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“With their hearts and souls held in their hands, Aodh’s tribe marched across the swamplands, across the rivers, and across the lakes. Until they arrived at the western shore, where the Garenic Sea met the Davic Sea, their waves crashing against one another in an eternal battle for dominance of the seas. Aodh and his people had persisted, despite being driven from their homes, their determination had carried them westward until they found a new one.”

- Tale of Aodh, the Chronicles of the Ayrian People.


There is a fundamental difference that shines when comparing Man to that of the other descendant races, and that is the Determination of Man. What do I mean by determination? I mean our will to see through the fulfillment of our ambitions without letting anything stand in the way of it. This is a trait that I find uniquely tied to the Man, for I believe that it is derived from our curse. Our determination, of course, is rooted in the fickleness of our very lives, we have the shortest lifespan of all races, and so it is only fitting that we have the strongest determination and will of all. We do not have the time that the orcs, dwarves, and elves do, we do not have as much time to see through our projects to fruition. We are inherently pushed to action by the lack of time that we have in the world. A Man who spends a hundred years on this earth doing nothing is hardly remembered, but a Man who spends twenty years to build the pillars of a prosperous Kingdom for their future generations, they will become legendary to their people.


But our determination is more than just being the most industrious of races. It is not just a story of great Men who build Kingdoms and Empires from the ground to see if they can last the test of time. It is not just Kings and Emperors that have used their determination, but all manner of Men that have so. Terrence May was determined to see the world a better place, and used a fruitful career within politics to make it so. Dietrich van Jungingen saw a certain beauty in the world, one that he wrote down for all the world to see. The list of great Men who will be remembered in history to a lesser extent than Kings and Emperors is a remarkable and long list. 


Yet, to that list, there is something great to them. There are achievements tied in with their determination. But what of determination of the heart, what about those who have great determination within themselves, but have little to show for it? Those not remembered in history? What makes the young Lord who does not desire to rule, but uses his determination to become a great ruler, different from the son of a farmer, who used his determination to follow his dream of becoming a travelling pianist?


It is not the strength of their determination, for for a peasant farmer to go and become a pianist does perhaps require more determination than for a young Lord who does not desire to rule to rule well. No, it is simply the scope of history, perhaps that undermines our determination? I know not. I’ve often thought that because history does not show these other stories of determination, that it perhaps discourages those from following their hearts and using their determination. I have witnessed it once, with my very own eyes, and I consider it to be quite tragic.


Whatever the answer be to that question, the determination of the discouraged is still strong. I believe that it aches within their hearts. The discouraged Man feels great pain from their discouragement, for they have all this determination burning within themselves, their natural determination wishes to come out. Often the determined heart will defeat the discouraged mind, but sometimes the determined heart will fall victim to the discouraged mind. It has been seventy years since we lost Sigismund II, our soldier King that stood besides his people and his soldiers during the Scyfling War. His heart, truly, burnt with such grand determination, and even then, he was bested by the discouraged mind, and fell to suicide.


We must never surrender ourselves to the discouraged mind. The Haeseni Ethos is persistence, and while it is claimed by the Haeseni, it is shared by all of man. Persistence is key to surviving the discouraged mind, persistence is a trait of our determination. It drives us not only to persist in the body, the adrenaline that keeps us alive at the face of beasts of the wild, but also to persist in the mind, the bright light that seeks to pull us out of the hole of depression.


Go with determination, children of Horen. Let your determination carry you throughout life, and whatever ambition that it is you have for yourself, it will come true. Your determination shall teach you how to achieve, it shall teach you how to love, it shall teach you how to truly become the essence of Man.


We are Man, we are Determination.








It shall soon be the year 400 E.S., the quatercentenary of the Revelation of the Exalted Prophet Sigismund Carrion, Holy Orenian Emperor, ancestor of Haense and our Bihar rulers. This year itself, does deserve great celebration and rejoice amongst all the people of Haense, but His Grace, the Duke of Valwyck, and Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Karlsburg seek to bring even greater celebration to this ceremoniously grand year.


At the end of 398 E.S., the engaged moved on to begin a grand tour of Almaris, travelling forth to many places distant from Haense, such as the Vale of Nevaehlen, Yong Ping, Myrine, and many other nations and communities that this vast continent is home to. But in the month of Tov and Yermey of 400 E.S., the two shall return home from their travels. Upon their immediate return to the Kingdom, we shall celebrate with the grandest and most holy celebration of all, their marital union shall commence within the Basilica of St. Henrik.


After the wedding in the Basilica of St. Henrik, those in attendance shall be escorted to the Nikirala Prikaz, where a feast shall be held, followed by a ball, both in celebration of the bride and groom. Attendees may present gifts to the couple either during the feast or the ball, whatever be the most convenient for them.




His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti and Ruska, and his royal pedigree. @Xarkly

His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, and his noble pedigree. @biggestdon

The Right Honourable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar, and his noble pedigree. @Frymark

The Right Honourable, Vladik Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz, and his noble pedigree. @Endershadow292

The Honourable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt, and his noble pedigree. @Pureimp10

His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt, and his noble pedigree. @erictafoya

His Lordship, Sigmar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg, and his noble pedigree. @AmazingAzura

His Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald, and his noble pedigree. @Mio


The people of the Vale of Nevaehlen. @WestCarolina

Mister Jace Mareno @D A N N Y

Miss Soris @WizardWhisper


21st of November, 4PM EST - 9PM GMT

(or whenever Duma ends)

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Kaustantin lets out a lengthy sigh, despite his deep hatred for the Bride, he pat his cousin's shoulder after hearing of the announcement, flashing him a small grin. "Enjoy vyr last days of freedom, vy wrote a wonderful essay."

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4 minutes ago, Herod said:

Kaustantin lets out a lengthy sigh, despite his deep hatred for the Bride, he pat his cousin's shoulder after hearing of the announcement, flashing him a small grin. "Enjoy vyr last days of freedom, vy wrote a wonderful essay."

Eirik feels a cold shiver wash over him, he glanced backward, only to see nothing. "Huh, I feel as if Kaustantin just spoke to me." 

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Prinzenas Petra offers a smile and thumbs-up at her sister, Anastasya. She plans to attend the wedding!

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1 minute ago, sarahbarah said:

Prinzenas Petra offers a smile and thumbs-up at her sister, Anastasya. She plans to attend the wedding!

The Prettiest Princess Anastasya feels a cold shiver wash over her, she glanced backward, only to see nothing. "Huh, I feel as if Petra just gestured to me." 

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Klara Elizaveta squeals with glee. "AEDYMAMEJ AND AEDYPAPEJ AM GETTING MARRRIIIIIIEEEEDDDDD!" The child shrieked at the top of her lungs.


Eleanora Amador sits in her room, looking through old letters as she gets the missive. "Where has time gone, Eirik? Ea can still remember vy as this little thing that only came up to mea knees..." She murmured to herself, staring out the window and toward the shores of Valwyck.

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A wayward Rosemary Gendik came upon the news of the marriage while on her journey to try and forget. Alone but for her trusted steed Chetak, she wept and let loose all her built up emotions into the night, though no one would hear.

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Nikoleta Barbara smiled, showing the notice to her husband across the dinner table. “Da told vy they loved each other” she’d sniffle. Pregnancy hormones getting to her. 


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