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When the Paper Doesn’t Hold
13th of The Amber Cold, Year 59 of the Second Age.








The Silver Lubba Band out of patriotism for their old lands prepared, putting on Sutican guard armours and grabbed the old weaponry of Sutican origin such as halberds and simple bastard swords. 90 men and women donning the shields of the band headed out from the meetup point shouting the name of Sutica at the top of their lungs. They did not stop their shouting all the way from the long trek towards the beach to rowing across the sea to the very shores of Haelun’or. Bold and patriotic they did not care anymore for being sneaky and opted for effectiveness, cutting off one of the Sillumir soldiers in front of their gate, which too was quickly dealt with.

After this quick manner of getting rid of a nuisance, men of stone were called forth, though the band quickly mobilized and used the exact same trick as they had done before, simply going through the citizen doors with their vast amount of lockpicks with relative ease. Once the door was heard to be picked from the inside of the square, it was apparent that the Haelun’orian forces retreated out of cowardice for the steel which their paper could not hold. Quickly a route was made to reach the forces hidden within the military hold of the Sillumir, though some of us had trouble as they had patched up our previous ways in. A solution was found rather quickly, sending out a small detachment of half the men forth which the rest slowly trickled in to prepare for battle. The Silver Lubba Band donning their Sutican armour found themselves on the rather sturdy rooves of the city as they shot down into the military base, catching them by surprise.

A battle occurred, finally.

Incompetence of their forces soon followed. The Silver Lubba Band simply opened and closed doors as they went for a more fun approach, blocking in those who went out and allowing our men and women to get in with relative ease for a charge. The elves within gave a fair battle, though clearly outmatched as they dropped like flies over time with our men and women all still standing at the end to slaughter the remainder of their livestock just in case.

Unable to deal with simple mercenaries of old-Sutican origin and fearing them as we stand in front of their gates ready for another round.
No casualties. No survivors. No hostages.





The Silver Lubba



The lads arriving at the scene
The lads getting ready to fight
Victory with the lads
Sadly wasn't offered to be let out this time


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New-Sutican Guard smiles as he leaves the city, his blade fresh with the blood of those who stood in front of him. "They can't stop us, we be the bringers of justice."

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The Senile Old Man is sad that he missed an opportunity to stock his freezer even more, and hopes that his friends thought to bring some bodies back.

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The Lord of Sutica would smirk as he left the city alongside his fellow Suticans, cleaning off his weapons of Elven blood. "Justice will always prevail! Long live Sutica and her Eternal Glory and Justice."

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“Dear me, their obsession with us is beginning to look rather— concerning. Well, let the children play no matter how hard they try they are well aware that they will never conquer our walls.” The Silver Councillor chuckled, yet another piece of failed propaganda burnt into crisp “I suppose I gotta applaud them, keeping us the hottest topic of Almaris, tourism is but blooming” 

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The Baron of Sutica was sitting next to his pond, cleaning his sword was drenched in high elven blood as the missive arrived. He quickly read over it and a slight grin formed on his face "It was a good day" he declared with a nod "Justice must be served"

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