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In Memory of A Rebellion

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The Battle of Southbridge, 1811




Fourty-Five years ago in the year 1811, the People of Sedan rose their banners in Rebellion against the Holy Orenian Empire. After many a transgression against the House de Joannes and its loyal subjects, Prince Louis I decreed that Sedan shall no longer be under the heel of the Novellen Imperial Line. The valiant Goats of Sedan rode out to face their foe on the fields of Southbridge, yet despite their valiant efforts were turned away. Just a year later the war was lost, and our people were forced to scatter across Almaris to bide our time for a return of the Principality. Despite the failings of the Rebellion, it did succeed in establishing the Sedanian people as its own, forging a name for ourselves in the flames of war. 


Years later, and now sits the Royal City of Haverlock. Within dwells the de Joannes family surrounded by their beloved subjects once more, and on the same soil in which the Sedanians fought and bled for their freedom many years ago. Therefore, with the construction of the city and regathering of the Sedanian people, it is time to reflect upon and celebrate our past as a people and as a Principality. When the Orenians had attempted to scatter us in the wind, we returned and rebuilt once more alongside our Urguani and Haeseni allies. Once again, the proud banner of Sedan flies high above the walls of its people, and once again we have a home.


I, Ludwig von Audrick, a soldier of Sedan and a steward of Haverlock, invite the people of the Sedanian realm to celebrate and remember our long history as our own people. Let there be dancing, let there be singing, let there be drinking, and let there be joy! For at last, we have a true City to call our own in the same land we were once expelled from. Gather, Sons and Daughters of Sedan, and rejoice in our history.




OOC: Event will be on Sunday, January 23rd throughout a majority of the day. The point of the event will be to celebrate our past as a community, so just come to Haverlock and enjoy yourselves! No specific events will be had, just come, have fun, mingle with your friends, and celebrate our community.


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"Oh how our people have grown" The Chancellor smiled


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Ivan var Ruthern bought a new calendar, then tallying this as day number one.

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