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Writer in search of a voidal mage!


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[!] A missive hangs here, attached to the wall.


Novice writer looking to write YOUR biography! 


Are you a voidal mage? Preferably, a novice? 


My name is Elyon Vynarvis, I am a writer and researcher, interested in the matter of how gaining voidal powers has improved or impacted your way of living, and perhaps your health. 


I am also eager to hear what made you interested in the power of the void in the first place, and what your journey has been like since you undertook the task of becoming a voidal mage. You may also share with us how your progress is going, where you see yourself in a few years, or whatever other detail you think should be included in your own biography!


For your time, you shall be rewarded enough mina to cover travel expenses with plenty left over for pleasure or whatever you wish to spend it on, as well as a unique, beautifully ornamented first copy of the book, signed by the author, sent via mail to your dwelling once the book is completed.


If you meet our criteria and are interested, please send a bird to my associate, Friederik Gelt, residing in Providence, to schedule a meeting!


I hope to see you soon!


NOTICE: This is a limited time offer, and there are limited slots! Currently, one of three are taken.


NOTICE: All slots have been taken! It has been a pleasure to work with you all.



Elyon Vynarvis


(OOC: Contact aco#8189 to interact.)

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A copy of the missive reaches the high elf, where he squints some to read its contents. There came an impressed, "Huh." from him as his brows perked, soon tucking the paper away. He'd spare a brief glance around the Providence square, making haste down its cobble streets thereafter. 

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The old elf Seth Calith sets up a copy of the missive upon the notice board of Haelun'or with an additional handwritten note from him in a clearly different style than that of Elyon's 

"I suggest you invite him to the city if you wish to speak with him. 

-Seth Calith, elOkarir'tayna."

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