the end of the continents peninsula. An area that has been a vested interest of the Daichi clans, they will finally officially explore it.


Financial Actions

Income; 75,950 C, 2 S, 1 G, 2 V, 2 L, 3 TP


Selling 3 Steel. 3 Grain, 3 Vitriol to Global Market. 


10k Infantry -1 AP, 5k C

6 Destroyers -2 NP, 15k C

1 Freighter -1 NP, 2.5k C


1 Trade Depot -2 M, 12.5k C

1 Civilian District -1 M, 10k C 

2 Material Industry 20k C

Treasury; 15,950 C


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First Consul Eden Roucayrol lounged in the gardens of the Presidential Palace in Lucerne, late one Jamedi evening. He had posted up by a circular table in a wicker patio chair, imported recently from the colonies. At a glance, it might seem like the Consul of Acadia had no care in the world, and retreated here to neglect his duties. In reality, this was his favorite place to ponder and contemplate.  He took another puff of his cigarette, reclining as he reached towards the table to tap the ash onto the tray.


“Comfortable, aren’t they?” asked Plisonnier. “Hand crafted in Rhodes.”


“Hm.” Roucayrol stirred, feeling out the chair with his rear. He turns to his confidant, the Admiral Nicolas Plisonnier. “I would say so. More than the tacky furnishings left over in the Palace. I’ve had them mostly moved out, but the halls seem empty now. And I’m not just speaking of the furniture.” said Roucayrol, his tone showing concern.


“May the House of Beauverger rest in peace,” says Plisonnier, lowering his head. The man, among many of the current military staff, held the former royal house of Acadia in high regard.


Roucayrol sighed, setting the cigarette on the groove of the ashtray. The conversation had taken a turn, he reckoned, and he sat up. Instead, he reached for the bottle of whiskey, reaching for his empty glass with a half-melted ice cube. He poured himself halfway, looking expectantly at Plisonnier who waved him a go ahead. “Look at us, Nicolas.” he said, downing his drink. “We are but stranded soldiers with no cause left to fight for.”


“You don’t mean that, Eden. We serve the people of Acadia first and foremost, and we don’t need the monarchy to remind us of that.” Plisonnier said, seeming impatient, as if this wasn’t the first tirade his friend had gone on.


Roucayrol sulked for a moment. “They were lucky,” he muttered. “This earth; our world, is a prison.” The Consul lifted his glass, gesturing towards the midnight sky. Past the clouds, was the shield, shimmering ever so gently against the stars. Yet it was not of the heavens, rather, what separated mankind from it.


“You’re a cynic, Eden.” retorted Plisonnier, as he too drank- too sober to put up with Roucayrol.


“No, my friend, that’s where you’re wrong.” Roucayrol said sternly, pouring himself another glass as he plugs the bottle. “Everything we’re doing- infrastructure, colonization, armed forces- are all but a means, paling before the ultimate goal.”


“The shield has stood for countless millennia. I don’t see-”


“It will be undone.” Roucayrol interjects, “If not in my lifetime, then by our sons. This is the path we walk. Forwards, unto dawn.”




[1 M, 10,000 C] Constructing 1 Civilian District in Pontcharraud

[2 M, 12,500 C] Constructing Trade Depot in Magnien (City)

[6 M, 37,500 C] Constructing Trade Depots in Chambery, Pontcharraud, and Rhodes (Colonial Cities)



[8 M, 60,000 C] Constructing 2 Colonial Cities; Yport and Fort Frontenac




Though granships have revolutionized travel and communication, they are far too expensive for the average man. The Enterprise Automobile de Magnien, or EAM, is given a grant by the government to pursue the development of a mass-producible, efficient, and affordable car. [10,000 C invested]



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Dealing with family stuff





90,000 C to build Mat. Industry.





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The Crusader State of Jena



So fell the beast, a lord of the sky. Did we judge it too harshly, strike too eagerly? Was the light of the Hieoromar clouded by greed and a lust for battle? Perhaps. The drakers acquited themselves bravely, and faced the danger without fear, even as their own fell from the sky. And we fought with equal valor. Yet, even as I stand observing its shattered remains, I cannot help but feel that this valour has been diminished by the calamity of such a death.


It was not our place to strike down such a beast, a creation of our God. Yet we took it upon ourselves to do so, and I fear that we may pay the price only once we are dead.


-Extract from General Klauzewitz's diary, 1890.






-Construction of 10 Material Industry.


-1 new city is founded within the great wastes, surrounding a large oasis. California.


-The Retia Illia is brusquely sent back to these new lands. This time it takes with it a team of naturalists led by a certain Jolta Heezerstein, along with a group of Spiritus Sanctus Machina. It shall fly farther and deeper, alone, to explore these new and mysterious lands. It has 5000 Books of Horatius in its hold, for distribution amongst the poor natives of this land! They are to discover more of this land, and not return until they have a comprehensive report to present.







-Vitriol Judge Armor [Cont'd]


-Ancient Slot: Research into gauging the technological level of the ancient orbital defense systems. Are these cannons of a familiar design, are they beyond the comprehension of the Spiritus Sanctus Machina? It's priests wander this desolate installation, muttering litanies, burning oil in incense burners and filling the air with the fumes of gasoline as their inspect these behemoths. Just how advanced are they?



Trade Power



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On 11/13/2021 at 5:49 PM, Praetor said:

The Pact of Jena







The Acadian Consulate, the Crusader State of Jena and the Koninkrijk Aadrensveld-Rhynsland hereby agree to the following terms, now outlined under the name ‘The Pact of Jena’:


  • To offer unflinching support in times of aggression against one of the signatories. Offering either fleet or armies to protect their sovereignty and self-determination.
    • To face no obligation to aid in wars of aggression against other parties, unless such war has been proven beyond any doubt to be preventative war, such that no other option exists, other than to further delay and face an inevitable, and better prepared enemies. 
      • Such aid must be unified, and sent forth by both non-aggressed signatories.
    • To face no obligation to aid in colonial wars of aggression. To face only obligation to aid in attacks against a signatories continental (Old World) borders.


  • To commit to favorable trade agreements between parties, trading goods at fair and competitive prices without suspicion or economically exploitative tactics.
    • To face obligation to reject trade agreements with those with whom a signatory is in open war with.
    • To face obligation to reject trade with those who have engaged in piracy against a signatory.


  • To allow for the inclusion of further nations into the Pact if a majority vote has been achieved. Failure to achieve a majority dictates the reconvening of a council the following year.


  • To elect a representative to the Pact, seated on a rotating basis in each signatories capital, changing at the end of the third year. 


Signed by,

Lord Commander Solomon Horatio of Jena

Eden Roucayrol, First Consul of Acadia

His Grace, Johann Friederick van Alfrenz, Duke of Jannenveld, Chancellor of Aadrensveld-Rhynsland, in the name of His Majesty, Bartholomeus van Aadrensveld, the Third of his Name, and by the grace of Hierormar, King of Aadrensveld-Rhynsland, Prince of Rhynsland, and Duke of Coenstaad




The following signature is added to the pact: 

King Bangizwe Zulwini

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