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Missive on the Red Rain


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[!] A letter is sent around Almaris via a flock of crows. Letters fall down upon each city and settlement they’d be able to reach to spread word of the strange phenomenon.


Missive on the Red Rain



An image of the blood raining down on Almaris.


Dear Descendents of Almaris,


I write to you on the topic of what in our realm can see, the recent Blood Rain from the skies. From experience and viewing what has happened to others, this Rain is causing mass madness as well as horrid visions to enter the minds of its victims. Hear my words:


Do not walk below the Red Rain.


If you touch it, make sure to wash yourself from its crimson stain. My missive served two purposes. For one, if anyone knows anything about the Red Rain, please refer this information to myself, Sulieronn, or another who is well acquainted with magic or alchemy. We have yet to run proper tests on this rain as of right now, it mostly remains a mystery.


Report the Red Rain.


My second point is simple. It is a cause for action, or inaction! I ask that all conflict between nations be put on hold for the time being so we may all join forces to deal with what this Red Rain has yet to bring to us. If we allow ourselves, as mortals, to attack one another when a new threat is on the horizon, we will fall swiftly.


Join forces to stop the Red Rain.


We must work together. Peace, even if temporary, must be achieved so we may all survive to progress through to the next day. When this is all over, perhaps we will see each other in a new light, and if not, then resume as if nothing happened. Though, one thing remains true, We must work together to ensure the survival of all races. We must stop what treachery the Red Rain brings to us.


Sulieronn “Void Walker” Ashwood-Uialben

Chancellor of Voidal Arts in Elysium

Archon of the Spire of Ilandria

Adeptus Majoris of the Mages Guild

Court Mage of the Ex-Arcanic Court of the Empress

Master of the Voidal Arts

Master of Conjuring Voidal Creatures

Master of Void Walking

Wielder of Evoking Voidal Winds

Last Son of the Ex-Clan Leader of Clan Ashwood, Xavis Ashwood-Uialben








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Ayche grabs the fallen letter from his doorstep with a stick, so as to not have to go outside. He opens it with gloved fingers and frowns.

"I'm sure this was very important, but it's soaked in blood. I can barely read it."

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Kin would nod reading the letter "Agreed.... having to had take shelter in a small gazebo, it was terrifying"

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