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The Crows Nest


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[Pictured above is the layout of the Bakery, Circa 1855]


Penned by Franz Henry de Sarkozy

10th of Malin’s Welcome

Year 60 of the Second Age



Grand Opening on 12th of Tobias Bounty, 1856!


A pristine new bakery is to open in the city of New Providence, already a substantial success after their first private sale for an Imperial Wedding cake. After the grand opening festivities, the services of ‘The Crow’s Nest’ will be obtainable to all subjects of the general public. Our services offer a wide-cast array of contrasting products and occasions, whether it be a small edible gift for a cherished one or a macroscale event that needs catering for.

We do it all!


One and all are accepted to transpire and commemorate these joyous circumstances at the opening of the Bakery and to indulge in a cake tasting - free of charge. Any who wish to order a special celebration cake during this tasting will receive a discount with their order and any associated catering costs.



The bakery floor offers a wide variety of goods: from delectable, flaky savoury pastries sprinkled with the perfect amount of flour to accomplish the perfect taste to freshly baked bread constructed from the hands of hard workers, mixed with a vigorous sense of passion. Though this is not where the splendour ceases! many more confections are available at a browsing of the shop. We do not just sell food! There is a grandeur selection of drinks - whether that be hot or cold - paired with diaphanous syrups from across the lands to add supplementary flavour to your coffee or hot chocolate.




W e d d i n g  B u n d l e


Cake Tasting 

At an agreed upon date, owner and head baker Franz will invite the blessed couple to participate in a cake tasting, of which he will prepare no less than 15 different samples as well as any extra that the future bride and groom wish to try.


Wedding Cake 

A single cake shall be constructed, three-tiered of contrasted flavours alongside enough auxiliary cake to nourish esteemed guests of said event.



The catering will be decked with an array of 2 dazzling dishes. Each guest is to indulge themselves in the utterly delectable dishes such as roasted duck accompanied by jellies and custard stained with sandalwood with all different kinds of palatable flavouring. This cornucopia of food is to feed all present - adjusted based on the amount of guests present!



150 minas is the base price, anything more can be negotiated when ordered. For more enquiries regarding said matter, contact Franz Henry de Sarkozy via letter.




Signed, Franz Henry de Sarkozy

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Constanz had a cheery smile on his face as he began making his way over to Franz's new bakery ready to help whichever way he could!

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Adeline Lorena Helvets-Rochefort held the missive that carefully entangled between her fingers, a rather attentive expression planted upon her countenance. "I must get one of those pastries for Eugenie. She loves them..." @sunflowerist

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