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The Easter Games 2022


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This year, the Community Team is excited to be holding our Easter Events! Our team members have gone around the entire map, hiding eggs in every nook and cranny for you all to mind!




Beat the Bunny


How Will It Work?

  • Players will make a /creq requesting to begin the event. You will gather together in groups of 3-6 people at a time.

    • An example of the request: /creq we have 5 players ready for the bunny event!

  • Once the request has been taken, the group will be warped to the event site.

  • A countdown will be set off. Once it begins, the bunny will set off for a head start. Once the countdown has concluded, your group will be able to follow behind the bunny.

  • You’ll have 5 mins to make your way around Easter Island and down the bunny.

  • If your group downs the bunny within those 5 minutes, the entire group will be rewarded prizes.

  • The event lasts for the rest of the month; April 17th @6:00pm EST - April 30th and can be ran anytime in this time period that a Community Team Member is available.





  • Players may not use any of their gear and will be statused so they do not down each other.

  • All groups must stick to the 3-6 members per group. 

  • If the players beat the bunny within 5 minutes, they will be warped back to the beginning of the event site and be rewarded their gifts.

  • You can only join the event once.




The Second 

Great Easter Egg Hunt


The Story


Mister Pachapooza, an aged man who’s origin reaches back to the great migration from Arcas to Almaris, is the infamous shopkeeper of Pachapooza’s Antique Emporium. The man has spent many days and nights roaming the vast lands of this newfound continent insearch of those who’ve marked their path. 


Over the years, Mister Pachapooza has been able to stock most of his shelves with various trinkets and knick knacks. People come and go, trading this for that. However, there was a single shelf left barren. 

Help Mister Pachapooza stock that shelf by finding some of these eggs all around Almaris! He might even trade you a hefty sum or even a great prize.



How Will It Work?

  • After finding an egg, players will make a /creq.

    • An example of the request: /creq I have found an egg at 123, 456, -7690

      • If you’ve found a golden egg, please do: /creq I have found golden egg at 123, 456, -7690

  • Once the request has been taken, the CT member will warp the player, and whomever they are with, to Mister Pachapooza’s shop.

  • There, you will be able to barter with Mister Pachapooza for a reward.




  • Players must follow the correct formatting for the /creq.

  • You can only collect two eggs per person.


  • Fifty eggs can be exchanged for Mina.

  • Fifty eggs can be exchanged for a unique, limited edition CT Event item.

  • 5 Golden eggs can be exchanged for a steam game key.

    • (One egg = One prize. This applies to all eggs.)


Available Games: 

- This War of Mine 

- Satisfactory 

- Metro Exodus

- Quantum Break

- Sunset Overdrive

- Fable Anniversary

- Spyro Reignited Trilogy

- Slay the Spire

- The Long Dark - PGA Tour 2K2

- Kerbal Space Program

- Starbound

- Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

- Monaco

- Supraland

- Ring of Pain

- Crying Suns

- Popup Dungeon

- Wizard of Legend

- Wandersong

- Expeditions: Viking

- Vagante

- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

- Skullgirls 2nd Encore

- Endless Space 2

- Wargroove

- Ryse: Son of Rome

- Inmost

- Pathway

- Rustler

- Drawful 2

- 112 Operator

- 911 Operator

- Radio Commander

- Amnesia: Rebirth

- Amnesia: The Dark Descent + Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs


- Kingdom Two Crowns

- West of Dead

- Tooth and Tail


- Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

- Driftland: The Magic Revival


- Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove

- Book of Demons

- Pikuniku

- Iron Danger

- Fury Unleashed

- X-Morph: Defense + European Assault, Survival of the Fittest, and Last Bastion DLC 

- Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021

- Out of Reach: Treasure Royale

- DV: Rings of Saturn

- Slinger VR

- Pixplode

- Gloria Victis

- EarthX

- Neverout

- Telefrag VR

- Pawnbarian

- Say No! More

- NecroWorm

- Hexologic

- Post Void

- Moon Hunters

- Lust from Beyond: M Edition

- The Amazing American Circus

- Roarr! Jurassic Edition

- Corridor Z

- Draw Slasher

- Shing!

- The USB Stick Found in the Grass 

- Go Home Dinosaurs

- Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft

- The Eldritch Box DLC

- We Are Alright

- Going Under

- Yoku's Island Express

- Nex Machina

- Soulblight

- Treasure Hunter Simulator

- Orbital Racer

- Lust for Darkness

- GameGuru

- Broken Age

- RPG Maker VX





A big thank you to our CT Event Team & Staff Volunteers for this project!



Build: @Minth_11 @Laeonathan

Post: @Melpomenne

Egg Placement: @HogoBojo@Minth_11, @SaviourMeme, @Nikophos, @Pancho, @Buffsanta

Providing the games: @Jenny_Bobbs



pov mister pachapooza broke your egg


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Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.


I'm super excited to see how this event goes. Best of luck to everyone who participates. Happy hunting!

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oh? CT games are back? does this mean fun is legal again?


ik this is something we do every year but we miss them :(

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Hello, I'd like to redeem my egg I found in a swamp 2 hours ago


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Good to see events again from the Community Team. Happy Easter everyone, have fun!

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I like the idea of chasing around a bunny which apparently lays eggs (they don't lay eggs!), spreading lies and trickery among the people of the land, and putting chemicals in these "eggs" to brainwash the descendants into thinking bunnies lay eggs! Down with this tomfoolery! Take down this deceitful bunny! To arms! For freedom!

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;-; when i can finally join a CT event bc i aint on CT and it's SO LATE eeek

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46 minutes ago, LillyPapaya said:

;-; when i can finally join a CT event bc i aint on CT and it's SO LATE eeek


The event is ongoing! Find the eggs (Plently left!)

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1 hour ago, LillyPapaya said:

;-; when i can finally join a CT event bc i aint on CT and it's SO LATE eeek

The egg hunt will last until April 26th and the beat the bunny event will last until April 30th! You have plenty of time. :3

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shhh...im totally not stupid minty..shhhh ;- ;

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