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Casting for the Play of “Oh, Mirror-”

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Casting for the Play of  “Oh, Mirror-”

Directed and presented by Irelia Ni’leya, and Iphys Catullus Valwynn



As the auditions draw to a close, with both Irelia Ni’leya and Iphys Catullus Valwynn satisfied with the contenders- missives would be sent out to those who managed to land a role, while also being hung outside the tavern for all to see!




“Have it be heard that those listed below are to be casted in ‘Oh, Mirror-’


Estelle (Female protagonist)- Ayliana Vawynn (OOC: KiwiiFruiit)

Mirror (Main antagonist)- Irelia Ni’leya (OOC: XoxoMinnieXoxo)

Alvar (Father/Warrior)- Stelios Hyptos (OOC: RyuTheCoolest)

Nylian(Male love interest)- Aerendyl Lor’demar (OOC: Kenzo74_)

Claudia (Best friend/ Woman cheater)- Usamea an’asul (OOC: LariheiMinaj)

Mort Treasure hunter 1- Leithedit An’asul (OOC: Crevel)

Tarron Treasure hunter 2- Elarhil Sullas (OOC: Rioling)

Narrator- Iphys Catullus Valwynn (OOC: TwistChunky)


( OOC: Congratulations to all who landed a role! Everyone did such a great job)


( OOC: I would like to thank everyone who came out today, whether it was to participate or to simply just watch! I look forward to seeing all of you at the final production! Sunday February 6th at 3pm EST/8pm GMT)



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Ayliana let out a loud excited scream as she sees she was casted as the lead role! Going to send invitations of the play to all her friends! 

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