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[Completed] The Steelguards


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      1. Lair PRO MC Name:


Clearon Steelguard.


      2. Lair Name:



It can be called "The Steelguards" anyway, since they own it.


      3. Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map):


The Barony of Krew (just).



      4. Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum):


4.1. Before the events in Almaris:


4.1.2. Steelguards background:


Coming from another Continent, some Steelguards begins their mission in a land unknown to them, a land that a while ago no one from the place they came from knew about. To make a reconnaissance, some brave elite of the family and still young were ordered to come in various groups composed of members of the great Steelguard family and due to a storm, the dozens of Steelguards ships came to sink, leaving only a few alives. Clearon, the new Lord of Krew was one of them, as so, he’s the one leading the Steelguard’s family in the lack of a better and older member. There were more than one ship, so it could be that other Steelguards are still alive. It’s for this reason Clearon Steelguard takes action, getting a place so that other Steelguards could have known about it and come looking for Clearon and other family members. Without the guide who led the expedition and would make it possible for the group to return back because he was dead and the other members didn’t know the way back, they began their journey to survive in this new land, because returning to their home was not possible. The mission had failed and the Steelguards was alone, but at least alive.

The Steelguard family is the most powerful family on the Continent from which they came. A family made up of masters of the sword, this fame came from a few swordsmen from this family who stood out, making the Steelguard name feared and respected. The biggest reason for the rise of this family was a guy, Lazekan Steelguard. The Lazekan Steelguard would have the strength to frighten an entire Empire, being ranked in swordplay as legendary. After him there's his son, Lavadan Steelguard, who would have the heroic rank, just one rank below the legendary, and his grandson, Erun Steelguard, who would surpass both.

A few years passed and several other talents emerged in this family until Clearon, the actual family leader of Steelguards at Almaris, was born. Obviously Clearon couldn't be compared to the monsters that were born before him, but Clearon wouldn't lag behind many of his countrymen. Clearon could already use Aura at the age of 18, which made him one of the elite of the family, but had no aptitude for magic. Well, he's from a swordsmen family, not magicians. His real strength lay in his physical abilities and skill with the sword. That’s why he’s fit for being so.

After the Steelguard family found out about the existence of a new Continent, the family's strategists requested more information about these lands before taking action. The mission entrusted to the young Steelguards was to only make a reconnaissance, trying to find the existence of other peoples and the dangers of these hidden lands. The mission would take an average of 6 months to complete before they could return home. But a mission that would take months turned out to be a mission that would take years. And now the ones of the respectful Steelguard family would be the ones of an unknown family on this Continent, a bunch of nobody. Their mission now would be no longer to do just reconnaissance, but to grow their family name strong and make the fear the surname Steelguard gives on the other Continent to be the same in those other lands and also looking for other survivors of that storm.


4.2. After or at the middle of the events in Almaris:


Clearon Steelguard, an oathed man in Haense's army, would have been traveling North to visit his colleagues of Clan Sigvardson. So then, after he takes his leave from Clan Sigvardson, he was notified by a member of Clan Sigvardson that a keep nearby would stay empty, as if the owners would just head off leaving nothing behind. For that moment, the keep that would protect something with those tall walls was nothing but a ghost keep, with its doors and gates open and nothing of value left behind. It is through his own personal goal of becoming a lord and making the name of Steelguards something of worth in Almaris that the greed to do so comes to his mind. And with such in mind Clearon marched luggage in hand to the unoccupied keep to establish a new home for him and the Steelguards there. The renowned The Barony of Krew would just become The Steelguards. Sometimes it could be called Clan Steelguard, other times it could be called House Steelguard. But for the sake of simplicity, it was just called The Steelguards.

Several reasons led Clearon to seize that keep. Speaking of one reason, we have Clearon's greed to one day end up becoming the head of the Steelguard family. It would certainly be a difficult task, as the competition on the Continent where the Steelguards reside does not favor a member with such a potential to be someone, but still far from being the one who would shudder their enemies without having to use the Steelguards name. It would not be enough to be a genius to lead the family, much more was needed, Clearon lacked achievements. That's why Clearon sees an opportunity to lead the Steelguards, even if they are the poor and lost Steelguards on an unknown Continent. To do so, Clearon uses the information he has received about an unoccupied keep and the help of Clan Sigvardson to establish at least a small foundation for the Steelguards to start on their growth in the Continent of Almaris.

The Barony of Krew, now called The Steelguards, was in disrepair, with wooden walls and its houses burned. The Steelguards' makeshift shelter would still need a lot of changes and tasks to be done to be able to call it a lair, from repairing the burnt parts of the keep to reinforcing the frayed walls, or replacing them with stone walls. Well, it wouldn't be an easy task in the current situation of Clearon and the Steelguards. So not much would be done, other than putting out the flames and fixing the houses so that at least it was possible to sleep inside. In the near future plans to change territory and build a better keep or replace walls with stone walls might be convenient, but not yet for the devastated Steelguards.

The second and very important reason Clearon seized The Barony of Krew was for the survival of him and the other Steelguards. It's common sense that the Steelguards are known to be an arrogant type of people. But it’s not for this they're going to split up and wait for the death of the family. To survive on a Continent where they are not respected and feared, the Steelguards need to be together and plan their actions to have a better chance of not dying without a funeral and perhaps they can even be able to return home. It's that famous saying, a stick alone is easily broken, but when one put several sticks together the outcome is different. Therefore, The Steelguards would be a point that would catch the attention of any lost Steelguard, making them go to the place and find out why the place keeps the Steelguards name. And so to gather all the Steelguards that are still alive wandering through Almaris in a single place, The Steelguards in addition to serving as a shelter for them would be their meeting point.


      5. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required):


Nothing is going to change.


The entrance:




Lord’s Hall:






Rally store:



Burned house that should be restored:












Secret entrance:






Krew photos:








      6. Why can you not accomplish the niche of this lair’s roleplay in an existing settlement or nation? (We expect a substantial answer for this, not just ‘I don’t like them’).


The lair is unoccupied and losing its prestige as a building that would serve to protect something and right now is protecting anything. It’s perfect for being occupied by someone. And the Steelguards need a lair that is not subservient to any Nation. After all, joining a Nation means fighting its wars. While some Steelguards could join hands with any military, those who refrain from doing the same need a neutral territory to stay in so that they can fight for the Steelguards and not for a Nation that is not ruled by the Steelguards. Generally speaking, Steelguards will not submit to any Nation.


      7. What does this lair add to the greater world around them?:


In the course of time everyone has seen many battles fought due to disagreements between ferrymen and the three nations of the tripartite coalition. This enriched the LOTC roleplay, where there was a small keep impacting the entire LOTC universe. Small lairs make a lot of difference when talking about events in general. Not having an owner for the Krew would be a waste of good events that could happen for whatever reasons, from battles, diplomatic actions, etc. That's why the Steelguard family, which still has its very high potential for development, having been born just a month ago, could make a plethora of contributions to LOTC geopolitics if it receives at least a lair like Krew. The directions the Steelguards can take Almaris are still unpredictable, as they are not a family with their tails attached to any Nation and the amount of Steelguard that could end up being shipwrecked in Almaris is still undefined.



By order of the Steelguards


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Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.

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