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A Modest Lend-Lease


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12th of the Sun’s Smile


A Modest Lend-Lease



On the 12th of the Sun’s Smile, a contract is hereby signed and will be fulfilled by both parties, any misuse of the things involved against their strict purpose will see instant and immediate termination of this contract.


Article 1

The Pinemaw Domain will hereby lease the Nightingale, a naval vessel, to the Maelstormic Society for three years, upon expiration it will be returned to its harbor, in an undetermined location, should the Nightingale be damaged to the point that it is sunk, in an irreparable state, or scuttled, the Pinemaw Domain must be compensated.


Article 2

The Pinemaw Domain will lend-lease the Maelstormic Society an undetermined number of armor, and weaponry. The Maelstormic Society will not be required to pay back the materials given in any shape or form, nor return any materials given. These materials given will be used strictly to fight combatants. 


Article 3

The Maelstormic Society will refrain from harming Aer Majin-Maelstorm intentionally or unintentionally, if Aer Majin-Maelstorm is harmed, this contract will be immediately terminated, and the Nightingale will be seized by force. In addition, the Maelstormic Society will refrain from intentionally harming any descendent of Vivian Maelstorm, biological or adoptive, half-elf or full-blooded Elven.


Article 4

Extensive, unneeded damage towards the City of Talons Port will see the utter and bitter termination of this contract, the City is to be preserved and should not be harmed beyond what is the minimum necessary to achieve their goals.



Peralien Maelstorm,

Gwaithor of the Pinemaw Domain,

Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order.



James Maelstorm, 

Rightful Monarch of Vortice,

Founder of the Maelstormic Society.

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ChildTea, upon hearing of the news, squinted at his mothers blatant treason. You what? You ARE the head of Pinemaw, surely there's no need to sign a contract over it..

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