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The Outlawing of Voidal Magics!

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[!] A missive appears on the Honeyhill Notice Board and in the mailboxes of all burrows.

~* The Outlawing of Voidal Magics! *~


My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I come to you with this message.  As you all know the village has fallen under repeated harassment and violence by those wielding their corrupt magics.  First there came the murder of the biggun boy by a witch, then came a meaningless attack on our very own Taylor by a random biggun mage, and next our own Barbog has been viciously attacked by an atronach.  Each time we have encountered these magics it has only brought pain and suffering unto our people and I can no longer in good conscience allow this to continue.


As of now Voidal Magics have been declared improper by the power invested in me as Thain, as well as this biggun voidal mages and their constructs are to not be allowed in the village.  If a Halfling gives into the temptation of voidal magics they are to be sent to the Thain or Sheriff in an attempt to re-educate them in why these ways are wrong.  In was only in recent history that these paths had been deemed acceptable for Halflings, but after seeing how these 'gifts' have been wielded within our peaceful village it seems that they had it right to begin with. 

To recap:


  • Good:

    • Druidism

    • Shamanism

    • Alchemy

    • Golemancy

    • Automaton Crafting

    • House-Magery

    • Paladins

  • Bad

    • Voidal Magics

    • Atronachs and the making of them.


This will go into effect immediately.



Signed, Her Weeship, Thain Iris Peregrin.

14th of The Amber Cold.

Year 59 of the Second Age.

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Barbog would be quite happy about this, had this throat not been ripped out (in a manner reminiscent of Patrick Swayze) by said Atronach that inspired this declaration. Alas, it will have to be his legacy. Bub'hozh, Lûp'Scorthuz, Afar'Ilzgûl, so on and so forth.

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Aech Amberace sighs reading the missive. "Unfortunate. I guess my hopes to reconnect with my roots are... gone with the wind..." They mutter, putting it aside and leaning back in their chair. They drape their arms over their eyes, taking another breath and sigh. "...Oh well... I guess there is always the other villiages..." 

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Amura looks at her titan eye ring...


"Me no like this"


she begins to cry knowing Aech cant visit

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Motsham Al-Uk'Lur after having burried Barbog in company of Iris and Uncle nodded approvingly of this declaration going to prepare his hexes and voidal 'cleansing' tools to cleanse the shire of all remaining taint "Tik tu klenze dah wee-folk ob dah korruptziun"



Hob the Beast Slayer still was rather ratteled after his attack having been fruitless in trying to safe Barbog is life, the small Halfling having failed to even put so much as a scratch on the Atronarchs armor "Dat fokah wos scareh... Why beh bigguns olways 'arrasin us"

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Taevas inspects the note.


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A Bear slings her yew-bow over her shoulder and departs from the southern woodlands. "A great start, halfling lliran," Miven says to herself as she made the trek to Honeyhill. 

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