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Upon a Distant Shore; S-O-S!


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Got bored, thought I'd write an open forum letter since my PC is still broken 😩



A glass bottle rolls onto the sand, wrapped in a damaged label - “Pißwasser Beer”. Inside it, sat . . . A message! As you unravel it, it feels as though it could turn to dust in your very hands. It was written on tree bark, which held an awful iron-y, metallic smell.



On its front was a messily painted scene of a sprawling ocean and jagged shoreline, with a silhouetted man stood entangled in beachgrass. From its texture and its scent, the ‘paint’ was made from pressed berries & plants.


At last, a small cluster of words almost unreadable, scrawled in patchy, auburn ink, occupied the space on the opposite side. It seems these words were the source of the page’s awful odor.




Upon this dead shore I lie,

flesh sinking into bone,

with only bitter words to cry.

An island barren and unknown,

forgotten by kin and left to die.


The sun rises to scorch my skin,

the moon rises to freeze it thin.

Months turn to years,

withering like a dying tree,

Upon this dead shore I lie by the sea.


Hark, gods of sea and ferocious sirens, thirsting waves and ocean tyrants. Bid me safety and bid me home to Valles, empower my sails so that I may find rest once again.



Captain of the Dreadnought, Heir to Valles,




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In the midst of a rather large move, the missing soldier's own wife, Lady Mary Othaman, hadn't noticed the S.O.S. transmission sent from the missing's island. Along with a few other papers of her prior tenure as Governor. Albeit their marriage was anything but perfect, the woman mourned her missing husband with a simple sigh as she set up a small painting of the pair on their wedding night on her new desk at Cassia Hall. 

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The mother of the comital heir scowls as she'd been delivered the S-O-S letter from her eldest son. Though with the crafted words she held some ounce of hope he may die before returning to the estate of Valles.. 

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A Young squire from the Vuiller family gets word of the letter, from his comfortable home at providence he then picks up his armor and sword "When a child of God cries out. I answer the cry, may Saint Harald provide me strength on this journey" 

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