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♫ Knud's tale songs: Dwarf and gnome ♫


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((The song should sync up with Tam Lin by Dave Hum, so put this on first! Lyrics starts immediately together with the banjo. ))

[!] While Knud sung this song, he'd play his trusty old banjo. ^




A Knud's tale song:

♫ Dwarf and gnome 


Through a night most eerie and dark

Forest deep and over mountain far

There was a duo, small of kind 

Of great age, they were nearly blind


They set out on a mighty quest 

To aid the druids with their pest 

This was no joke nor a jest

The druids needed two of the best

The earth was cracked, the soil split

Even the grove was torn to piece and bits

The volcano laid no longer dormant 

Being the druids greatest torment 


Knud and Forest said it shall not be

From these troubles you’ll be free

Give us direction and a day of three 

And we will travel over land and sea


Dwarf and gnome 

Far from home 

Yet never alone 

A volcano to be overthrown 


With great haste 

A volcano to face 

Put him in his place 

A great peril awaits

((Chorus x2))


And so the dwarves, took their leave 

Commenced a journey, which would not be brief

Into land, devoid of all green

One would only believe, if they had seen


Up the raging mountain ever steep

Over cracks with a leap 

Weary of travel yet no sleep 

For they needed to fulfill this mighty deed

Chorus x2 ((1:17))


Great heat, the two endured 

Smoke thick air, and vision blurred 

They passed rivers, of molten rock

Yet had not finished their adventurous walk


With their arrival, the mountain was displeased

It roared and rumbled like a great beast

But at last, the two reached the crown

Yet this was no king to which they’d bow 


You volcano did the druids wrong 

The two spoke in the volcano’s tongue 

Stop it now, they said clear and plain

Or you’ll suffer the wrath of my cane 


The mountain roared no, the dwarves said yes 

The volcano responded, oké perhaps

Its malevolent rule was no more

Under the threat of a cane he so swore 


The realm saved from great distress 

The dwarves had completed their mighty quest

The two sailed back, in need of rest

Back home again to their nest


There come a day the promise be broken 

Had the mountain’s vow been misspoken 

One be reminded who to call 

Be they in need of company mighty small


Instrumental solo followed by more chorus




[!] A depiction of the two elders facing off the raging wrath of the volcano.


In honor of Harold, the best halfling druid boy, rip. 

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[!] Forest would dance a little Gnomish jig as his friend, Knud, sung and played his banjo, a great humble, toothy smile sat upon his face as he entertained the people.

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