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[✓] [Creature Lore] Bone Basilisk

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Bone Basilisk





The bone basilisk is a variation on the other basilisks adapted and changed to work with its surroundings, the creature's growth is somewhat unique as it developed chitiin armor encompassing itself strong to protect against most physical and magical attacks able to spread each hit round the whole surface of its armor instead of a single point. The basilisk likes to reside under sand dunes by heavy amount of rock formations, often found within caverns and tunnels it constructed if not found naturally. The bone basilisk unlike other variations of the creature is not a pact animal, the territorial creature will hunt and attack any that enters its cavern.  If the creature is in a matured state, they’re able to create noises almost like earthquakes hitting against the stone to radiate the strongest echo throughout the caverns to attract and charm a mate, for both male and females, they can also use this as a cry for help if need be.


The size of the creature has three stages of life hitting the max sizes of, two feet from birth, 21 feet middle age and 46 feet being mature age.


The bone basilisk would be considered a full carnivore. The diet consisting of an all meat diet without judgement of who or what the creature is. The basilisk would attempt to devour the prey whole however if unable due to not being able to unhinge the jaw, rip the meat into smaller chunks before devouring. 



The biome of choice for the bone basilisk would be sand dune caverns with heavy rock formations. Able to shift through the sand when needed impleaded and at discretion of other creatures who reside in the dunes surrounded by desert rock formations. The creature does not spread far out from the cavern except on the surface to protect the territory it captured.



An interlectual creature using echo-location from the vibrations sent through the sand dunes, the basilisk is able to pinpoint locations and forsee future movements from the imbalances of such. The creature being a hostile preditor would wait for the prey to be in a prime location for an attack, striking to kill with either tail or fangs. The creature is also able to detect different scents of its surroundings to assist further in finding the location of who resides in the den. 



The basilisk doesn’t have any venom, or noticeable large fangs that differ from the rest of its teeth, however they’re sharp and able to crush stone and iron alike, being a knife to flesh. The chitin hide of the basilisk would circumference the upper body, sides and the head of the bone basilisk leaving the under-belly revealed without protection to assist in movementality. The chitin armor actually being plates like scales upon the basilisk which assists in how the creature is able to absorb physical blows and projectile attacks easily.


Red Lines

  • This creature can only be played by ET/LT.
  • The creature is listed as extremely dangerous.
  • The strength of the chitin armor/plates is quantified to be the similar strength of steel, range/magic strikes would have little to no affect if it cannot break through the armor, besides high concussive forces/forces to push the beast back.
  • If harvested the plates cannot be moulded round surfaces but rather stiched on as non-moldable pieces.
  • Weaknesses of the creature include the underbelly when revealed, blinding/stunning the creature with abundance of scents and/or breaking through the chitin plates. The underbelly of the creature is similar to that of thick hide from an elephant.
  • The creature has no venom.



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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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