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Floriography: A Court Pocketbook

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The Language of Fiore 

Floriography: a court pocketbook





    Flowers are all around us, though we may not always appreciate them past their exterior. They serve their own purposes; herbs and some floral can be used for medicine, painting, and even be eaten. Nevertheless, what if I told you there was another way they could use it? That with a well-trained eye- one could discern danger from devotion. A language of its very own. Welcome to the world of Floriography, the language of flowers. This guide is to help you progress in this secretive and prestigious world and become one with the court. As we are humans, a few of our purposes are not always intentionally insulting or proclaiming love. From the heartbroken to the hopeless romantic, there is always something that we can learn. Contrary to popular belief, blossoms are not all about love. In fact, I suspect more flowers represent hatred and politics more than they embody love and devotion. There was once a childhood story that told of a young girl named Flora. She was mute, and she did not know how to read or write. So instead, she grew a garden so vast that everyone came to visit. She used this garden to convey her words. wearing them as jewelry or quite literally handing flowers out of friendship. It is believed that she created the language. However, it has never been officially proven.


 Please note: this guide is based on information from my own studies. I do not know everything as some may like to think. My examinations can only go as far as what I know between my travels to Oren and back home to the savannah of Savoy. Flowers are vast and unyielding, and new ones spring up. I played around with herbs with the Carrion household when I was much younger. Those teachings from my aunt gave a new life to how I look at flowers. Much like her grandmother before her. 




Arcas Herbs 

Frost vine- the danger is near, or your looks freeze me.


Saffvil- similar to carrion flowers, means there is an undead nearby. 


Serpents stalk - bad luck in the summer 


Chime lily -liveliness and energy 


Purple flower of Tippens root- healing creativity and happiness 


Goblins ivy - added insult to injury, you are far more disgusting on the outside 


Crimson vase- an undying heat that can not be doused by rejection


The Unsorted



Buttercup-childlike happiness


Cabbage - profit


Camellia -excellence 


Cardinal Lobelia -a distinction


Cleome-good but odd 


Daisy -innocent 


Fern- magic


Fennel -worthy of all praise 


Hyacinth-profound sorrow 


Kaulfaussia-Happiness in a humble life 


Laburnum - pensive beauty 


Lily of the valley- oblivious sweetness 


Night-blooming cactus flower- I am shy, or I shall meet you by midnight 


Primrose-unconscious beauty 


Ruscus: Thoughtfulness, humility.


Savoy lavender - grace and beauty 




Saguaro cactus flower - I wish to open up to one day, or I shall meet by noon




On Friendship

Alstroemeria- an ensuring friend 


Blue periwinkle- Early friendship. 


Cymbidium-valued and respected friendship


Larkspur-I am enraptured by your humor


Pepper-your Wit is too keen for our friendship 


Zinnia- Thoughts of an absent friend


On Love and Devotion 

Bud of White Rose- Heart ignorant of love.


Coral rose  - desire 


Fuschia-proposal of marriage 


Four-leaf clover-be mine


Forget me not - true love


Honeysuckle- devoted affection 


Hydrangeas- lost love, a break-up


Ivy - remember me 


Lavender - a confession of love


Lime- conjugal love 


Lilac- first love 


Myrtle -the emblem of marriage 


Orchids-everlasting love


Pansy- have my visage in your thoughts lovingly 


Purple columbine - I cannot give you up


red chrysanthemum- love


Red dahlia - betray lost love 


Red rose - love, passion


Sweet pea -holding hands 


White clover -think of me 


Yellow iris - my love for you as fever too as it unyielding 


Yellow lily-False, forbidden love that can never happen 


Yellow chrysanthemum- slighted love/resentment 


Yellow Roses - friendship sent to a lover. A friendzone 


On Mourning 

Please note that when sending flowers of mourning to do so in even numbers. 


Calla-pure sympathy 


Daffodils- death is only The beginning of their adventure 


Green Lotus leaves-affection beyond the grave


Gladius - find the strength to lift you past this loss


Persimmon-bury me amidst nature


Pink carnations- offer sentiment for someone you knew little of 


Red spider lily- ill sprout to you when I see you again; I shall never forget our meeting.


Red Camila - meaningful death 


Red poppy-consolation 


Red carnation - deep love and remembrance 


Scarlet corn poppies- are fallen soldiers 


Thrift - be assured of my sympathy


Weeping willow- mourning 


Yarrow- to heal a wounded heart


Yong's magnolia- nostalgia 


On Resentment 

Black dahlia- evil and deceit 


Blue Lobelia -malevolent


Blue rose- to be unable to attain your goals, to give up


Carrion- a disguise of the dead, be wary of who you trust






Dahlia- instability 


French marigold - jealously 


Larch - the audacity of one's action 


Lemon- discretion


Litchen - solitude


Red dahlia -liars or cheaters


White Camellia Japonica- Perfected loneliness. 


Yellow hyacinth -because of you, I know the bitterness of envy


Yellow carnations- you have disappointed me 


On Politics and Warnings 

Bay rose -danger 


Catchfly -I am a willing prisoner


Cattail-readily armed


Catchfly -I am a willing prisoner




Garden pea-appointed meeting


Laurel - glory


Live oak- liberty 


Milk foil- war 




Tansy -I declare war on you. 


Tritons- I forewarn you, the danger is ahead 


On GOD and his Scriptures 



Blue iris- hold fast to hope 


Cedar-invokes spirit






Pale peach rose - modesty 


Plumbago- holy wishes 


White rose - youthful innocence 


White lily - purity 


Water lily -purity of heart


White iris- your purity is blinding 



Milkvetch-your presence softens my pain 


Currant -Thy frown will kill me. 


Eglantine (Sweetbrier) -Poetry. The wound I heal. 


Purple iris- your wisdom is unparalleled


Mountain ash - with me, you are safe.


Prickly pear cactus flower- don’t approach, for I am agitated 




So now you know the meanings. How would one night apply this to your life? There are several tried and true ways. 



Bouquets are a double-edged sword; they are gorgeous and made to appeal to the unknowledgeable. For the most part, that can be true, but with a bit of comprehension and this practical guide. We can whisk you through a world that can even scorn your unfortunate enemies without so much as them knowing. well unless they read this guide... 



An impertinence bouquet- an arrangement of flowers prepared in this order. Cherry blossom or foxglove, (insecurity) scarlet Aurieula (avarice) Turks Cap (Hatred). All of these combined into a rounded shape. Convey this message “your insecurity and avarice make me hate you.” 



  Admonition bouquet- an arrangement of flowers arranged in a posy of sorts so that each flower may hang down in a sort of triangle-like way. The flowers you will need are “oleander (beware), white flytrap(deceite), frost vine (danger is near), dandelion (depart).  With the added herb, many take the time to admire its refreshing look, but ladies who place this in a vase at their home know more than they let on. For its translation, “it is urgent you depart quickly for danger is on its way.”



Single Flowers 

   With letters to show genuine emotions, sometimes a little something is needed. The meaning of a letter can be converted for words can be read but think of your flowers like an exclamation point. Appear and read an entirely different way. A different tone, emotion govern the way you write.


Multiple flowers 

     Why the distinction between the numbers? Because, depending on how many flowers you have, you could be committing a major blunder! Even the number of flowers reserved is reserved for funerals or mourning. Having such an even number is restful and relaxing. Having an odd number sent to a lover or friend means the adventure is always ahead, or my feelings are ever-changing as we continue our journey. A continuation of a sentence instead of a dull stop The only exception to these rules is marriage proposals. Flowers sent in bunches of 12 convey the meanings of "adoration" and "or this is the end of our childhood."


Outside of a letter

     On the outside of a letter, the most common way is on the exterior sent with the wax seal. This means your flower is placed above a closed letter, and then your wax seal is poured on top. It is an overall feeling or emotion to be displayed. Setting the tone before one can even open the letter Formally used in love letters, wedding invitations, and bereavement. The mourning letter is most often used to show or allow the reader to know the bad news. 


Inside the letter 

   Petals or flowers inside the letter can be shown as an added note of gratitude. It is not as well known unless the flower is used within the letter for the most part. The meaning is doubled and more critical. 



   Vases are common clay or glass pots used to place flowers in. It is common everywhere we go. However, it is also a sneaky way for ladies or wives to talk to their guests without even speaking a word.




HER EXCELLENCY, Nikita Averilya of the House of Alstreim, Princess-Consort of Merryweather and the Rhine,

Landgravine of Alstreim, Daughter of Adria, Governess of Palazzo Aggrade



OOc credit to the 1800 book Language of Flowers 


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The Princess of Savoy commended her aunt, the Langravine, on her excellent work via courier, promising to sooner visit Merryweather.

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Stefaniya vas Ruthern drops her mouth agape in awe, surely to use this upon her reign with Prince Lucien.

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