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Candidate from Another Land - Sanboizu Hiroto


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Of the Candidate Sanboizu Hiroto


昇る太陽の前 - In Front of the Rising Sun


Sakura blossom, 

standing within Haenseti sun, 

now bows before all.


My tomodachis, my friends, and allies. Upon us is a golden opportunity for

any citizen of the Hanseti-Ruska nation, the future now to be decided by the People.

After having been in the nation for a couple of years,

I wish to give back to my fullest extent.


Having arrived on Almaris years ago along with my fellow Oyashimen,

each and every citizen I have met thus far has shown their dedication to their nation, a truly noble feat.

The People within these walls have lives bound together, tighter than any entanglement of tree’s branch.

Their lives carry value, no matter their status, supporting friends and family alike.

I believe this is why Haense has come to prosper as it has.


Yet, with every nation, that means flaw surely accompanies every step of progress.

It is undeniable that when one issue has been fixed, two more can, and will, sprout from a cursed land.


Therefore, I, Sanboizu Hiroto, have decided to run for Royal Alderman.


I humbly request that my opponents be not called rivals, enemies, or words of the sort.

Instead, they shall be referred to as companions, as any other candidates will share my goal:

Reinforce Haense as a beautiful nation of opportunity for all.

As with us all, we have our own values imbued when taking thoughts into account, myself included.

Were I to be elected by the People, I believe my first order of business would be a proper

submission box for issues and conflicts that may arise within our walls. Hearing each and

every voice is the key to maintaining balance and order of Haense.


You, the People, carry this nation on your shoulders.

Let it be known each and every one of you hold tremendous power.

In the coming years, once the Aldermen have run their terms,

I look forward to seeing you all in the future.

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