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Wardens of House Jazloviecki, and Lechian values






Depiction of Eagle’s Watch on a winter patrol


In proto-Lechian times it was customary to recruit special military units to defend the property of the first noble families and their family members. Groups of specially trained soldiers were called "Druzhina" and ranged from 200 to as many as 1500 soldiers. The first such unit was formed by Siemowit "the Cruel" of the Lech family. According to legends and oral accounts, Siemowit's guards aroused both fear and admiration among his subjects. Siemowit's warriors were ready to give their lives for him and his family, which, according to their principles, was to please God and give them eternal life in the seven skies. Carefully created by Siemowit and his best commanders, the unit accompanied the next generations of noble families in Vistulia. The uniforms and tactics used by the Guards changed over time. As the position of the Canonist Church on the continent strengthened, the doctrine in which the Guardsmen were trained was definitely radicalised. God entered into every sphere of the guards' lives as everything they did from the moment they took the oath was for the glory of God. Through the radicalisation of the church on the continent, nationalist tendencies and negative attitudes towards strangers increased among the soldiers. While noble families flocked to meetings, the guardsmen fanatically defended their Lord while dressed in beautiful dark armour that dazzled visitors from the distant reaches of Vistulian land. Seeing salvation in God and serving their master, the warriors had no fear of death. Many battles were fought over the centuries, but even these seasoned individuals failed to defend their homeland, which, after internal conflicts and external invasions, collapsed and forced many Lechians to emigrate.


With regard to the past as well as the future that awaits us, the Jazloviecki Family brings the Eagle's Watch to life, a new company among The Sons of Saint Tylos ranks.







The Coat of Arms of The Eagle's Watch





Depiction of Lechian soldiers fighting Waldenian invaders


The Eagle's Watch is meant to renew and uphold the traditions of the old and ensure the protection of House Jazloviecki in terms of  property and safeguarding the lives and health of its members while playing an integral part of The Sons of Saint Tylos. The members of the watch act in God's name and, with God's help, aim to protect everything that is close to their Lord. To be a Watchman is not just to be a soldier. It is a unique mission, a vocation. Just like the old Lechian motto "Żyć i Służyć" - "To live and serve", these words guide every Watchman through life and help them to be fearless so as not to grieve the ancestors who proudly faced invaders several centuries ago. Every Watchman is bound by an oath which cannot be broken. Only the head of the family to which they have sworn allegiance can release the guard from service. In a situation where the head of the family dies during service of the guards, the members of The Eagle's Watch renew their oath of allegiance to the new Patriarch.





Depiction of oath-taking by members of the Eagle's Watch 


I. Salvation only in God

All Watchmen of the Eagle's Watch swear their devotion before God, and promise to protect their overlord in his name.


II. Serve your Lord with all your heart and soul

An oath taken before a Lord, can be lifted by two things - death, or the Lord's will. Therefore, every member of the Watch should strive for sanctity in his actions and, if necessary, lay down his life for his Lord.


III. Labour makes you free

In addition to serving the Overlord, members of the Watch should work honestly in the fields, workshops or guilds. Honest work for the glory of the Lord and their ruler after death will make the Watchman eternally free in The Seven Skies






Depiction of Borys III leading his Watchmen for a hunt

Forefathers' Day

A centuries-old Lechian tradition dating back to the time of the great forefather Lech. On this day, all Lechians, inhabitants of the lands subordinate to them as well as their troops celebrate the day when Lech followed the great eagle for 30 days and 30 nights, to the place where the first Lechic settlement was established. On this day there is no place for shortage of food and drinks. Meals are prepared according to old recipes, Lechians usually eat lamb meat, and drink the best Lechic wine or vodka from the goblets.


An Army of Hunters

According to the Lechic principle, "Every Lechian is a hunter, yet shall never be a prey". Following this golden rule, the ruler of the Jazloviec family calls for a hunt in the great primeval forest, where the rangers, accompanied by the family they protect, hunt ancient beasts - wisents, aurochs or big lynxes. During the hunt, ancient tools are used, specially prepared for the occasion, such as arrowheads made of bone. An integral part of the hunt is also the painting of the hunters' faces with white paint to mark the innocence of their upcoming actions, as hunting was essential for the survival of their forefathers.


Servants of the Lord

The Lechians have been a very pious people since their conversion to Canonism. Therefore, referring to the early Canonist traditions, the Eagle's Watch, like the brotherly Sons of Saint Tylos, often pray, go on pilgrimages and secure masses. Their shields or armour often feature a cross pattern in addition to the family colours of their masters. An exemplary watchman should also pray twice a day, at dawn and at dusk.





The Eagle's Watchman


The armour is made of dark steel, almost black. A heavy chainmail can be seen in the gaps between the segments, which also protects the soldier's head. The breastplate and helmet have black and red segments, as those are the colours of the Watch. The soldier's legs are topped with heavy shoes made out of bits of hard leather, which are hard to pierce even for sharp arrows. The armour must be carefully made, due to the fact that for the Lechian lords it is not quantity but quality that counts.





Lechian version:

"Z prochu powstałem i w proch się obrócę,

Nim w boju polegnę, cios wroga ukrócę

Bym służyć mógł wiernie na ziemi i w niebie

W Bogu, mym Panie pokładam nadzieję

Bronić chcę tronu, rządcy mojego

Bronić chcę rodu, tak mi drogiego

Przed Bogiem dzisiaj, Ja składam przysięgę

Przy tobie najjaśniejszy Panie, żyć i służyć będę



Common translation:

"From dust I rose and to dust I shall return,

Before I fall in battle, I will stop the enemy's blow

That I may serve faithfully on earth and in heaven

In God, my Lord, I put my hope

I want to defend the throne, of my ruler

I want to defend the family, so dear to me

Before God today, I take an oath

By thee, brightest Lord, I shall live and serve




Every Lechian man is entitled to join the Watch if his heart is pure and his mind open. Men of nonlechian descent can also join the Watch as long as they prove their worth before the Patriarch of the House. If you are interested in joining the Watch, you can write a letter to Baron of Lvinsk after joining the Sons of Saint Tylos (IGN: Olox_ ; Discord: Olox#9528) or contact one of his family members directly at the Jazloviec Keep, to the northeast of Freimark.





W Imię Boże,

Jego waszmość, Borys III Jazloviecki, Baron Lwińska, Dowódca Freimark, Nadworny Browarnik Savoy

His Lordship, Borys III Jazloviecki, Baron of Lvinsk, Haupmann of Freimark, Court Brewmaster of Savoy


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Miqdad Il'Lakhm had passed through Freimark countless times, encountering and overhearing the Lechian-speaking Jazloviecs in all manners of interactions across the Barony. He found them a curt, yet honest folk.

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