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A Wanted Man




On the 10th of the Sun’s Smile, Year 67 of the Second Age, a heinous crime was committed against elSillumiran. Valazaer Calith, former Div’kinael of the Sillumir, stole massive amounts of resources from the Sillumir vault. It is unknown the exact number of materials he took- but each of the following stores were looted:


  1. Coal stores

  2. Iron stores

  3. Weapon stores

  4. Armour stores

  5. Aurum stores



Not only has he broken article two of the Silver Law, but he has stolen from a government building, and betrayed his fellow comrades by taking part in such a venomous act. This constitutes grand larceny of the highest level. 


If Valazaer Calith is seen wandering the streets of Haelun’or, he is to be detained immediately. He is meant to be brought to any member of the Silver Council, where court shall be held, and he shall be prosecuted for his crimes. 


[!] Below is a crude depiction and a drawing of the culprit. 

Blonde man high elven man with light blue eyes. Very feminine looking. Last seen wearing a blue overcoat and brown pants. 


This man is a wanted criminal. Approach Carefully



Maehr’sae Hiylun’eyha 


5th of the Deep Cold, Year 67 of the SA


On behalf of the Silver Council,

Okarir’tir Iphys Catullus Valwynn


((OOC: Art done by puffables, duckbreb#4385 on discord))  

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added a drawing someone made
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Evo'lur reading the missive only one train of thought hits him which he speaks


"Valazaer Calith is a he?"

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Dahlia Kallabraxos wanders the streets of Haelun’or, laying eyes upon the missive that happened to be pinned to the wall. A flicker of inquisition plastered over her face as she read it quietly to herself, staring at it for a while until finally speaking,

“What the **** Val.” 

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Celiasul squints at the oddly detailed "scribble" on the wanted poster.  "Everyone's a masterful artist these days, huh?"



imo kinda lazy to do

*draws X person

*goes on NameMC and takes their skin to post


YOU try to draw a person 100% accurately in 10 seconds and show me your results.


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The Silver Lubba chuckled upon spotting the missive on his desk "Think they'd join us?" he asked to nobody in particular

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The original master thief rolled her eyes as she sat comfortably within the exile boundaries of the Silver State. "Copycat. Bet he didn't take the whole supply like I did either. Perhaps I should pay the Valindra-wannabe Valazaer a visit to let him know not to mimic the best of the best."

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ChildTea blinks in surprise upon hearing the news. But he was actually decent.. what? Something must be wrong, surely.

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Orinmon sat in the small, cozy tavern somewhere within Urguan lands "He is actually a chad!" The elf exclaimed odd word, with a chuckle escaping his lips, after his emerald gaze quickly read the missive 

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An Elf, still wearing a blue overcoat with darker pants accompanied with dress shoes, lets out a small sigh whilst pinching the bridge of his nose. "Well, isn't this troublesome?"

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