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Howdy folks! 


The World Team is recruiting! A frequent question I get is, "What does World Team do?" and I don’t blame y’all. I asked the same thing. If you’re interested in lending a diligent hand to the World Team, and possess these skills or have background in any of the following, we welcome you to apply! 



  • Story Team event-site builds; be it assets or major team projects
  • Terraforming land scars, beautification, ruinifying, assets

  • Proficient in world edit


World Services

  • Pasting in player schematics

  • Setting up Banks, Auctions, SS pillars for players

  • Providing assistance with world edit to players

  • Map art submissions


Map Development

  • World guard regioning

  • Ferries



  • Material node placement and resource allocation

  • Determining prices and charges for world services

  • Mina flow throughout the map


World Team members are responsible for both Map Development and World Services, however, we will be looking more specifically for builders during this recruitment. Any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to myself, @SoulReapingWolfor @Hiebe! Apply here







We aren't looking for interior designers!


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So wait - you din’t have to be a builder to be on the world team o.O

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On 11/22/2021 at 4:53 PM, MCVDK said:

So wait - you din’t have to be a builder to be on the world team o.O

A lot of world team work requires experience with world edit for regioning and terraforming - though at the moment we are recruiting for builders. 

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