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[Event] The Beginning of The End

Nathaniel Calding

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The Beginning of the End

Xerxes has lost, and he knows it.

What can he do against Silas, Brawly, and Eliza? Eliza alone could probably beat him into oblivion. He only has twelve armour pieces left, William and Dante are free from his prison, Nadia is not in the vicinity...

What about the Olog? Could he maybe... too late. He comes trundling down the path, conferring with Brawly, who points at Xerxes.


Xerxes desperately looks around him. Nathaniel is a no go. Silas would kill him anyway.

"Well, if I'm going to die..."

Xerxes points at Eliza. And armour pieces emerge from roof tops, six in all... the other six are who knows where?

The six on the roofs, however, are holding someone. No... somethings.

As Eliza looks up, a charred corpse smashes into her head. She throws it to the side, but soon, the armour pieces throw dozens of them. They start to bury Eliza, and Xerxes grabs Nathaniel's head, still unconscious.

Xerxes throws Nathaniel into the pile, hundreds of bodies soon piling above Eliza. They start to tumble off the pile, and eventually, although Brawly hacks desperately away with his spade, the five are trapped under a pile of bodies.

Xerxes hears one of the palace windows smash. And as he does, a halfling soars out of it, landing with a thud next to Xerxes. It's Dante, and he immediately lunges for Xerxes... only to go straight through.

Xerxes shrugs. "You can't kill me, Dante. How can you, if you can't even touch me?"

Dante snarls, tearing at Xerxes, only to run straight through him again.

"Give up already. Just leave while you still can."

Dante looks at Xerxes, smirking.

"I've survived sitting on Azdromath's head. You think I'm going to give up?"

Xerxes shrugs, as Dante is grabbed by six armour pieces from behind, restraining his arms. Xerxes casually strolls up to Dante, giving him a pitying look.

"You know, it's unfortunate what happened to that.. boyfriend of yours."

Dante tenses. "Don't."

Xerxes tilts his head. "Should I punish you for being unfaithful to Canonism?"

"Why do you care."

"Well, I believe that Savoy tended to crucify people. Could be wrong though..."

While two armour sets hold Dante down, four set about making a cross. When they finished, they set it up, and grabbed Dante's arm..


Xerxes turned around, and saw Delra, gripping her slayersteel dagger, with a determination that Xerxes would rather avoid.



Delra watched Dante jump out of the window. She wasn't even able to get a word in, he'd just nodded at her, before leaping through.

She stared at the window in shock for a few seconds, before running down the steps. 

There was a massive pile of corpses, shouts seemingly coming from within... and six armour sets, attempting to crucify Dante. They'd already pinned his non-cursed arm, and Dante was writhing, kicking, but to no avail.


Xerxes turned to her, a bemused expression on his face. "Make me."



Silas saw Eliza get piled over by charred corpses. He lunged at them, tearing them off, but soon, they dropped onto him as well. Daylight was quickly being blotted out by the bodies...

Silas was going to need to be creative if he wanted to get out of this.



Brawly tries to bat away the rapidly appearing bodies, but they fall thick and fast. Brawly's just about to continue, until he looks up, seeing a child.

And that split second hesitation is all it takes, and he's soon buried under piles of piles of piles of bodies...

He looks around him, trying to move. He's not being crushed, only because plenty of the bodies had massive holes in them, and the skin is burned off in several places.

Brawly strengthens his grip on his shovel, slowly starting to hack away around him, rage slowly quickening his pace...



The Olog never thinks twice. As the bodies start to fall, he quickly notes the fastest route, and dashes. He climbs up the palace, lithely jumping onto the roofs. He easily destroys the armour pieces, smashing them inwards. It's far too late to stop the flow of bodies, however, and Eliza, Silas, and Brawly are trapped underneath. However, he sees Xerxes trying to crucify Dante...

He can either save the group, or save Dante and kill Xerxes.



As Eliza is dogpiled, there's a small moment where she regrets her choice of words.

Because, she considered, what made Rozania, Rozania, was it's people. And it's people were dead, that much was clear... as she was simply buried under charred corpses. The smell was abominable, and everywhere she looked, she saw nothing but death, horror, her people, her friends, all gone...

But she also saw a speck of light at the top of the pile. And as Nathaniel went tumbling into the pile, that light was soon replaced with a blue hand, reaching down, trying to pull her up...



Nadia follows Delra, seeing her friends be dogpiled by corpses. But she only has mind for revenge, and that focus is centred on Xerxes.

She sneaks around the suits of armour, smiling to herself, gripping the sword that Dante had tossed to the side of the room.

It was going to be over for Xerxes, she could feel it.

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At the fresh pile of semi soft corpses, William gets an idea, Likely a stupid one. First, he needed to get this suit of armor off him. William kicked at the suit of armor, pushing away from him. trying to either get out of his grasp, or bring them both over the edge. either way he would be jumping off the roof. if he managed to go over, he would try to land in the pile of bodies in order to get to the ground quickly and relatively safely.

"MAMA! I'm coming!" 

He cried, hoping beyond hope she could hear him under there.


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Delra looked hurt, but she was content with ending this " You think this is amusing huh..? " She asked the man in a pained voice as she edged forward with the sword, the trapped people just had to wait until the threat was gone. " you think toying with peoples feelings is fun? " She said as her tone became increasingly angrier "  Think you can come into my home, slaughter its people and just... walk away? " She began to pick up her pace as she broke out into a full sprint towards the man " Im going to enjoy this.. " She said bluntly as she sprinted towards the man, her slayersteel sword streched forward as she attempted to drive it into him like a bayonette, twisting it in his abdomine, she wasnt sure if this thing could feel physical pain.. but she sure as hell was gonna try to make his death as painful as possible... @Nathaniel Calding

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Horror. The disgust and terror Eliza felt as she could no longer move and was face to face with fellow Rozanians barely recognizable in their charred flesh could only be described as repugnance. She fought an intense wave of nausea as someone's hand pressed into her cheek and she smelled them. Closing her eyes, she pushed herself upwards, she hoped.
With all her strength, the Lady shoved and pulled and kicked, trying to get out of the pile. She forced herself to ignore what it was she was climbing through, for her sanity. That wasn't the baker that'd made her favorite pastries. That wasn't a fish monger that'd haggled prices with her. And that wasn't a little kid she'd seen playing in the square every afternoon. She couldn't think that way or she'd never make it out of here.

Don't look at the faces, just Get! Out!

In a gap between the broken forms about her there shone a hand! Reaching for her! With a shout, Eliza kicked hard shoving herself up and reaching back for the blue hand. It didn't matter to whom it belonged. If they were helping her out, she'd accept it. 
A thought came to her... If Xerxes had all these things thrown onto her, surely Silas and Brawly were covered as well. A new form of panic took over her as she continued forward. 

"Brawly?! Silas?!" @ThatTromboneGuy@Tk4522

The smell was enough to have her empty her stomach right as she replenished her air from her shout. Somewhere far away she thought she heard William call out for her. What was happening to him now? Did he need her help!? Eliza let out an undignified whimper as her panic began to take hold. @titanicbomber

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As Mal'Acath'Ungri stood atop the rooftop, he would notice Brawley ( @Tk4522) get buried under the charred corpses. Seeing another orc tribe member in danger, the Olog would jump down from the rooftop towards the pile of corpses that Brawley was buried under "NUUUB WURRRY BRUUDDA. MII WILL GEET LAAAT OUUTT AGGHH DDDEENN WIII FLAAT ZPOOK." Having said that, Mal'Acath'Ungri started to dig out Brawley by sending corpses flying to the side as he dug. Finally as the Olog was in the process of digging out Brawley, he would send one corpse flying towards Xerxes aiming to knock Dante out from the ghosts grasp "LAAAT IIZZ NEXXZZTT."

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