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A Royal Union of Daels


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And just like the moon, one shall go through phases of light, of dark, of everything in between. And though one may not always appear with the same brightness, they are always whole, and deserving of a partner like the sun.



It is with utmost pride, that the Douglas Chlann of Daeland announces the intended matrimony between the Lord Mariner of the Principality of Savoy, Malcolm Douglas, and his childhood sweetheart, the Bhean Os-Cionn of Daeland, Isla Brùn. The long anticipated ceremony will take place within the Douglas family castle upon the Isles of Daeland, where the two will be joined in marriage, followed by a joyous reception.


The wedding of the Rígh, to which all are invited to attend this greatly revered and honoured ceremony, with particular invitations extended to the following:


His Serene Highness Prince of Savoy, Olivier II Laurene Ashford de Savoie

Her Serene Highness Princess-Consort, Princess Catherine of Sutica 

His Highness, Count of Peremont, Prince Lucien Auréle

Her Highness, Princess Carolina Luisa Ashford de Savoie

Her Highness, Princess Vivienne Anastasie Ashford de Savoie

Her Highness, Princess Renata Adelina Ashford de Savoie


Her Highness, Princess Laurène Henriette, Countess of Susa

Her Highness, Princess Claude Élisabeth, Viscountess of Provins

Her Imperial Highness, Princess Athénaïs Olivienne, Countess of Temesch


His Highness The Duke of Drusco, Prince Louis Maximilien

Her Excellency The Duchess of Drusco, Joan of Alstion Louise of Drusco


Her Excellency the Lady Chancellor of Savoy, Vasileia Ekaterini Basrid

His Excellency the Lord Vicechancellor, Matyas Basrid

His Excellency The Lord Vizier of San Luciano, William Alstion

His Excellency the Grand Knight of Savoy, Ulrich von Alstreim, The Landgrave of Alstreim

His Excellency the Lord Commander of Savoy, Elijah Keen, The Baron of Kensford

His Excellency the Lord Scrivener of Savoy, Phillipe Sainte-Blandine, The Baron of Caer Hodden


The Right Honourable The Count of Freimark, Jurgen Barclay

The Right Honourable The Count of Niseep, Lucien Ashford de Bar

The Lord Protector of Caer Raywyn, Ioannes of Temesch






Art By Myself


shameless plug ;)




Malcolm de Chlann (of Clan) Douglas, Hound of Daeland and Chlann Douglas, Sionadh of the A' Ghàidhealtachd, Lord Mariner of the Principality of Savoy


Isla Brùn de Chlann (of Clan) Douglas, Bhean Os-Cionn of Daeland



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The Princess of Savoy excitedly plans to attend, readying her first to brave the mountainous cliffs.

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The Khedive of Rudria - and Lord Vicechancellor of Savoy - would find his finest attire for the event.

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“How nice of them to invite the Pruvias. Guillaume, it seems they too believe my mother is Viscount, like you believe! Perhaps we will reserve the date.” The Countess of Provins, Amadie read off the missive to her brother. 

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