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The Fast and The Furry-ious

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The Fast and The Furry-ious

The Pet Race

4 1 6 E.S





In recent years the pet lovers community has rapidly grown within our kingdom with several pet lovers events. The house of Ludovar saw fit to take it a step forward, inviting all to bring their pets for a test of speed to determine the fastest of them all. 



Rules and Rewards


Each person may sign one pet for the race. The pet shall be of a small to medium size, the smallest as tiny as a rat and biggest as large as a blood-hound. 


The pets will compete in their lane yet they may interfere with the other contenders once per race.

The owner of the winning pet shall receive a prize of 300 mina from Lord Johann Ludovar.


Choose Your Winner!


Before and during the race the crowd may choose their favorite contestant and place their bet on who the winner may be! Tickets may be purchased from  a designated representative. 




Friday 11/03/22

4:30pm est

Karosgrad’s arena






HIS Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt


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August Bishop II screams from the Attenlund after reading the event missive, "ICH LOVE PETS!" He says, rushing to grab his rabbit!

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Iulius Vernhart chuckled softly to himself as he read the title he came up with once more. "Hope people come to this event."

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Magda's heavy lids bounced high! Her eyes glistened with an idea.

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34 minutes ago, Melpomenne said:

Magda's heavy lids bounced high! Her eyes glistened with an idea.

Honey-Dew simply wiggles his eyebrows; having gotten an idea of his own.

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