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Festival of Armakak


9th of the Grand Harvest, year 60 of the SA




Armakak, the God of Trade.



An artist’s depiction of an ancient Dwarven hold.


With the war becoming more non-existant and irrelevant every day, High Prophet Norli Starbreaker of the Da Kirkja Dverga has authorised initiate Gildroc Goldhand to hold a day of festivities, succeeding a pilgrimage to Armakak that shall be held a month before. A day of festivities, that shall honour the god of trade and ensure his presence is felt in the minds of the dwarves. A day of unity, of solidarity to remember at heart the Dwarves are a folk fond of seeking riches. A ceremony to honour Armakak shall be conducted before the start of the Festival, and after that is complete an open-market will be hosted within the Temple of the Worldmaker in Kal’Darakaan. Any dwarf, be they a Goldhand or not; may participate in the event.


To secure a stall within the temple of the Worldmaker, please seek out Gildroc Goldhand or send him a letter before the day in question.





Gildroc Goldhand



OOC Note: The Festival of Armakak shall take place this Saturday at 4PM EST/9PM GMT ((22/01/22)), while the Pilgrimage to Armakak will take place the previous day on Friday at 4PM EST/9PM GMT ((21/01/22)). Please message me in-game or on discord (UnusualBrit/UnusualBrit#0144) if you wish to reserve a stall.


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