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A Humble Request for an Apology from Administration


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Hi Cjmate,


I'm really sorry for the confusion and lack of communication surrounding this event. I was multi-tasking, and responding to multiple people at the time this was going on. I will break down each of the points presented to help portray the moderation point of view here. Though, before I begin I do want to make it known that this is on me and no other administrator or moderator. I understand that you were trying to move items and evict your chests in tile_91, and I'm sure it's very frustrating to get bandited when you're just trying to follow an eviction notice. Further, there is no "Do not commit hostile action within this region" on tile_91, rather, it is on the all-encompassing parent region called nation_oren. Tile_91 is no longer under that parent region, and hasn't been since Oren lost the siege on Sunday. Conflict was allowed on tile_91 until yesterday in the late afternoon/early evening, when I made a change to tile_91's eviction notice to indefinitely suspend conflict so people could move their stuff out. Both sides were upset about this situation, and I was receiving multiple DMs from leadership & players alike as to why the Dwarves were being allowed to pursue conflict in tile_91. This is why I perhaps did not respond to you - my chat gets flooded pretty easily.


The reason why roleplay was allowed to continue was because it had started before I had changed the message to indefinitely suspend conflict. My local OOC moderation message did not explain that. I am sorry I did not communicate this thoroughly with you, and I hope you can understand that I will try my best to be more communicative in regards to these situations.


The whole situation regarding HaraldMarron was pretty simple. I explained this in a VC with him. He had pulled up to Urguan's tile north of East Hub, and tried explaining the situation to mods. While I can appreciate players wanting to be outspoken and convey their points to moderation, we can't defend people who take matters into their own hands. Even though he was there to OOCly explain / fight a ruling, as per rule 9, "Your inventory, actions (ex. punching), and mechanical location are considered admissible in RP", his presence was considered admissible for RP from the Dwarves. 


I'll be locking this post, though you're welcome to hit me up on Discord if you'd like to discuss further.




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